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  1. Good news, thanks for posting. I heard on the radio on the way home last night that McCarthy (House Majority Leader) was also going to step in somehow. Nice to see some people in charge are listening!
  2. I'll pitch in. Not so much my top 10, but songs that are on my MP3 player (or should be), many of which I find energizing. Jessica - Allman Brothers Room to Move - John Mayall White Summer/Black Mountain Side - Led Zeppelin Keep it Dark - Genesis Obvious Child - Paul Simon Love Song - Simple Minds Fever - Juluka Everybody Wants You - Billy Squier Almost anything by Brother Yusef And my guilty pleasure, All Summer Long by Kid Rock. Not a big fan of sampling, especially when sampling something I enjoy, and I love Zevon and Skynyrd, but Kid uses them well here and the song is fun.
  3. Mods, I had a post disappear. Posted in White Noise, Make a 10 song playlist, and entered it about 2 hours ago. I don't think there was anything in appropriate in my post, and no one has reached out to me if I did something wrong, so I wonder if it was a glitch. I've never seen it happen before though, so thought you might want to know. If I did do something wrong, please PM me.
  4. Putting Willie's name in allcaps told me all I needed to know. I want Tryamkin playing, but he has to earn it, and that hasn't happened yet. Guy's gotta work off that lousy off-season.
  5. Yep, I checked that out before I posted. Turns out the similar one for Hillary is also bogus, and I wonder if one inspired the other. I thought about editing my post to clarify that it was a fake and that I was still taking a shot at some humor, as opposed to assuming @Cerridwen believed that the quote was real.
  6. Clearly a fake. If he really said that, his numbers would be "uuuuuuuuge," not "terrific."
  7. Convincing the ref that covering the ball in the crease was a penalty-shot-worthy offense. I got to take the shot (I was middle-of-the-road offensively on that team), and scored! Wrister, between the pad and blocker. I was bummed a little later when the offending team did it again, but the ref decided one penalty shot that game was enough.
  8. I get where you're coming from, but I disagree. If Hydro bills you a wrong amount, it is clear to show that you used so much power, and should be billed accordingly. In this case, it was a bonus to sign a new contract. The soldiers provided additional work when they were not required to. They can't get those years back, and anything they suffered while continuing to serve is now a part of their lives. They sure as hell couldn't decide part way through to change their minds. If the soldiers knew that they weren't entitled, then I would agree with you. But unless that can be proven, the soldiers performed their part of the contract, and the employer needs to suck it up. It was their error, not the soldier's.
  9. This is absolutely disgusting. It's all well and good that they caught and punished the recruiters that messed with the system, but to go back against people that risked their lives, and often don't make much money to begin with, and take back money paid to them years ago is insane. If the soldiers did nothing wrong, they shouldn't have to pay back anything. When you consider that this only amounts to $15-20 Million, you would think the Pentagon could do the right thing and absorb it. But it looks like they won't. There's a new White House petition I found in a follow-up to the LA Times article above. If any other US citizens are outraged about this, please go to the site and sign the petition to have Congress take care of the problem. For the record, I am not aware of knowing anyone in the National Guard. affected by this or not, and do not stand to benefit from this in any way. I just heard it on the radio this morning and thought it was sickening.
  10. IIRC, I think it's ok if the person recording is involved in the conversation or event. So, it would be illegal to bug someone's office to record them/their calls or meetings, but wearing a wire yourself in that office is ok. No lawyer here, so I could be off-base, but I think this is pretty accurate.
  11. So Chinese expansionism doesn't concern you? China is not patrolling the South China Sea. They are building "islands" for the sole purpose of claiming international waters as their own. Who else is willing to stand up to China? The UN is weak, arguably pointless. Russia has often sent ships into US territory, and China did so as recent as 2015. Nothing was blown up, no one was killed. No insane hypocrisy here. I'm not going to claim that the US has been angelic in recent decades. However, I'd much rather have bases in important areas if it helps reduce the needs for another D-Day in the future. On what level was this latest event wrong?
  12. Emergency Alert: yet another resurgence of flash floods from the Bow River in Alberta, Canada, were reported last night. This has been the fourth such event this month. Meteorologists and scientists in general are dumbfounded, given the minimal amount of rain in the area in recent weeks. However, initial evidence suggests the source of the flooding is coming from the city of Calgary. Curiously enough, water samples taken from various sites were consistently found to include trace amounts of saline, similar levels found in human tears. Until the root cause is determined and dealt with, residents are concerned that such flooding will continue.
  13. Friends, Romans, countrymen... Ouch. I'm one of many who have had some nasty pinches or cuts from things like that, but to actually cut a piece off. Bummer!
  14. Has anyone considered the depth of the lies, though? I'm not surprised that Trump makes numerous misstatements. He talks before he thinks, especially when he gets rolling. Not good for a politician. Of Clinton's 4 "lies", the first two are more important, since it involves her policies and history, and (whether intentionally or not) are more or less campaign promises. #3 is a silly error, and doesn't really matter.. #4 is more in the middle... misleading, but IMO not as big a deal as #1 and #2. I'm not going to read all of Trump's "lies", as there are too many. He deserves to be hurt in the polls and voting booths for spewing so much mindless crap, but looking at many of these, a good number seem to fall into the weaker categories I used above. When he attributes something to the wrong person or has a minor gaffe in the content, but the rest is still true, it definitely falls into the silly error category. I'm not claiming there aren't important lies coming out of his mouth - there clearly are - just that the counts pundits make like this aren't worth much until you look at what was actually said. Interesting link, but I wouldn't be surprised if some who follow Hillary more could dispute a couple of lies attributed to Trump. I have a good level of confidence The Star caught all of Trump's. I didn't watch the debate, so no idea if there was any Hillary lies missed in the article. Of course, when there are differences between her public and private policy, how many of her statements will be proven lies when she is POTUS?
  15. I suppose it is possible, but I really doubt it. Outside of Fox, Breitbart and the rest, Obama got much of a pass by the media. The warnings over Obamacare went ignored, and aside from right-leaning outlets, what criticism does he get over his signature law? I figure the media will treat her similarly. Her policies aren't that much different than Obama's that I have seen, so why would the media want to do anything differently if she wins in November?