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  1. No to trading for Barrie. Unlike Toronto, we have defensemen who can actually play defense. I like our d corps. AND, if the Canucks really wanted to pursue Barrie in the offseason, he becomes a UFA. I don't think he resigns in Toronto, and if the rumors are true that he wants to come home, maybe we can get a discount on the guy. If we can, sign him. But no way should the Canucks be giving up prospects and good players for a guy who we could possibly get for free next Summer.
  2. I'd want to know what the logic and rationale goes behind the decisions made by Green sometimes. Jake should be out there in OT, his speed alone, would give the Canucks so much opportunity to win. And that's what the franchise is about, no? Winning games?
  3. I think Sutter's going to be moved if there's suitors for him. Gaudette seemed to have a good game yesterday against the Preds - 2 game game. I think he just needs experience, and he's just about there. If he hasn't pushed Sutter out yet, he's getting there. I think Sutter's moved by the deadline. Tanev I hope we can resign, if not, then we need to get some sort of asset back for him. Bartschi - I thought he would click playing with Bo. But he hasn't looked that great since being called up. I'm not sure what it is with the guy. Maybe he's afraid of being hit, and that hit being his last in the NHL.
  4. Thanks for sharing that. I'm excited for Jake, I think he can still improve. His hockey IQ has always been the debate, making bad decisions on the ice. But I think compared to the first few seasons, he's improved quite a bit. I think right now, it's consistency with Jake. I didn't watch the game tonight, because I had work, but how did he fare against the Preds? Noticed that he didn't get onto the scoresheet, but was he noticeable in a good way tonight?
  5. He did let in that goal from centre ice by Lidstrom - changed the momentum of that entire series. We were up 2-0 at that point. Lost 4-2 series.
  6. I haven't been able to watch too many Canuck games so far this season. How has Jake looked like a top six forward?
  7. Markström and Demko. Two good goaltenders. Markström though to me, is a risk, because how much more upside does the man have entering into his thirties? Demko, is only 23 years old, and he is already quite solid as a back up for now. I think if Markström wants a NMC to protect himself from the expansion draft, then management has to say no to that. Because that only means that Demko's going to be exposed. Seattle would be stupid not to take one of the best young goalies during the expansion draft. I'm not sure any other organization has a goalie this young that they would expose. It doesn't make sense to me. Unless. Management offers a pick of some sort sort to Seattle to bypass taking Demko. In that scenario, the Canucks can afford to keep both. If they resigned Markström to a deal, and offer Seattle a pick or a propsect to bypass Demko. Demko, in my opinion, is the goalie in net for the future of this Canucks team. When Pettersson and the rest of the core is essentially in their prime, he is going to be their goalie between the pipes. In my perspective, it would be colossal mistake on Benning to let Demko go. Would haunt this organization for years. I remember the West Coast Express - and how difficult it was for that team to get anywhere, because they didn't have the goaltending to do it. But they had a pretty good defense, and excellent forwards (i.e. Näslund, Bertuzzi, Mo, Sedins even). But Cloutier just wasn't good enough. It feels like we finally have the right core pieces in all the positions - goaltending, defense, forwards. and we got depth!!!
  8. I like what I've seen from Demko as well. At 23 years of age, he is further along in his development than Markström was at the same age. Long term, Demko makes more sense to keep around than Markström does, in my opinion.
  9. I am hopeful that Jake will become a huge part of the team moving forward. Like you say, it is early days, and it's a long season. I hope Jake becomes consistent with his play on the ice. He definitely seems like he's matured, and is taking his play on the ice more responsibly. Have you noticed a difference with his play from last season and so far this season?
  10. Did you feel like he had a quicker release last year compared to this year so far?
  11. I didn't get to watch the game either. Was just following the boxscore. But....two points!
  12. two point night for Jake against the Sharks. Good on him! I think he's going to have a great year ahead. Super happy for him, and I hope he keeps playing well with Horvat. He's on pace for 41 points this year, and I hope he keeps it up
  13. Yeah. Leafs gotta feel good about something these days