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  1. That's cool, I guess. it does look decent. is there a plan to change the font to contrast it better? maybe my old eyes have something to do with it, but it is hard to see stuff there. Thanks!
  2. Hi team... did the page layout change overnight? It looks fine on my phone, but when I check out the site on my PC, the background has more white on it now than before. The font on the same line as my profile pic is white, so doesn't show up on this background now. Happening with both Chrome and Firefox. Screenshot below. Thanks!
  3. Kragar


    Yep. I just don't know if enough can be held back in escrow to account for what could be lost by empty buildings. Fingers crossed everyone is happy enough that (assuming it is safe enough) we continue to have hockey after all the beans are counted and divvied up.
  4. Kragar


    Absolutely. The escrow concept can handle it well, assuming it can address something so drastic as this. Of course, it would also make the contract values less meaningful... kinda like our printed money when the government prints more.
  5. Let's not forget how easy it was to get into the playoffs for the first half of Canuck NHL history, when 70-80% of the teams made the playoffs. i understand some people's frustrations, but IMO as long as Benning can keep learning, and ultimately learn quickly enough, I am happy in the meantime having a better team that needs improvement in how it's managed far more than having a well managed team that isn't all that good. If we start losing important pieces that aren't being replaced, then I can start start calling for the GM's head along with the rest of them.
  6. Kragar


    For sure. I wouldn't want to be the one to try to balance it all out, but ideally there should be more money earned by broadcasters, which should increase league revenue. But, considering how these contracts are worded (and I have no idea what the contracts are or when they expire), I struggle to see a lot of sharing of the new revenue by the broadcasters. If player escrow isn't enough to cover the losses, I guess that might lead to a lockout at some point. FWIW, I haven't been paying attention to a lot of discussion on this lately, so apologies if I am repeating the words of others, especially if any real reports have countered any of my guesses.
  7. Won't that lead to a lot of people confusing amazing stellar phenomena... with Edmonton?
  8. Kragar


    Why? The Coyotes and Panthers have been playing to empty barns for a long time. Didn't you know coronavirus is just a later stage in Bettman's league parity plan?
  9. At least conversion rate is in my favor, but dang that is a pricey one. Good luck!
  10. I didn't realize Stromey had been offline for so long. I was wondering why he didn't laugh at my post in the traffic ticket thread yet. I see now he has been absent for almost a week. Hope he is ok. And Alf too... over 3 months now. That can't be a good sign. I thought I saw Jimmy a couple days ago (could be longer... until yesterday I wasn't checking in all that much recently). His account for some reason doesn't show last online... maybe he was never really here after all?
  11. Perhaps it is @Ryan Strome, too embarrassed to use his real login
  12. I clearly wasn't aware of the Roosevelt one, since the one I was imagining doesn't fit what you describe. After finding a picture, I understand the objections better. Given the history of the Lincoln one, education should be able to override the optics. I could easily see the descendants of Douglass or especially those of the ex-slaves who paid for it to be offended at its removal.
  13. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I was referring to other statues that people are freaking out about (eg. Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln). While I don't agree with removing all the Confederate statues, it is well worth the discussion to address them. The broadening of the woke outrage to include ones that have little or nothing to do with the Confederacy deserve deeper consideration before rash acts destroy them forever.
  14. Don't worry, removing everything that someone takes offense at narrows it down considerably.