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  1. A little something to lighten the mood? I considered sharing this in the coronavirus thread, but I'm trying to not get involved there. Due to certain events, my boss today happen to mention the words "covid's in the air". Upon hearing the phrase, an old earworm came back, and I couldn't get the old disco tune out of my head. So, I wrote this: Covid’s in the air Everywhere I look around Covids in the air But no sight of it nor sound And I don’t know if I’m being ghoulish Don’t know if I’m being wise But its something we all must believe in If it’s bad, it might melt your eyes (poetic license alert) Covid’s in the air In the blast of your sneeze Covid’s in the air One big blunder then you’ll wheeze And I don’t know if I’m just nauseous Don’t know if I feel sane Fever’s something that I must believe in I’m sick and wondering who to blame Covid’s in the air Covid’s in the air *cough *cough *cough *moan *long moan
  2. @Kurisu @Ceres @Zfetch Hope yer all doing ok, and have just been too busy to complete your reviews. I'll post mine once your three are in, to keep the guessing game going better.
  3. What a guy. So tough on the ice, and yet one of the most soft-spoken people I have ever met. Man, was I ever tongue-tied when I ran into him at YVR.
  4. @Spoderman care to guess who provided the list? That's part of the fun
  5. Ok, I extracted my head from my butt and I think I got this straightened out. Please let me know if there are any issues with the links I sent. Have fun all!
  6. Hey all... I started sending lists out, but major fail on my part, as I think I have only sent the first song in most cases. No need to let me know, unless you need to give me some grief over this
  7. All riiiiight! Thanks for getting those last ones in quickly, after a gentle nudge. I'll have them distributed tomorrow (later today if I can).
  8. Thanks... I'll see what I can do, but likely that will fall into family time.
  9. Thanks guys, that's two more in. Thinking that leaves three to go.
  10. ok gang... half the submissions are in. How soon can we wrap up the rest, so the big fun can begin? Don't make me come down there!!! I am willing to accept new requests today if anyone still wants to join, but those coming on now should be able to commit to have their list done in a couple days.
  11. Kragar

    what is,

    Was at the Coliseum, back in the 70s. Might have been my first live game. I brought a notebook for some autographs. Not sure when it was (after pre-game skate, between periods, or after the game), and Dad and I were hanging out at the barrier as the players were heading back to the dressing room. I asked someone for an autograph, and the player (wish I could remember who it was) offered to take my book into the dressing room to have the team sign it. So cool. Wish I knew where that book went. Would be fun to see all the names. I remember how Bob Dailey printed his name. Looked odd compared to all the script signatures of the rest of the guys. Does any of you older folks remember a game where (pretty sure it was) Dailey scored from his own zone, with the opposing goalie still in the net? Think it was against the Blues, but whoever it was, the goalie was looking up at the scoreboard to see how much time was left, and didn't see Dailey dump the puck out.
  12. Anyone else looking to play? I've got two playlists received already (ok, one is mine), but there is still time for people to join the fun here.
  13. BTW, the Ken Burns documentary, Country Music, on PBS was frickin' awesome. Fully recommend for anyone with the slightest interest in country music, as there's a good chance it will help you like it even more. 8 episodes, each about 2 hours, and many of them could easily have been longer. Just imagining Johnny Cash and Elvis touring together gives me chills. Lots of cool stories.