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  1. Makar with only two points? C'mon, we know who the real calder winner should be
  2. Sorry, I should have been more clear. When I said Jake's entering into Goldobin territory, I meant age wise he's entering into the same age (24 ash years old) where what you see is what you get with a player. I mean, I guess there could be a chance that Jake is a late bloomer, but I don't think that's it. I think it's more of a consistency issue with Virtanen. If he can figure that part of his game out - then watch out. With where his game is currently at - I think he's worth 2.5-3 million tops on his next deal. And I'd sign him to a 1 year deal for him to prove that he deserves what he's getting on his next deal. If he doesn't live up, then maybe at that time a change of scenery will do the player some good, and the organization can benefit as well. I am a fan of Virtanen. I want him to succeed. But his play in these playoffs and the play in, so far, have been....well, underwhelming. He's not noticeable in a good way out there.
  3. assuming of course that Podkolzin is a top six winger.
  4. Yeah. With his work ethic currently I don't think he will reach his full potential. Which is such a waste of talent IMO. It's too bad really.
  5. Sorry. Breakout is probably the wrong word. I want him to be more consistent and more dedicated to his craft. Showing up at training camp not ready to go is concerning for me, and I don't think I'm alone in my concern. Statistically, he has been making improvements every year, that is true, which is why I don't want management to get rid of him.
  6. Horvat's been a beauty. He was clutch back in junior, and I didn't know if it would translate into the NHL. But apparently, it has. He's Captain Clutch. Coming through at the most important and most critical moments of hockey. Canucks are lucky to have Bo as captain, and he was exposed and mentored by one of the best in Hank.
  7. Haha. Yeah, I want to believe, but it's hard when over the years, been disappointed over and over again. My heart wants the team to win, of course, but my mind says the Blues will eventually win it and take control of the series. This is a young team. I think if the Blues play their best game tomorrow, and they still lose to us, then they've got a problem. Might get into their heads a little bit "We played our best game, and we still lost. What else can we do to beat these guys??" I mean, if that's what they're thinking inside their heads, then that's to our advantage. Yeah, I am a little hesitant, but I do want the team to win. I hope your right! Canucks in five would be frickin awesome. Canucks in six would still be awesome. It'd just be awesome if they could somehow win this series against the defending Stanley Cup. I mean, if they could beat the Cup champions, who knows how much confidence that could give a young team like this. Dethrone the Champions? At that point, anything's possible!
  8. Sigh. I really want Jake to break through. So yes, for me, one more chance. He'll be 24, turning 25. If he doesn't get it together then, maybe he never will. That's entering into Goldobin territory.
  9. Yea. If the team is focused on Perron, then Perron's done his job and they've gotten into the heads of the Canucks a little. Make the Blues pay on the scoresheet. Punish them there.
  10. Yeah. I'd want to keep Virtanen as well and give him one more chance to doing the right things. For 2.5m, I'd keep Jake. I wish he'd wake up and show up at these playoffs though. He hasn't really done anything on the ice worth noting. Almost forgot that he was on the team last night. Hasn't shown up in any noticeable way - no scoring, no hitting - nothing. It's like he's not even on the roster.
  11. Yeah. I agree with you. I don't think Jake gets more than 2.5m on another "show me what you got" deal. He seems to be the kind of player that needs that carrot in front of him. Will he get a multi-year deal? He hasn't really earned it yet. He hasn't demonstrated that he can be a consistent player moving forward. It's too bad that his attitude is the way it is. He seems like a good kid, just wants to have fun, etc. But man, if he can just put in the hard hard work to his dedication to his craft - he'd be one hell of a player.
  12. Do we have a pick to attach to Bärtschi that another team would take? JB's given away so many picks recently, it's hard to know what we've got left. I know we don't have a lot for this coming draft. But maybe next year's draft?