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  1. The goalie situation.

    true. defense needs an overhaul. at least we have started the process with Hutton. and hopefully Brisebois. and whoever we draft this year. 
  2. The goalie situation.

    Miller is gone after this season. if this season is a wash. maybe Miller is dealt in a couple of weeks to a contending team that needs veteran leadership and goaltending. but my bet is that he's gone next season and allows markstrom to be the starting goalie. Demko should be signed at that time. and should be playing in the AHL for further development.  aside from Demko and Markstrom. we don't have anything else on the goalie front. Benning has a lot of work on his plate. 
  3. The goalie situation.

    unfortunately management screwed those opportunities up. which is why Gillis doesn't have another NHL job. 
  4. The goalie situation.

    hah. but that hasn't always been the case with this franchise. we were known as the goalie graveyard for a reason 
  5. I could see hammer coming back to Vancouver simply because at the later stages of a players career. they're not just thinking about themselves especially if they have kids. they're thinking about family. and moving to another city is challenging for children and their wives to begin afresh. if hammer is traded. you can bet he's very open to coming back. he's made his millions. I wouldn't be surprised if he took a discount (as long as it's reasonable. it is still business after all). and if he doesn't come back. it's nothing personal. just business.  would love hammer to be a part of Canucks staff once he's done. would be awesome to have him work with some of the younger defensive prospects. 
  6. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    I'd rather we just wait. do they have a deadline as to when they need to let us know if they're gonna use their pick this year or not? 
  7. Cole Cassels Talk

    I think he's in the same boat the Shink was in last year. he probably needs a year before he can display what kind of player he will become in the NHL. this year for Cassels is a write off. I would t judge him and what he could do as a player until probably next year or the year after. patience cdc. 
  8. Ben Hutton Talk

    nice to see Hutton enjoying himself with other fans in other cities. he seems to be like a responsible young man. but also knows not to take himself too seriously. we have a good group of core players coming up. should be fun to see how they develop. Horvat definitely captain material. it's easy to forget that he's only 20 years of age. he carries himself far more maturely than most 20 year olds I know. 
  9. I see that Toronto is trying to secure no 1 overall this draft. LOL.   
  10. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    I am praying that we get Laine. 
  11. Willie On Team Performance and Virt/Vrby

    if we keep on losing. we may get a top ten pick. 
  12. Willie On Team Performance and Virt/Vrby

    would love for Columbus to give us their second round pick this year. but I doubt they do. most likely they keep it. and give us their second rounder next year. a less deeper draft than this year. if we have four second round picks. that would be quite the ammo in rebuilding and restocking our shallow prospect pool. would give this fan base a sense of greater hope for the future. maybe we can use those picks and move up on the draft?  still dreaming of getting Laine or Puljujarvi. oh how I wish...
  13. Andrey Pedan Talk (new)

    Pedan will be on the team next season. if he's not. the team can't send to Utica. he would be exposed to waivers. and some club is going to claim him. like Corrado. Pedan will be on the team. probably a 7th dman to at least start the season. as he gets comfortable. he probably eventually moves up the depth.  
  14. not sure where vey fits over the long term. i know he's got some chemistry with Etem. but he's quite small. not sure if he's built for the western conference type of physical play. might be better suited for the eastern conference.  vey is a good depth player. maybe Benning is trying to trade him rather than lose him for nothing. if he doesn't make it to the roster next season after preseason. does he require waivers? and if he does. not sure he wouldn't go unclaimed. especially after his recent performance with the big club 
  15. Willie On Team Performance and Virt/Vrby

    what is Vrbata worth at this point in time? he hasn't scored in forever. seems disinterested. would be lucky if we could get a second round pick for him. maybe a B level prospect?