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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Can't believe the Canucks are the ones that ended up with the best prospect for once.
  2. [Speculation] Tampa looking for Veteran D

    Wanna throw in Boeser as well?
  3. [Discussion] Lateral prospect trades

    Canucks are in a good position with such moves. I believe Goldobin fits the profile for an "add-on" in a trade situation more than the rest. I also believe that defensive prospects will be the ask for any trades involving a veteran.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Sad to see a final ruined by refs and a select few players on the Canadian team that were embellishing. I'm glaring and staring at you Jordan Kyrou, I'm looking at you so hard it hurts my eyes Jordan Kyrou. Glad to see Gadjovich not being one of them and the penalty he took wasn't even a penalty. Refs ruined the final sadly. Elias is the GOAT. 10-15lbs and this kid is in the NHL. Very good tournament in my opinion for him considering the flu, bad linemates and Alex Nylander (lol). But seriously, Elias is going to be something special for us. I'm really excited.
  5. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    He's ridiculously smart out there, on both ends of the ice. Elias didn't have a bad game for those thinking that. The Czechs took over that game and were pretty dominant after the 1st period. Not a lot of chances for Elias to shine. He did however shine defensively creating a lot of turnovers. Love watching this kid play.
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Yup. A name the Swedish reporters brought up before the game and I do see why. Perhaps looks better than he is, due to the players he is surrounded with but he wouldn't have looked out of place in a team Sweden jersey either. Yegor Sharangovich, went undrafted last year. On topic again, Elias was really really good tonight. The Swedish experts/pundits sorta chuckled every time he touched the puck and muttered things like "wow" "ooh look at that" "thats a smart move" for the entirety of the game. He thinks the game on a very high level and he shows a lot of creativity in his decision making. I kept thinking "just give it to Elias". I've watched him quite a bit in the SHL this season and all I can say is: get excited
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    The language samples you posted is the correct way to pronounce both names. Then there is dialects and accents involved in the whole thing and yada yada. Jonathan is from my hometown and his dad actually grew up with the same group of friends as my dad. So my accent matches the way he pronounces it. My post was directed at north american speakers who pronounce things differently. They even use different muscles than you and I would if we are speaking Swedish or Danish. Questionmark when it comes to danish if you even pronounce your words or just breathe something out hahaha :D I'm joking <3. Fun to hear some other Scandinavians are on here as well, wouldn't have guessed you were danish. Really good samples there, so if anyone wants to hear it said rather than reading my attempt at making some sense out of it go ahead.
  8. Adam Gaudette | C

    Looking forward to him signing his contract with the Canucks.
  9. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Swedish Chef here, you wondering about the pronunciation? EE(same sound as in "Event")LEE(Like bruce)AS(like in "aspiration) Elias. That video of 8 seconds is completely wrong. Stretch the "lee" part rather than the "as". It's a longer sound. After that i'll leave it up to you guys. You know how much cooler Forsberg sounds in english than in Swedish? Same goes with Pettersson. FORCEBUURRRG. With Pettersson it's important to notice the two "T's". It's not Peter (like Forsberg) - son. It's Petter. Like you're saying "Better" with a P. Finish that sucker off with a son. Elias Pettersson. Difference between Jonathan Dahlen and future Canuck Rasmus Dahlin? Dalhen - Daal (like the indian dish) en (like in "enter") Dahlin - Daal (like the indian dish) in (like in "info") I think that makes sense, at least in my mind.
  10. Canuck's Top 10 Prospects

    1. Elias Pettersson 2. Olli Juolevi 3. Adam Gaudette 4. Thatcher Demko 5. Nikolaj Goldobin 6. Jonathan Dahlen 7. Kole Lind 8. Jonah Gadjovic 9. Evan McEneny 10. Will Lockwood 11. Jalen Chatfield 12. Guillaume Brisebois 13. Cole Candella 14. Michael DiPietro 15. Petrus Palmu My top 15 right now at least.
  11. Gonna say i completely disagree with most of what the OP is saying here. I still think the Canucks should be looking at 3-5 years in the future when it comes to all decisions they make. Would hate it if they make some half a$$ed attempt at squeezing in to the playoffs I still think the Canucks should sell off assets that do not fit into that future or ones that are "easily" replaced next free agency I don't think that not trading Hamhuis and Vrbata has lead to some sort off payback in todays world, but it was the right decision to not give them away for free or for next to nothing at that time even if it ment they ended up with nothing to show for it Canucks should absolutely focus on gaining more draft picks and prospects, not even for depth, but to have opportunities later on to trade for position or for better quality pieces. Trade two lesser prospects for one golden ticket for example. You know where im going with this. If you make the playoffs, anything can happen, sure. Being realistic, I don't think the Canucks will find themselves in a playoff position when TDL approaches. Time to recoup some value from assets that won't be with them for the long-term. Adding more quality to the prospect pool will also lead to more veterans being forced out (and traded for value) as we pass down the timeline and for even more prospects to come on board. More draft picks and prospects? Hey, we can afford to shell out for some rentals during our future runs in the playoffs... once we make it there. You are given 7 picks every year for free. If you can turn those into valuable assets, FOR FREE, hell, you're making a nice little profit for yourself. It all just makes too much sense. We have gotten to a great start so far with Benning at the helm but this is still very very much a work in progress. We ain't aiming to just make it to the show, we also want to take that sucker back de f home. I do agree with not gutting the team, too big of a step, but that's also why i say sell of your EXPENDABLE pieces (Edler, Burmi, Vanek, possibly Guddy). If Benning continues to make Burrows's into Dahlens after he signs his extension I'll be one happy fella. Look at all your expendable pieces. Trade them for things that will help your team in the future. Win. Success. Elias Pettersson. Out with the old, in with the new. Peace.
  12. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    5 years 24 mil 4.8 aav
  13. [Rumour] Tanev for James Van Riemsdyk

    I'd be interested in JVR + if the Canucks would be planning on then flipping JVR for futures after the trade goes down. No point in trading for established players at this point for the Canucks. Just giving up value for someone who most likely won't be in their prime when the Canucks are ready for a playoff push. They might as well keep picking up a few stop gap players like this year in free agency instead of giving up any value for them. The return for any player right now should focus on the future.
  14. (Discussion) Are We in on Will Butcher?

    Left handed version of Stecher, why not? I don't think Tryamkin choosing to return to the KHL will effect future NCAA signings. Players should understand that they have to work to gain ice time. Not just demand it because they themselves feel like they deserve it. I think most hockey players realize that.
  15. Solid day for Canucks fans so far.