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  1. Nylander for Tanev? no way Toronto does that. Nylander is a stud offensively. we would have to add for sure.
  2. yeah. could haunt us for years.
  3. i understand, of course, that he would definitely be a disappointment if he only hit 5-15 goals. major bust written all over him, and it would probably be better to ship him out of town if that's the case. he'd face scrutiny here like nobody else, dunno if that'd be good for him.
  4. really? what happens to hansen, then? taken in the vegas expansion draft? i think miler, if we can get a good return for him, needs to be moved. losing a UFA for nothing (if he doesn't come back) is poor asset management. I don't mind Tanev moving as long as we can get a good young piece in return and a draft pick.
  5. a GM is going to want Burr and Hansen, and maybe Miller. We can get some pretty good returns on those vets. Hoping Burr comes back after a playoff run (maybe with a Stanley Cup ring?). And I'd love to have Hansen return the year after. It's business, nothing personal. I'll miss Burr and Hansen, but if this team is going to be competitive, we got to begin to get some returns for our vets who are, at this season and stage of their careers, are playing fairly well. It'll help with the rebuilding process.
  6. I dunno. I think Benning has done a really good job all things considered when he inherited this team. Gillis' drafting was very poor. He did draft some good players - Hutton, Horvat (for sure), etc. This team had very poor developmental plan and process, as well as drafting high end players. So, with that considered, I think Benning has done an excellent job in re-stocking a prospect board that was extremely thin and bare. We also didn't have fresh young players coming onto the roster. So, the additions of Granlund, Baer, have been good for this team. Rebuilding takes time, and I like how Benning's going about his work. Restocking the active line up with young players (turnovers), and then also restocking younger players (Boeser, Juolevi, etc) - those are the prospects we never had prior to Jim, coming up in the pipeline. For the first time in a long time, we have something to be looking forward to, and get excited about, and our team is competitive. We may not win many games, but we're competing, and we've got veterans to show the young players how to win. Edmonton's model worked, after failing for about 10 years. lmao. I don't want that. With all that being said, I want a high draft pick the next few years
  7. 7 points out of the playoffs if we lose tonight. Not an impossible climb, but with this crew of canucks, i don't think we'll make it. 4 points out of a possible 12 on the road trip was a disaster. That pretty much killed any hopes of making the postseason.
  8. I like Juolevi. I think he's gonna be a really good player for us in this league. Taking Juolevi, is looking long term, simply because dman take so much longer to develop, and play a mature game. I didn't mind the pick, I love it in fact. He might not be an offensive player like a Drew Doughty, but c'mon, not a lot of dman are like Doughty. He's a generational dman. Juolevi is going to be very good. Might not be elite, but that's ok. We gotta begin to build somewhere.
  9. fine. then they can keep him. and we can claim him off waivers in a few.
  10. Lazar no way nets a first. a second is debatable at this point. he could be bad for a third round pick. some GM is going to offer that.
  11. attitude is huge, i agree. and if Green is pleased with Jake's attitude and hopefully work ethic, that's growth personally, and hopefully that leads to his professional growth as well. Big off-season for Jake, he needs to be progressing into next season, not regressing.
  12. he's got a good heavy shot for sure. needs to work on it more this off-season, so that he's ready to get going next year with Utica. without a doubt in my mind, I think Jake needs another season down in the A, for consistency's sake, and for confidence. he's been torn down, and being rebuilt up. confidence is a finnicky thing. Jake should be by far the most confident player on the ice, but sometimes his play says otherwise. I'm glad, however, that he's making small steps in growth and improvements. Hope he picks up points more consistently soon. At least his defensive game is getting better.
  13. I want to see how Jake's second season in the AHL will be like offensively. If he's producing at this current rate next season, then there is cause for concern for sure.
  14. I think sometimes we are asking a lot out of Virtanen, this being his first pro season (aside from last season, where he wasn't and shouldn't have been in the NHL). Fans expect him to be good at everything. He's not going to be good at everything. Definitely a work in progress with this kid, and we'll see how he turns out. Might not be worthy of being selected at 6th overall, but what can you do about that now? lol. all we can do is just continue rooting for the kid to be successful, hope to God that he has an awesome off-season where he keeps his weight down, and works like hell on his shot so that when he does come back next season in Utica - he's producing offensively and driving the play for whatever line he's on. IF he makes the Canucks, I want him to be at least on the middle six, no bottom six time - he just won't develop like that. He needs repetition and the only way he's going to get most of that is down in the AHL practicing good habits, and having those good work habits ingrained in his every day. Glad he got a point tonight. Better than blanks.
  15. Doesn't make sense to me to expose Baer. He's a top six player, and those are hard to come by. Granlund is good, but I'm still not convinced he's going to be consistent enough to be producing offensively down the road. He's having a good year this year, is this his career year? Or will he improve on his totals next season? Why can't Benning expose Sutter, and keep Hansen?