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  1. Perhaps because black people tend to prefer to be called black?
  2. You were always quick to post trades and other player moves. But now you're prescient? Guess you are all set for free agency coming up
  3. Have you tried Composure? We've had good success giving it to both our current and previous dog and our cat. It's not a drug, so there are less concerns with how often you give it to your critter. Helped a lot with fireworks and loud noises, including times when we get a lot of people outside our house (during non-covid times, the neighborhood gets swamped with 4th of July parade-goers). It tastes like a normal meaty treat, so we've never seen our pets turn it down. FYI, we have used CBD at times too, for the dog. Good luck, in any case!
  4. I know it is a long-standing policy, but what reasoning is there to allow an election to be called ahead schedule, when one of the main benefits is to give the sitting party better opportunity to stay in power? Seems like a dumb idea to me, even discounting the wasted costs of holding an election.
  5. I was livid when I saw that. Pointless fight (wasn't it is first shift, right after puck drop?). Maybe if there was some history between them, but even then, at the start of a "playoff" series, that just seemed dumb, even without his injury history.
  6. It can be crazy. It is awesome for the animals that the shelters are often empty, but it doesn make it tough on those in your position. Sadly, I've heard stories of "entrepreneurs" stealing pets to sell them to those desperate for the companionship. It's terrible how low some people will stoop. Good luck in your searches!! Also, fingers crossed that all these pets that have found homes in the age of Covid aren't discarded when the virus is in the past.
  7. I figured he would bolt back to L.A., given his wife's job down here. Guess he would rather play for a "team like that" that is on the sunnier side of the rebuild. Happy he appears to be interested, and hope it works out!
  8. It might well be a good idea, but I don't see how that fits with the discussion. Given the thread, isn't the big concern about the quality of education that black kids are getting? We have K-12 schools here that already receive a pile of money (more per student than a large majority of the advanced countries in the world), but for a variety of reasons aren't doing a good job with them, considering the quality (and number) of graduates they turn out. Instead, schools keep lowering the bar for advancement, because feelings are more important than results. Instead of flushing more money in their direction like nearly every well-wisher suggests to try to solve the issue, other factors need to be investigated. There are problems in the classroom, in the neighborhoods, and in the homes that are really hurting these kids' chances at a better future. Perpetuating the culture of victimhood we keep seeing is not going to improve things for anyone, especially as long as other critical factors are ignored.
  9. The state is tasked with balancing out costs to ensure a minimum amount is met. So schools in poor neighborhoods are funded at the same level as all but any district rich enough to qualify for little to no state funds... unless the state is struggling to meet overall needs. Our schools get more funding per student than most other countries in the world. Including Canada, UK, Sweden, Japan, and Germany. Is more money really the answer? Or do they need to look at how they are spending what they have? What are they teaching, how are they teaching, and what standardized testing practices are they dealing with. And there's always that element we have talked about in PMs Also need to look at the students, too. How attentive are they to their studies? How do they behave in class. What are things like at home FYI, if a student stays in-state, tuition costs here are comparable to Canada universities And, there are a lot of community college options available here that are quite affordable Rampant student loans have allowed colleges to jack up tuition rates. It's odd: predatory lending for homes is bad, but for education it's acceptable?
  10. I thought the "/s" would make it clear I was being sarcastic. Everything going on there is disgusting.
  11. Isn't that a peaceful protest though? /s
  12. Me too. But I'll still cheer for the Bolts over Stars. Some silver lining I guess if Dallas comes out on top though, especially since he was Cooper's assistant in an SCF losing cause.
  13. Its what I expected. given it is playoffs (I don't agree with the standard, but it is what it is), it wasnt going to be more than a game, and honestly I thought it was 50-50 whether he got anything since it was called on the ice. Glad he got something. just too bad it didnt cost his team the game
  14. How many slewfoots did they get away with again? I only think 1-2 were called, but there were more that weren't. Granted, I was expecting worse, in general dirtiness. So there's that.