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  1. Thanks! I've always been more of a cat person, but I love this little guy so much, I'm being converted. Trying to use that pic as wallpaper but windows keeps twisting it to landscape to make it fit "better". Driving me crazy. There are a number of problems with post-secondary education here. Debt is a symptom of some of those problems (and a few others), and sadly completely self-inflicted. Anyone (Bernie, Warren,...) who wants to just cast away any of that debt is out of touch.
  2. I'd be curious to know how much of that debt is for out-of-state schools, and not doing junior college for the first two years. Also be good to know the fields of study involved. If someone doesn't have a real plan to earn a good living from their degree, why the hell should everyone else be asked to support their stupidity? Of course, those who do have a plan likely don't need help, cuz they'll get a suitable job. While going elsewhere for school can be a great experience, it is a luxury, and should be considered as such. Student debt is a self-made problem. Is Bernie next going to pay for all the Teslas out there that their owners can't really afford?
  3. Dunno, but less than what I would expect for taking on Seabs. Aside from recent news about him, I wasn't desperate to have him go. Never lived up to expectations, but wasn't useless either. Recent news makes it tougher to do a cap dump trade, I think.
  4. So, Marleau and his 1 yr remaining was worth almost a first outright. Taking on Seabrook's anchor of a contract should have been at least 3OA plus 2020 1st, plus more, unless they were taking Loui in return. Even if Loui is involved, there is no way 10OA should be sent in the other direction without a lot more involved
  5. Again. Killed us last year when Bo burned himself out trying to make up for when Sutter and Petey were injured. That's one nice thing with Miller on board, it lightens that load. Another C is not a bad idea.
  6. I thought they already ignored the post. Actually, weren't the refs ignoring a lot of plays when the attacker hit it out of play? Seemed pretty arbitrary recently. I don't have a lot invested in the decision to make that change. It does make for more offense, so maybe a good thing as our team progresses.
  7. I get yours and Shift's point, but I'm ok with the attacking team staying in the attacking zone if they put it out. I presume this is all about increasing scoring, and it works both ways. Not that big a deal. Defending team still gets to change lines, if needed. Regarding offsides, I just wish there was a reasonable way to review it to negate penalties involved. For example, a missed offsides call leads to extended zone time for the offending team. Leads to a goal, it gets called back. But, if that zone time leads to a trip or other penalty resulting from prolonged chasing the play, that penalty shouldn't really count either, since the play should have been blown offside. I doubt it will ever be addressed... just a minor pet peeve of mine, made stronger by watching my beloved team be on the weaker side of the league these past few years.
  8. You dont think we could make that deal without having to kick in the 10OA? Chiarelli, man.
  9. Got to see the conjunction, but just barely. Hazy, with intermittent clouds, but caught a quick glimpse. Kinda cool, but wish I got a better view. Would have helped if the direction I was looking at was not part of the LAX flight path. Damn planes kept messing me up.
  10. Barney's enthusiastic about sharing my leftover Fathers Day rib-eye...