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  1. Yep, I know. Wasn't jabbing at you there, but I think you knew that too. I was just poking the PQ bear. The PQ sign laws always kinda bugged me... as much as they could for me not living there. Dumb idea, IMO. I'm a little torn though on the "whatever minority" language only signs. Bad business, for one, and two, it does show some of the flaws in the concept of multiculturalism (as opposed to the melting pot concept). Anyhoo, to the OP, IMO the law should be updated so that it refers to face covering only. Bringing religion into it just makes it more likely to be challenged and even likely to be overturned. Long hooded hoodies, medical-type masks worn (predominantly) by many Asians, etc., should all be included. Doesn't mean you can't put it back on once you have paid your bus fare or dealt with the government employee. Keeping any religious component out of the bill would help to show its impartiality and practicality. Contrary to some opinion, Muslim women are not required to cover their face. The amount of modesty that is required is taken to extremes by a minority of their followers. Gotta say though, it did freak the crap outta me back in the 80's when a couple old (presumably) Sikh dudes walked into the bowling alley wearing swords (2-3' long, so not kirpans) on their belts. Never saw anybody draw one in public, but that didn't seem right to me. I agree with you about the real "why" here. Still, security makes for the only good reason to pursue the law.
  2. Those have been illegal in Quebec for years now
  3. Doesn't sound familiar to me, but I wasn't much of a regular back when I started. I wonder if he could do the salmon ladder.
  4. Good thing you don't live in Quebec... and need government services. Anti-ninja bastards!
  5. Cracked open Tom Sawyer. Owned it since I was a kid, but never looked at it until now. Some weird word usage... kinda like it was written a long time ago, and from an unfamiliar culture. Of course, the culture of the time is a little offputting, but I want to finish it. Enjoying the story well enough, but I can see how it is not a book for kids anymore, if it ever was. Also reading a Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson. A friend recommended it after I told him about Wild (^^^ a few posts). Just started, but my wife tells me it is similar to Wild, but less serious, with much less personal angst/issues. Bryson was already an accomplished author, which comes out in the writing. So far, so good, seems like a fun light read.
  6. I've read Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon, and liked them well enough. Suppose Seveneves will be worth a shot. Tried watching American Gods when it came out a while back, but turned it off after 10-15 mins. Kept thought of going back to it, but never have. More of a knock on the way the show was done, as I did not see enough to comment on the storyline, and of course, the book is often better than whatever makes it to our screens.
  7. Regardless of any record of involvement with slavery, according to BLM, NAACP and numerous other groups, I am responsible, along with the rest of the country who isn't black. Your closing paragraph is right on the mark. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.
  8. I remember watching NHL Gamecenter through Roku a few years back. I was so pumped to watch on TV rather than my PC, like I had been doing for a few years. Hopefully you never have to contact customer service for either of them in a hurry. They would play off each other, trying to claim it was the other company's problem. Doesn't help that Roku's helpline was overseas, so just trying to explain the Gamecenter channel to them was an event. Also, I really despised Gamecenter's helpline. The voice was so annoying, and the maze to try to get to a real person was so complicated. I launched into a cussing spree like you wouldn't believe, and all of a sudden I was talking to a real person! Still took some time to fix the problem, but at least they fixed it. Dunno, not only does there appear to be a conspiracy against the Canucks on the ice, but also for the viewers. I had been watching hockey through the NHL Center Ice package all though the exhibition season this year, but when the Canuck/Oiler game came on, all of a sudden it was blocked. My local teams were not blocked when they should have been, and the same channel showed the Leafs just minutes before. Took 30-45 mins to get this straightened out, and I missed all the Canuck goals. Oh, and I seem to have to sacrifice a live chicken each time I want the Canuck feed. Grrrrr. At least Shorty was on CBC this weekend. Edit: in short, I feel your pain.
  9. Yeah, his mindless superlatives are pretty pathetic. Seems he can't help himself. A lot of times they don't matter in the grand scheme of things and I just tune him out, but you don't mess with Gold Star families.
  10. I know I said plenty of worse things to my parents than from them to me. Aside from that, almost all meanness from my parents (and rest of the family) came through humor/practical jokes. The worse I remember was having a friend sleep over when I was 12 or 13. The two of us and my mom were watching a scary movie (Carrie, I think). Movie over, time for bed, with my friend and I sleeping downstairs in the TV room. Mom, now upstairs, heads over to the heating vent, and starts making scary noises. Softly at first, but progressively louder. This sound comes down through the vent above our heads, and we flip out, especially me. To give some perspective, probably the worse practical joke I saw in the family had to do with my grandmother and uncle (her son). Gramma loved her cats, and had one or two the whole time I knew her. One of her cats loved to sleep under the covers of her bed, even mid-day, when the bed was made. Knowing this, my uncle once put a small pillow under the covers, then waited for Gramma to come by. When she was there, he jumped up and landed on the lump in the bed. She was not too impressed, but the rest of us enjoyed our laughs. BTW, Gramma lived a nice long life, with no heart issues
  11. Sorry, it was Futz' that I was referring to.
  12. I didn't think I would have such an early opportunity to smile in this thread. Sad to see this was kept quiet, per @SabreFan1's post. When I read OP, I was wondering about the delay to inform the public. I'd like to think they are learning not to rush to judgment, but instead I suspect @Warhippy's somewhat veiled point is valid here. If so, that's just wrong.
  13. Yeah, I bet! I know this show doesn't measure up to the Abby show. Been there a couple times. It's too crowded to check this out at the beach, and just as easy to walk out the front door, pay nothing, and avoid the crowds. I was really happy with the Blue Angel one. Never got a great underside group view of the Snowbirds, and the single plane shots just seem lacking. View's pretty much always good if you ever come down here, although they did have to cut the first show short (which meant no Blue Angels at least), due to clouds. I assume there will be a 3rd annual, etc. Wife and I have the aurora on our bucket list. I know that's not gonna be easy, given the glitchy weather. That, and we have to make time to get away from family in the Lower Mainland. Sorry to hear you get jammed up with weather so much.
  14. Well, you damn Canadians invaded Huntington Beach a couple weeks back... But the Blue Angels came to save the day... The first Blue Angel pic is only to show how close they were... those solar panels at the bottom are on my house. 2nd annual HB airshow. Great to have this right overheard, but the jets scare the crap outta the pets sometimes. With them zooming around, all I can do is put it on Continuous shooting mode, and hope for the best on focus. No way to use autofocus here, at least not with my camera. I'm happy with some of the shots, and I guess that's what counts. You won't get them all.
  15. He was only in office for 9 months... he didn't do anything except apologize to a bunch of Mid-East countries. Obama said himself it was based on hope, and even a decent number of Americans who were happy he won didn't think he deserved to win. Regardless, that kind of hope is what the chart represents. People had higher hopes that Trump would help with jobs, and that support has tempered over time.