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  1. 100x100, baby. In n Out, best burger on a budget, for anyone who makes it down South. I did a 3x3 last time I was there, but that was the first time I ordered something outside the official menu.
  2. "I play hockey and I fornicate, because those are the two most fun things to do in cold weather" - Skank Martin
  3. Fair enough, it is what it is FWIW, when I come back home to visit, White Spot is mandatory. They've expanded the menu a lot since I moved away, but I have to have burgers there. Love the nostalgia, and the warm dill pickle on top.
  4. Made to order, you have a large list of free additions to choose from (at least, that's how they do it down here), including jalapenos, green pepper, mushrooms... grilled or not, it's up to you. Cheese is nice n gooey, too. Probably the best fast-food burger I've ever had, but then, it's not super fast. Not meaning to disrespect 112, but I'd say you gotta give it a shot. I don't blame @riffraff at all for having it each day for lunch that week. I'd consider it... when I was younger. I remember regularly eating 2 Carl's Famous Stars for breakfast when I had my weekly side gig a while back. There are worse ways to start the day. @112, I wonder what turned you off there. Burgers there are on the greasy/messy side, but that's a feature, IMO. Different strokes, I guess
  5. Poopy. Back on chemo, but still toughing it out to do. the show. Keep up the fight, Alex.
  6. Oh yeah, good stuff. grilled onions, grilled jalapenos, grill the green peppers too, for that matter. Good fries, too
  7. @Alain Vigneault can I play? I've never made a playlist on YouTube before. If I need a login, I'll need to make a new one, but that shouldn't be a big deal. Sounds fun.
  8. Breaking A Mighty Wind Best In Peep Show This Is Spinal Fluid Tap A Few Good Mennonites Rocky IV Glucose Damn, this is fun. Ironic that I am doing a training class on time management while browsing here, perhaps?
  9. Yeah I see where you were coming from now. A fair point, for sure. Sometimes you gotta work with what's out there. It's not like CNN is going to maintain a reliable list of their "mistakes"
  10. The Daily Caller is backing up their claims with research and links to opposition media. It is not an opinion piece, which are typically less credible, regardless of the source.
  11. Are you aware that the passwords are for visa applicants, not for travellers? Trump is an ass, and I have never liked him as a person, but Putin and lil Kim gotta be worse, but to each their own, I guess. I wasn't referring to media twisting his words, I was referring to how they reflect life here. Your final statement is one I fully support, FWIW.
  12. Well, guess there was fuss about nothing? Another misstep by the NYT, perhaps part of #resist? "The book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident," the editor's note read, in part. "That information has been added to the article." Who knows, maybe someday something credible will come out. Maybe he's a slimeball, maybe it's all a witchhunt.
  13. Yeah, maybe. Hadn't thought of it going that route. I agree about the nauseating part, but honestly I think its impact gets overblown. I remember being disgusted with American political ads when I lived up North... so much mudslinging even back then. Ads are so much worse now. But the people who refuse to come here because of Trump, or so many other political things, are overreacting to media hype, IMO. The feds have less impact on day to day lives , especially visitors', but you wouldn't know it with some people.
  14. Pretty much. It felt good voting for 3rd party last time, but I know how much of a difference it didn't make. Too many states where the voters don't matter, and CA is one of the worst. Problem is, it often devolves down to voting against who is worse rather than voting for who is good. I have yet to pick a winner in a primary. I think there is no serious third party because people want to win. the more parties, the more losers there are. Also if one side branches off, it can dilute the vote in favor of the opposition. Considering the polarization we have now, this is a huge factor. When Reform split off votes from the PC party in the early 90s, it gave the Libs over a decade in power. Whether we have the intestinal fortitude to go through that short term pain is the question. don't see much hope of it happening, but if we keep having crappy choices, who knows if some people can step up and make it happen.