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  1. When there is so much demonization of the other side, how can things not get anything but more polarized. If the opponent on the "other" side is so bad, how bad does it look when you find some common ground with that person?
  2. I'd ask how this guy still has a job, but we all know the answer. It's sad. There's all kind of left-leaning reporters out there trying to frame GOP speeches as something out of Nazi Germany. I wonder if any of them will pick up on this garbage. Somehow I think I know the answer to that too.
  3. Hmmmm, he wants to take the MLK route of non-violent direct action. Does he not see the irony? Wow.
  4. People are getting thirsty... gotta do something to get him going. Beer sales must be taking a hit. BC economy depends on Shotgun Jake hitting 20 goals It is rough. He's been such a bright spot the first half this year. Not sure he has been all that bad, but something's not clicking for him. Hopefully a game or two watching from the box will help.
  5. @TheGuardian_'s post earlier about this year having unprecedented balance at the bottom end of the standings. Got me to thinking what other seasons were like, and I found an interesting site to share Pretty cool, you can enter any (didn't check the whole list, but NHL is there) hockey league and a date, and get all teams points and other simple team stats. Thought it was a handy tool to have.
  6. Kragar

    Kesler And Ducks..

    Gee, thanks for the earworm, Phil. Too bad we weren't talking about Loui... he always looks so spaced out.
  7. Kragar

    [GDT] Around the NHL | January (20-26) 2019

    That was funny. When you mentioned empty net, it had me thinking of Patrik Stefan insane gaffe in the Stars/Oilers game a decade or so ago. That one has to be the ultimate miss. Anyhoo, here's a link for those (like me) who missed Pirri's fine play:
  8. Kragar

    NFL thread

    I dunno... I still think the odds are better trying for it when you are close, especially with a mobile QB like Mahomes. Especially with his ability to throw at odd angles from odd positions. Admittedly, I never played any football, so I only have a fan's (and a casual one at that) knowledge of the game, and I know my opinion of a given coach's calls isn't always worth much. This year, I like Mahomes' odds to score vs not get sacked or throw a pick, and tossing it thru the end zone should get rid of any chance of intentional grounding. If the tables were turned, knowing how strong the KC offense was, I wonder if Belichick goes for a least one more try. Yes, you can lose by any of those things you listed. I don't think the odds of those chances combined add up to the 50% chance of losing the toss and likely losing the game when they weren't stopping the Pats when it mattered. Honestly, I was less surprised on Carroll calling the pass. While, the urgency was not there for the 'Hawks (they had time and a time out remaining), it was a counter-intuitive play and might catch the D by surprise. I also really like Wilson, and it's not like the NFL hasn't had its share of short TD passes in the last decade or so. If the Pats were working to stuff the run, it might free up someone else. Didn't work that way, and from this (and millions others) fan's perspective, the wrong team won. Crap happens!
  9. Kragar

    NFL thread

    I was only able to watch the last two mins of the 4th, and OT. I didn't see anyone mention it here, but can someone tell me how in the hell Reid calls for a FG to tie the game with 11 seconds left. They have 1, probably 2 chances at the end zone first. The way the Pat's were moving the ball, and how bad the KC D is, was it really worth a 50-50 chance to lose in OT? I was cussing at him all the way to the coin toss, and a little more for good measure, cuz of that mistake. IMO, that ranks up there with Pete Carroll 4 yrs ago. Stoooooopid. Sorry I missed the rest of the 2nd half, looked pretty wild on the boxscore.
  10. Kragar

    Photography chat and shares

    Hope you'll share some here when they're ready... sounds cool
  11. Kragar

    Photography chat and shares

    Weird, I pick up my phone, and you posted at the same time. Enjoyed the view, had some clouds here, but they were zipping by, so were not an issue. Had no plans to shoot, just walked and enjoyed it. Had a couple jets on approach that passed nearby the moon while we were out... woulda looked cool if that was doable, but no idea how hard it would have been to get a good shot. Also no idea that they would be on that path, even if I was shooting.
  12. Kragar

    Promising test to confirm concussion

    Keeping it topical for hockey, players just need to be asked two questions. Answer yes to either one, concussion confirmed: 1. Are the Edmonton Oilers a well-managed team? 2. Is Matt Tkachuk a classy player? On a serious note, this saliva test sounds really cool. If it gets to a point where it is dependable enough, it could save players unnecessary time in the quiet room, and leave little room for error. The spotters can demand a test as needed, players comply, and perhaps not miss a shift if they aren't concussed. And if they are, they can get the right treatment sooner. Thanks for sharing, OP.
  13. Kragar

    [Report] Nathan Beaulieu requests trade

    We'll never know, since he doesn't accept invitations to dance
  14. Kragar

    Photography chat and shares

    I hear there is a lunar eclipse tomorrow night. Don't know if it is worth trying to shoot it, but thought I would mention it in case someone like you w more experience would want to try.
  15. Kragar

    Derrick Pouliot's future

    Assuming you mean the first Sabres goal, I don't think you can pin much on Poulliot. Sure, he lost position with the eventual goal scorer, but that was a lot of scrambling out there that you can't pin on him, coupled with a lucky/good kick pass from Ristolainen. Someone goofed on the line change (4 forwards plus Poulliot is not what you want out there in a defensive situation) and it was tough going after that. As soon as Shorty mentioned he was the only D out there, I cringed. When none of the forwards out there dedicated themselves to trying to play D, my fear was realized. Poulliot has done a lot to earn our scorn this year, but I would not count that goal against him. I'm guessing that was the play you meant, since the other goal against he was on for (2nd Sabres goal), he was hobbling a bit after blocking a shot, but it didn't look like there was a gaffe by him on that one, and more blame could be pushed on Guddy there. I agree with you on your last two points, especially his age. Definitely not a right-off at this point, but it can be tough watching him when he has a rough game. Just nice to know there are some good prospects in Hughes and OJ just waiting to compete for spots, which could keep him in that 6th or 7th spot. Who knows, if he grows into a respectable defensive game, he can make a decent career for himself. Here's hoping!