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  1. Don’t know if I would trade both Juolevi and Virtanen for Dobson alone. Virtanen is going to be a solid NHLer. Would hate to lose him honestly. Tough situation.
  2. This is a business too. These guys might be best friends but they’re also adults.
  3. Fortunately the body can be trained to get it to NHL standards. Hoping he can do it soon.
  4. Do we have cap space? Since that’s kind of the issue with a few dead contracts.
  5. Jake would’ve hit 20 goals this season. Maybe 21 goals if he had a really good end to the season. But unfortunately he didn’t make it there because of the pandemic. management ought never to trade this local beauty. He’s had to mature for sure since being in the NHL. But Green has definitely made a difference. Now only if he could get more top six minutes. He could get the minutes boy he’d be a huge difference maker to the club I think. he’ll never be the player I don’t think that many fans wanted to compare him to - Ehlers and Nylander. But that’s okay.
  6. Does Lu's retirement help or hurt the Canucks salary cap moving forward?
  7. A guy with electric vibes in his game. Put him with Gaudette and his electric celebrations, and Jake's speed, and I'm all for a third offensive line. I mean, I hope those guys can also improve their defensive game too - that should be a given
  8. Ugh. Messier. Those were truly one of the darkest seasons in Canucks history. What kind of leader was he? He didn't really do much for this franchise when he came here. Näslund says a lot of good things about Messier, but I think that says more about Näslund than it does about Messier. Canuck fans have long been privileged with such classy, upright leaders (minus Messier, obviously) from Smyl, to Linden, to Näslund, Sedins, and now Horvat and his crew. But what would have happened if Gretzky and Messier had come to the Canucks? Would we have a Cup by now already?
  9. Yeah, those are some pretty bad ones too. Eriksson, while his contract isn't the greatest, is far from being the worse in NHL history.
  10. I agree. I like Podkolzin, but we've invested in so much time with Virtanen. He's an NHL player, and Podkolzin is basically where Virtanen was a couple of seasons ago. He's not a lock to be an NHL player just yet. But he could be, we'll have to see when he arrives. I'd like to keep both if we could. Why do we have to get rid of one in order to keep the other? The more depth the better. Hopefully, management can be astute with their cap management, and players start wanting to take less, so that they can play for a winner, and an up and coming team in the league.
  11. Makes me miss the Canucks even more.... With that being said. We are witnessing greatness unfold. His jersey will be up there one day with the likes of 16, 10, 19, 22 and 33, 12, etc.
  12. depends on what he's going to be asking for. the team is currently in cap crunch with so a few bad deals (i.e. Sutter, Eriksson, Roussel, etc) If we could get a compliance buyout on one of those guys, would be a huge relief to be able to sign some of the players that need signing like, Toffoli, Virtanen, Gaudette, etc.
  13. Would hate for Virtanen to go. Hope Virtanen can get a team friendly deal to be kept in the fold. The more depth we have, the better. Does Podkolzin have the wheels that Jake has? How do the two compare to one another defensively? Offensively?
  14. Yeah. I'm excited for Jake. 18 goals this year, in a season that was cut short. I think he could've hit 20 goals by season's end, had the full season actually came to an end. This was his breakout year. I'm soooo excited at what he's going to do next season. 20-25 goals a possibility? 50-55 points? With more confidence in his ability to produce, I think he can get there. I'd be happy if he can hit anywhere from 45-50 points. That would be considered top six numbers, wouldn't they? And yeah, Green needs to play Virtanen on the left wing.
  15. I mean, Alexei Yashin comes to mind. What about that goalie that was signed to a life time deal - ah yeah - Rick Dipietro. That was a bad contract. And it ran for 15 years!!! Kovalchucks' contract signed with NJ was pretty bad as well. AAV 6.67 per year. My goodness.