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  1. If there was ever a time to use video games as an excuse...
  2. Yep. I see corruption being a big issue too, but really that's just another level of crime I guess. Bumpy road when the time comes, for sure. Would also be interesting to see what kind of effect it has on their pollution problems. That's a downside of the growing middle class... increased energy consumption. Given the expected corruption, and money involved, I suspect it will be some time before that situation improves.
  3. That's a fair point too... it does seem like a natural consequence. I still think they hold the elderly in better respect than we typically do and would continue to respect their input, but this could easily be a sign of that part of their culture in decline. I suspect it would take a little more time to outright ignore their wisdom and guidance, but it could be a factor in hurrying the timeline along. Should they convert to democracy, I wonder how successful it could be. Russia surely struggled, although China would at least have those in Hong Kong to provide some background on capitalism and, to a lesser degree, democracy. They didn't have much history of proper representative government before the changeover. We'll see how it goes.
  4. The Xinjiang province has plenty of desolate space, as would some other western Chinese provinces. China is a big, frickin country, and Xinjiang is mostly mountains and desert. There was some photographic proof in my link, for one camp at least. My link also includes mention of the locations of others, including a known site in Kashgar. The link also shows police jobs have soared beyond norms in the last couple years in Xinjiang. What would you consider a reputable source? @CBH1926 already showed that this is being covered globally, from a variety of news sources. A little googling could add to that list. It's not like anyone here is quoting Infowars.
  5. Just playing the odds, as I see them. What Jimmy says below isn't outside the realm of possibility, but I lean more towards adversity being a greater reason for change. However, it is possible that the lack of freedom is enough adversity. That lack has always been there, but I acknowledge that their awareness of it is increasing as they get more exposure to other cultures. I just don't imagine there being enough of an incentive at this point. If the economy starts to struggle, as I have read some hints that it is/will, that will add to the pressure to change. I can't see this happening within a generation though, and maybe not even two. Their culture holds the elderly in higher esteem than we do, and I imagine that dampening the process.
  6. You keep saying stuff like this, but don't offer any reason why. If they have such a thriving middle class, what makes you think they are going to want to change things? People have a better life than previous generations. Sure, they lack a number of freedoms, but it's hard to miss what you never had. I just don't see any reason for those young people to want change there. As long as the economy is going well, and the government can afford to back up their totalitarian methods, I just don't see any hope for positive change there.
  7. Like I said... depends on how wide a net, and what they have done since. Those that have made decent contributions should have that weighed in. Regardless, something has to be done. The immigration process has been abused down here for decades. Setting some harsher precedents than just punishing old Nazis is needed.
  8. Depends on how wide the net is cast. For the most part, I don't see this as a problem... if you lie on your citizenship application, why should you get to keep your citizenship? I can see letting some of it slide, based on factors of the original deportation and behavior since then. For instance, I'd be more inclined to support someone whose visa expired over someone who snuck into the country. At least those with a visa legally entered the country.
  9. How is it not easy, and quite impossible? A totalitarian country, third largest in area, with a longstanding history of human rights abuses and suppression of religion, and one of the largest economies in the world. There's been problems in that area for years, with government clashing with locals. China's government has the political will, the resources, and the space (especially in Western China) to do this. Piece of cake. As they see it, this is their version of the Patriot Act... dealing with internal Muslim terrorist threats. Why would the bulk of American media want to deflect from anything going on in the US? If these reports were all coming out of Brietbart and such, you might have a leg to stand on, but CNN and Huffington Post, among others, have no interest in distracting the public from their Trump-bashing.
  10. Photography chat and shares

    My Nikon starter a few years back came with both the 18-55 and an 18-200. The 200 was decent, but we quickly upgraded to a 55-300mm. Loooove good zoom ability. Great for nature and action shots, in case that is something you are planning on. Wish I could get a longer zoom, but I think I'll upgrade the camera first. It's easy to get addicted to zoom, and I love how easy it is to frame shots with it, as opposed to using my phone. Much more precise with a zoom lens. Get out there, have fun, and take lots of shots... the great thing about digital pics... it doesn't cost anything taking those extra shots, and you learn more about the camera.
  11. No worries on the delay... life hits us all. I no longer post from my work computer, and I'm not prepared to deal with the stress of learning to post from my smartphone, so I'm prone to longer delays than before. We're not going to make much progress here, and that's fine. You make some valid points, and some IMO less valid, and I'm gathering you feel similarly with me. I won't claim to be any better... it's not always possible to prevent bias from clouding judgment. Sorry for the double notification... the first post had my comments in the hidden area, so I fixed it here.
  12. Fair enough. Your first statement here wasn't clear to me in your earlier posts. I agree with what you here.
  13. Thanks Makes more sense. Just spend the last hour on the phone with the auto insurance company. Wish I could add that disorientation to the claim