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  1. I love Bo as much as you do, but Draisatl's on another tier. 77 points as a 21 year old? Bo's 22, and his career high is 52? They're not the same players, and LD is obviously much more offensively gifted than Bo is, for sure. Not to say that Bo's not going to be a solid player, but to say that Horvat is greater than Leon. Not statistically speaking...
  2. don't know how they can fit LD and Connor's recently new contract under the cap, along with all their other players who will eventually asking for raises as well. Cap management at it's finest. Wonder how this is going to be play out for the Oils...
  3. yeah, throwing me off. abdomen area is too wrinkly
  4. Which is why this training camp is an interesting one for me to observe and see whether his "demotion" to Utica last season was a wake up call or not. If his work ethic hasn't changed at all, then we probably have an issue with Jake, and the potential of being a bust is definitely higher. But he does look better than last season for sure. I know to some fans that's not saying much, but it is progress, and that's what is needed. Disappointing for a 6th overall pick? Sure. But as Big Bert used to say, "It is what it is". Let's see what happens with Jake as the Summer continues to wind down, and the pre-season begins to ramp up. I am sure that a lot of articles and focus will be on him in particular above and beyond all the other prospects coming to camp, and eventually main camp. Green has to find a way to deflect some of that attention off of young Virtanen, so that he can play his game.
  5. LOL. that's a good one from old Gandalf
  6. I hope so! I hope that Goldobin and Virtanen both make the team, but it wouldn't surprise me if they both ended up in the AHL to start the season.
  7. yep. why not play to his strengths? think Green knows, and he will try to put Virtanen in a position to succeed. the left side does seem like a stronger side for Jake.
  8. Sorry. With all of Kane's baggage, pass.
  9. Yeah. I get what you're saying. But that might speak more to the draft class, than it does Virtanen. We'll see. I'm rooting for him, and I hope that he does well. From all accounts, he seems to have been motivated and driven to take his off-season seriously. I think he'll do well, but I'm not sure if he'll do well enough to stick or at the very least start with the team. Another year in the AHL would do him wonders, get him playing in all situations, for him to be asked to be an offensive leader on the team.
  10. Damn. that's overpayment for Duchene. I wouldn't do that, if I was Chirelli, but who knows what that GM is thinking about. Draisatl already a very good centreman in the NHL at his age. He's going to be a very good player in the league.
  11. The expectations on Jake are so low, if he plays even decently well come training camp, most people may changed their perception of him. I think he can certainly challenge for a spot. Not sure if he'll grab a spot from a veteran player. He's going to have to come in super intense, and working super hard to steal a spot from a veteran player. He can also be sent down to the AHL without being sent through waivers, so that's also gotta be on management's mind as they decide who to keep, and who to demote, or let go.
  12. super fast. but is he going to produce is what most fans here on these boards are wondering, and whether he's going to live up to his 6th overall pedigree. Unlike some fans on these boards, I'm willing to wait and be patient and see what we have in the kid. I wouldn't personally call him a bust just yet, but if he doesn't show up his game, then yes, he will be labeled as such sooner rather than later. If he's 25-26 years old, and still hasn't made the team, and hasn't produced in the AHL either, then yes, at that time, I think it'd be fair game to say he's not going to amount to much. But as for right now, and today, I think management believes they have a player, and I think Jake can still become an offensive player, with physicality to his game. He is still, after all, 20/21 years old. He's got some time left. He just needs to make the most out of the time he's got.
  13. Yeah. i agree as well. I think for Baer, if he's getting more ice time, more pp time, and playing with Bo, I think 50 points is a reasonable expectation. I think he may even achieve slightly better than just 50 points - maybe in the 50-53 point range, assuming again, he stays relatively healthy this upcoming season. I think Green's going to give him every offensive opportunity to shine and succeed, and he should take that and run with it. Granlund I think may not get to 50 points this season, depending on who he's playing with. If it's Sutter, his point totals may regress. lol. All jokes aside, I think Granlund could hit about 40-45 points this season. 22-23 goals, 22-23 assists sound reasonable point totals for him. Those aren't bad numbers, considering he will most likely play on the third line. Lots of competition for spots this coming training camp with Gagner coming in, wondering who's going to be exposed. We can't have everyone on the team, some players are going to be on waivers, and others sent down to the AHL.
  14. I like Baer and Granlund as much as anyone else on these boards, but expecting them to get 60-70 points for the upcoming season is only setting ourselves up for massive disappointment. Baer has tremendous talent, but I'm not sure he fulfills it all - I agree with some who say that he will be a good second player (top six, still, not bad). I think this season, he'll hit 20 goals for sure (assuming he can stay relatively healthy). He's played like 69 and 68 games the last two seasons, which were his full seasons. So if he can get 18 goals in a 68 game season, what does he get if he can stay healthy and play 80? I think he can produce upwards of 22-25 goals in his career, and probably peak at about 55-60 points max, which is pretty good. I'd be surprised if he produces anything more than that honestly. As for Granlund, I was pleasantly surprised that he produced as well as he did last season. I am expecting him to produce similar numbers, if not a slight improvement on them. I think he's a very good third line player, and a tweener for a second line player. He had 19 goals, and 32 points last season in 69 games played. I think if he had a little bit more powerplay time, as well as for Baer, they would produce a little bit more. I think Granlund can hit 22-25 goals as well eventually, peaking at about 45-50 points. I like both players, and I think they're going to be very good complimentary pieces moving forward, which is what you need to build a team. Not every player on the team is going to be a superstar, there isn't enough ice, or puck to go around for that. Benning's doing a good job. Now, get that Horvat contract done ASAP!
  15. no updates on Horvat and the contract negotiations eh? I'm surprised Botchford hasn't gone off on this yet. or any of the TSN1040 guys.... One would think they would be the ones to make this a bigger deal than it actually should be. Now if it's September and still nothing, then I'd be a little concerned and worried.