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  1. TSN calls Burrows on 'Late Hit'

    his hand was almost in his own crotch at impact and only his hand pushed his head to finish pushing him over. the ONLY ELBOW i seen was the 1 giardi rammed into the back of Burrs head! i cant believe no one brought it up! i seriously thought Burr was gonna be done when i saw it in real time! and it looked even more vicious and dangerous on the replay. Giardi should def have a hearing i think 5 games!!!!burr barely even got the guy, he hit flush into the boards sideways, thats why he was hurt. Burr takes a vicious elbow to back of head and gets 5min! and not to mention alllll the other no calls for nucks, and the 1s called against! Sestitos was the only legit call against!!!
  2. Rumors

    hey I heard Ovi wants out of wash. and maybe could come to Van. any1 know anything bout this?
  3. not that i'm asking, just proving a point

  4. Vigneault steps down to Bolland's level Unimpressive move by coach V.

    its the media FOOL!they asked him a question and he answered it. just like you have your own opinions. what would u say if i asked you why your girlfriend is ugly and looks like a man?

  5. Bitz is a big boy