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  1. Yeah, I know that's how you roll, musically. Just yanking the chain a little
  2. Yer in. I've only done it the one time, but it's fun, with a good opportunity to learn some good new music. Especially since you can listen to all the lists, when they are published by the reviewer. Welcome, and enjoy!
  3. It's always reggae season, mahn!
  4. Unfortunate, but understandable given you've been stood up 3 times now. Should I ask AV who left you hanging last time, as a potential flake warning?
  5. I had so much fun with my first mix exchange, I figured I'd start another one. Credit for my copy/paste instructions below and thanks for introducing me to the concept, @Alain Vigneault I don't care (aside from personal taste) what music you use, but there is a theme to this one: music for waking up. Doesn't matter if it's something peaceful cuz you are hungover, or jazzed for a great day, or pumping yourself up for an early game or first day on the job, or all of the above! Just hit us with your ideal wake up mix. I'll submit one, too. Rules and Instructions: 1. Curate 25 - 40 minutes of music. No minimum/maximum number of songs 2. Assemble mix using YouTube playlist feature. Now that YouTube streams music, you should be able to find a "Topic" version of the song. 3. PM the link to Kragar for distribution 4. Receive mix and provide feedback 5. Have fun ---- Signed up: 1. Alain Vigneault 2. luckylager 3. falcon45ca 4. Baer. 5. Ceres 6. DarthMelvin
  6. IIRC, in BC at least, you have to have the designation to use the term advisor or planner. I was a fledgling in the business back when I lived there, and did not have my certification. At some point there was a big deal about what we called ourselves, and that we had to be very careful not to use either of those two terms without having earned the respective certification. I can't imagine that changed, but who knows.
  7. And you didn't kick him in the crotch? Where's your team spirit!
  8. Only skipping the 2000's? Damn whippersnappers! To actually answer the question, I'll give two. Heart: love Nancy's guitar, but can't stand Ann's voice. Elton John... probably just overplayed, as I used to like his stuff when I was a teen.
  9. For sure. But I don't get the focus on gun control, when it is both a smaller factor (opinion) and the most difficult to enact (fact). Gun control obviously has the 2nd Amendment to deal with, but if it is discriminatory to force people to take the time out of their lives to get ID to satisfy voter laws, how discriminatory would it be to force those same people to invest in gun safes and to take the time for training courses to ensure they handle and use their guns safely? If we can fix the societal issues, the need for gun control diminishes. Have a good one. while I haven't won the Super Bowl, I'm still going to Disneyland!
  10. Oh yeah, I love it. Played paintball a fair bit when I was younger, and I remember people practicing, waiting for a game to start up. They were aiming at tree trunks. I preferred to aim for leaves. Darts are fun, but haven't tried archery yet, always thought that would be cool. Only shot real guns a few times, all at ranges. Much different experience, since the shots move so fast, but it was fun. I want to learn more, but it's not a cheap hobby, and there are a number of choices for entertainment dollars right now. You should go to Vegas... there are a couple ranges there where they have a wide choice of guns on hand to use, including automatics, IIRC. I haven't been, but brother-in-law's family went a few years back, and had a blast (no pun intended).
  11. And thanks to you, too. It is so much better that way, even if no agreement is ever made.
  12. Absolutely economics plays a role. And drugs. And depression. And a slew of other things. Guns obviously can increase the devastation, but they are not the cause of the devastation. I think we are all better off if the causes can be reduced, because not everyone will use a gun even if we don't increase our laws trying to control them. And, not only would those improvements help prevent some of these mass shootings, it will help with other violent activities as well. Shouldn't that be something to strive for?
  13. The hockey metaphor might work if the strict laws would make a difference, but IMO part of the problem is that the cases are so varied, that "common sense laws" that might help one situation don't help the next one. We've had an assault weapons ban before (something that seems like a reasonable idea), but its effectiveness was highly questionable. When you consider the budget the US has to deal with, 5, 10, or 15 billion is a drop in the bucket. Compare that with the 3 trillion per year for Medicare for all, or the 3 trillion per year of Andrew Yang's far-seeing Freedom Dividend, and come back to me. Don't worry, a little hyperbole is ok once in a while. I didn't mind it there. In the case of what Trump wants for the southern border, the costs are a lot lower. And, apparently what has been done seems to have helped. Back to guns, the ownership hasn't really changed. The percentage of US homes with guns has been in around 40% for almost 50 years. If mass shootings are a problem because of rampant gun ownership, why weren't there a similar instances of mass shootings in previous years, especially when economic times were tough? In my opinion (and others, like @Lancaster) there are other more critical factors at play. If you can keep guns out of the hands of someone who is ready to snap, they'll find other ways to kill. If we can deal with those underlying factors, then with or without a gun, the senselessness can be reduced because there will be less reason for these killings.
  14. Given China's expansionist dreams, it is likely inevitable anyway. If the rest of the world decides to sit back and do their collective best Neville Chamberlain impressions, it just makes China harder to deal with later, as we should all remember from what happened 80+ yrs ago. If they can't play nice, they don't deserve to play at all, and it is pretty easy to play nice. While Japan was desperate for oil and resources, apparently China is desperate for money and tech. Participating in fair trade as a member of the global community can bring in at least one of those things in good quantity. Of course, emulating Hong Kong instead of assimilating them would go a long way, too, but they're too blind to see that option.
  15. Why have defensemen on the ice, as forwards can just go around them? You are if course aware that the border agents actually like the wall, since it reduces the number of places potential-illegals can use to cross, making them easier to catch? Anyhoo, stricter gun control laws are not the solution because gun ownership and availability have been widespread for a very long time. Idiots shooting up schools and such is a more recent phenomenon. If the prevalence of guns were a significant factor for these senseless killings, it would have been far worse in the 80s and 90s, when gun violence was a bigger issue. Therefore, looking at other factors should bear more fruit in preventing this senselessness.