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  1. Cool... that would be nice to see. I've seen wombats at the zoo... sounds about right. Should get there someday... lots of places on the bucket list, and too many 1st world crises to deal with in the meantime.
  2. Yeah... Brits went and sent a bunch of prisoners there, messing with the quality of the human population, and it seems to be nature's dumping ground for especially nasty critters. During a brief stint in Taipei, I worked with a guy from the Adelaide area. Some of the things he was telling me about snakes, and spiders that can bite through your shoes is just nuts.
  3. I updated the comment. didnt know it was teeth until after I posted and saw Twilight's post
  4. Refs have been bending over for the Sharks for so long, it's about time the Sharks get on the short end for a change. The way Couture went zipping over to the bench, you'd have thought a skate blade caught him instead of a stick blade. Vegas player should have got 4 mins, but I would have liked to see 2 for embellishment as well. Edit: watching with the sound off, and didnt know it was teeth lying there. I retract the above statement
  5. Maybe TB should have waited a few weeks on extending Cooper's contract. Might've saved some decent money, having this failure available as a bargaining chip
  6. Thanks. I always thought it would have sucked for Hughes had he been a big part of the Canucks squeaking in only to have him sit out of the playoffs.
  7. What's the deal with new signees (i.e. Makar) being able to play in the playoffs. I thought they had to he signed by the TDL. Clearly, I'm thinking wrong, but I thought I read something similar on CDC about that. Thanks in advance for setting me straight.
  8. He's the clear winner for this question. He is playing much cleaner than we all expected!
  9. Thanks for reminding me why I should be pissed at Tampa this year. I usually don't mind them, but I knew there was a reason not to cheer for them this year. Haven't watched much playoffs yet, but Kuch has got to get a couple games for his hit. Sure be interesting if Tampa got swept
  10. I thought that happened when I saw it live, but didnt catch it on the replay... guess i was distracted focusing on the goalie interference.
  11. They didnt play well after the first, so the outcome wasn't much of a surprise. The first Preds goal was BS, unless the rule changed. The whistle clearly went before the puck crossed the line. That should have ended in a lucky break for the Canucks, but for some reason they got screwed. Aside from being screwed on the first one, I had no issue with the 2nd. There was no way Marky would get in position to make a save, even without the collision. He was already sliding away from the play... just a tough break. There were some questionable non-calls both ways, so I didn't get too angry about them. Was just hoping to see some OT magic. Too bad for the fluky late goal.
  12. I wasn't putting that much stock in this action helping out the Canucks, cuz I am a pessimist when it comes to officiating. But, assuming it does help, there are two possibilities. One, officials as a whole respect the team a little bit more, and calls in general get a bit more favorable. Two, narrowing the focus to just what linesmen can do to influence the game, how about the number of times we get called for offside when we aren't (potentially stealing a goal), and put that up against the number of times the opposing team does not get called for offside when they should. Missed offsides calls can result in extended zone time which can lead to an icing or a penalty as the team chases the play. While I don't have any metrics on it, I feel the Canucks do tend to come out short when it comes to linesman errors, especially being called offsides when it wasn't.