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  1. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    I hope Arizona with 20% to land the first overall, actually loses it, and another team jumps up to that no. 1 spot (preferrably us)
  2. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    Why would Arizona do the deal? LE for Duclair? Canucks definitely would have to add for sure.
  3. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    Granlund for Duclair may actually be a fair trade. With that being said, Arizona probably doesn't do it.
  4. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    Yeah. Brock is a lock for 30 goals, it feels like. Bo might get there ocassionally, but i'm not sure if he's a consistent threat at 30. MIght be more close to 30 goals - 25-27/28 consistent goal scorer. I mean, I'd take that as well. That's pretty good goal production, if he can do that consistently.
  5. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    And Ray would know a thing or two about NHL goal scoring. I'm a big fan of Bartschi, and his offensive tools and potential. I think he can be a consistent 50-55 point player, honestly. Maybe a 60 point guy? Anything above that would be complete gravy.
  6. Yeah. Sbisa's been doing himself some good in Vegas. I'm happy for him. He got so much flack during his time here. Gudbranson, I get the sense will be moved. I'm not sure he settles for a "value contract" - that doesn't do him any favours financially. All a value contract does is save the club some money. I think he's gone. IF he's traded to Toronto, I think Benning will probably get Kasperi Kapanen in return. He's not having a great season, it's okay, but he may or may not break out next year or the year after. He is 22 after all. Two years time and he's 24, and if he doesn't show anything at that point, might be another decent bottom six player in the league. a dime a dozen kind of player. Easily replaceable.
  7. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    And I'd agree with you about giving up on Sven. He looks like your classic late bloomer, and I think his best offensive years are still yet ahead of him.
  8. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    Might be a fair trade. How do the two compare, though? Is Duclair better defensively? Goldobin I feel might have the higher offensive ceiling.
  9. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    where's the thread?
  10. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

  11. So who would take Sbisa over Gudbranson now? Guddy at 5-6 mil, or Sbisa at his cap friendly 3.6 million?
  12. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    because he's not wanted here with the way he's performing. i think benning would be the first to admit that if he could get rid of LE, he would.
  13. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    You've basically described what Arizona has been doing since forever.
  14. [Report] Anthony Duclair requests trade

    does Duclair have the wheels that Virtanen has?