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  1. Losing Boucher wouldn't be a big deal. Maybe another team claims him. Maybe NJ picks him back up. Must suck to be on the waiver wire so often.....
  2. I think Chatfield and Brisebois if they reach their absolute potential can be top four pairing. But realistically, I see them as top SIX defenseman, and more likely depth players on the team. If Chatfield can be a top four dman, that's an absolute steal by Benning.
  3. Which is why we cannot rush Elias. Aside from Boeser, probably our most prized prospect at the moment.
  4. Yeah. Unfortunately, I have to agree that the organization did mess up the first time around, but Virtanen's still young, and in the two pre-season games thus far, he's shown to be miles ahead of where he was last year. This is the Jake I expected to see last year. I don't mind him going down to Utica for more seasoning, and more of a top six, offensive role in Utica. I also don't mind if he sticks on the big team. Feel that Jake and Green have a good working relationship (based off of Utica, of course), and I get the sense that Green could be the coach for Jake to help him progress as a player. Whatever is best for Jake, as a fan, I'll take it. He looks good out there on the ice though, in the 2 pre-season games, have to admit. And what's happened to all the Virtanen doubters and haters out there? He's shown well in 2 games, and suddenly they all disappear? LMAO.
  5. While I don't disagree with your assesment. The players you've listed, I'm not convinced would garner us any 1st or 2nd round picks next year. They might get us a few 3rd round picks with Sutter, Tanev being the exception. Vanek IF he performs well I can see them fetching the Canucks 2nd round picks, maybe Tanev could get us a mid to late first round pick. Trying not to be biased as a Canucks fan, and I wish that all of our players could fetch high round picks, but that's just not being realistic. Hoping that Jim has another good year of trading like last year where he fetched us Goldobin, and Dahlen from both SJ and Ottawa. What will he do this year with those available and potential trade bait players?
  6. i can’t imagine what if the Sedins were traded because now this fan base was so impatient with its players. it’s maybe a reason for why we don’t get nice stuff. cause we’re never patient enough for the players to blossom. #patience
  7. yeah. I know he's 6th overall. I know it's preseason. And yes. I know it's his draft +4 Anything else you'd like to add that the rest of the fanbase here already knows? No. k. good night then.
  8. yeah. it's a pretty good time to be a Canuck fan. there's so many promising Canuck prospects in the pipeline, compared to just a few short years ago. The franchise has come a long ways since those dark years of several eras, not even just the Gillis era (in terms of drafting, and prospects in the pipeline). I'm excited about the future as well!
  9. hopefully, he understands what it takes to be tip top fitness and not simply middle of the pack.
  10. thanks for sharing your observation with us
  11. that’s good to start! hope he continues
  12. how did he look?
  13. I agree. I just think that people wanted Jake to be a "generational" type of talent to burst onto the scene and put up points. y'know, NHL18 like gameplay where you score 60 goals, and get 100 assists. Jake certainly has the chance to bust, and I understand that perspective. I also understand that he's 21, and his development wasn't and isn't ideal. Shouldn't have been in the league that first year, but he was, and then shuffled back and forth from the AHL to the NHL, as well as playing under a head coach, who most of us felt was out of his league in the NHL. Add all that up, and yeah, if I were Jake, I'd be pretty frustrated. At the same time, the kid isn't Horvat. He doesn't scream "mature beyond his years" to me. He needs time to develop and mature. This is, like everyone else is saying, a big year for Jake, whether in the minors or in the NHL. There needs to be some evidence that he can play in the NHL and become a regular contributor of sorts. Doesn't have to produce 20 goals, but 10-15 (in the NHL) would definitely be an improvement over his 7 goals his first year.
  14. I think Boeser still has a lot to prove. 9 NHL games does not make an NHL career. He looks to be ready, but I've heard rumors and reports that some in Canuck management aren't happy with his skating - so while he may think he's improved in his skating, maybe he hasn't improved as much. Not every prospect is a Horvat. I can see the very real possibility that he starts the season down in Utica, and then gets call ups during the year, because we all know just how fragile Canuck players are, especially with their travel and the conference they're in.
  15. probably not in year's time. maybe two years time? might need a year in the AHL...but after that, I see him adapting fairly quickly with his high hockey IQ and his set of hands, and giftedness....won't take him long before he cracks the NHL roster.