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  1. Cheesy Joke Thread

    Why did the cow return to the marijuana field? It was the pot calling the cattle back
  2. yep, and I think the rest of my post ignored the noise. I specifically said we shouldn't wait and do nothing. Has anyone looked at what the impact of this carbon tax will have, both for the footprint the resulting impact on citizens? Especially when there is no stated goal for what the tax revenue will be used for? That makes it about as stupid as the plastic grocery bag tax we have down here... that lets the grocery stores keep the money. There needs to be more thought to go along with the wide swath of actions that are being demanded. Especially when it comes to government intervention, given their track record for implementing programs (whether incompetence or hiding behind politics).
  3. That's not a model, that's measurements (and what is with the Japanese??? Rebels!) Not sure how this helps the discussion.
  4. [Signing] Rangers re-sign Cody McLeod

    glad he stays out East
  5. From your link: When they can start making better models, I will find it easier to accept the "consensus". I have not heard of a formal Theory having been accepted yet. There's a lot of people agreeing in general, but there are still issues to debate, hence my comments. Now, that doesn't mean I feel the situation should be ignored and no action should be taken until a proper theory is achieved. There's a lot to like about "green" energy, and other results of the debate. I'm quite happy with my solar panels and improved opportunities to telecommute, as well as little things we can do around the house to help out. However, how many people should lose their jobs in North America due to taxes that are not directly used to address the climate problem while larger countries catch up economically and negate anything we do to help reduce our carbon impacts? There are 100s of millions of people in Asia whose economic situations are improving, which will continue to drive their demand for energy consumption. If we cut our carbon output per capita in half, only to have theirs double, and the consensus is correct... what next? Too many here have implied they are willing to pay a little more, or accept some measure of economic impact to save the planet. That's fine for them. What about those less fortunate, where rising costs of utilities and gas (and thereby food and everything else we buy) impact them directly. Any rise in unemployment hurts them more, too, as lower skilled jobs are more easily absorbed when a business downsizes. Where do the lines get drawn? Everyone can pretend to be happy and march along to the Paris accords or any other agreement. What happens if the US, or China, or some other country says "eff it, we do what we want"? It's difficult to push the big boys around.
  6. Don't care about business leaders... they are protecting their interests, one way or another. We're talking scientists. There are valid debates on the impacts. If it was all resolved, and resolved well, then climate modeling would be a lot more accurate than it is so far. That is not the case. The majority of scientists can shout down the rest as much as they like. It doesn't guarantee they are correct. Debate is healthy, especially scientific debate. It is sad when politics gets in the way.
  7. You can say that with a straight face? Do 100% of scientists agree? Didn't think so. There are plenty of scientists who debate the level of impact CO2 has on the environment, how much of an impact humans have had, and a variety of other factors. You are of course free to agree or disagree. But there is debate.
  8. Fixed. The economy is fossil fueled, and will be for a long time. Along the way, let's prep for the future. We've (US, Canada) decreased manufacturing in large part because of labor costs, but environmental costs are part of it too. Asian economies as a result have benefited, and unsurprisingly, their carbon footprints jumped up along the way. Western impacts have dropped due to improved awareness and decreased manufacturing. We can only pat ourselves on the back for so much here, if we are ultimately paying someone else to pollute on our behalf. Interesting site. The numbers here seem to jive with others I have seen, and allows you to see a number of countries in what appears to be apple-to-apple comparisons on carbon output.
  9. Their motto: if you can, you should. Obviously, they didn't learn anything from Jurassic Park... they "were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should." It's nice that they enjoyed life, but Darwin came calling. It's tough to feel sympathy for stupidity.
  10. The Post Yo Pet Thread...

    Damn, that's nasty. Too many a-holes out there. Nicely done, and glad you got to share some great times with her. Sorry to hear the sad news!
  11. Photography chat and shares

    Love this pic. Your others were good too, but this was my fave. Hard to ask for better framing from the clouds, IMO.
  12. Photography chat and shares

    Thanks for the ^^ updates @Warhippy. I finally got to use my CP filter a few weeks back, but haven't seen the results on screen yet. Hopefully there are some worth posting.
  13. My bad. I got confused with some reports from contacts within local law enforcement. Heard something happened there, but now I think it was confused with the Abby shooting on Canada Day. I'll edit the post.
  14. Is there any toughness left on the Leafs?
  15. Always hated Roussel. Same goes for Tiger, Tim Hunter, and Messier.. Sure can cheer for them when they wear the right jersey though. Hopefully when Roussel's time here is done, he leaves us about as well-liked as the first two, and a whole lot more than the last one. Welcome aboard!