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  1. Jannik Hansen

    You are correct that should have read "for a few more percieved goals".
  2. Jannik Hansen

    Hansen is one of the most effective forecheckers and penalty killers in the league. Don't get rid of guys like that. Burrows-Sedin-Sedin Higgens-Kesler-Booth Hansen-Hodgson-Raymond Tough forward-Malhotra-Lappierre Pk guys- Kes Hansen Burr Malhotra Lapierre. When Burr or Kes take a penalty Hansen becomes even more important to the team. I like seeing Burr and Kes out there together but one of them has to play the shift after penalty so now Hansen is in the top PK pairing and another reason not to trade him for a few more goals. Especially when your team is already leading the NHL in goals. Killing penalties is key to winning. When you have really good penalty killing you can play more aggressive on offense and defense. If te refs want to make it a penalty filled game you like that to as our power play is so dynamic. That s the strength of the Canucks the ability to roll four lines and special teams play. Don't trade away any of the top nine unless you can get Rick Nash for Mason Raymond+pick type of deal.