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  1. I'm not sure that they do. if Jake flops he flops. move on. but with his physical attributes, speed, and shot. I'm not sure he doesn't at least become a middle six player in the NHL. don't know if he can become a regular 20 goal scorer in the league. but I'm willing to bet that he at least has in his career probably 2-3 20 goal seasons. I'll take that. of course I wish that he becomes a consistent top six threat. but I'm not sure if he ever reaches that. so seeking for a few 20 goal seasons is better than nothing.
  2. I want Vilardi as well. he seems like he's got the character of Horvat to improve his skating. if he's there at number five. I wouldn't hesitate to select him. but if he's not there. Glass isn't a bad option either. not sure though if either of those guys are first line centres. someone comment on that.
  3. feel Makar is boom or bust. can we afford another one of those while picking so high up in the draft? Virtanen was drafted quite high look how this fan base has treated him. Makar in my opinion would receive the same kinds of treatment if his trajectory isn't quite as good or fast.
  4. then Toronto can't continue to dream. we don't need to trade Tanev. and keeping him could be good for our young dmen who are entering the league. they'll need mentors too. I would only trade Tanev for a good haul and good players and prospects. a first round pick had to be a part of the package of a deal is to be done
  5. depends on the needs. if Toronto really needs a top pairing dman who can shut it down. then yeah. Tanev might be worth Nylander. we might have to add on our part of course. but it really depends on how Toronto also sees Tanev's value and worth
  6. Quinn - BURE; Naslund Burke - Got both Sedins in draft year ('99) Nonis - Got Luongo (biggest trade in his tenure as GM) Gillis - Hmm. Probably the additions of Malhotra (excellent faceoff man; Ehrhoff - excellent offensive dman) Benning - Yet to be determined
  7. i seriously hope management has higher hopes than a middle six player draft in the top 10 of his draft year. top six player is what he should be projected to be.
  8. no news on Jake. should that be a concern or not? lol.
  9. don't think that gets it done, as much as i wish and hope it would. no way yzerman agrees to sending Drouin to us for a pick (has to be our first, if that's the case) and a prospect (who would this be in our current system?)
  10. take BPA when your drafting top five. the better quality prospects you have, the more you have to play with when it comes to trading for a center. maybe tanev can net us something mid first round? Petterson if available, I'd scoop up. I think he might go just out of the top ten...
  11. wouldn't mind Vilardi, Glass, Heiskanen at the number 5 spot. wouldn't mind Tippett either, surprised that he hasn't received as much exposure on these boards in whom we should take at the number five spot..
  12. Edler for Yak? That's a bad trade for us. We can get more for Edler. St. Louis got Yak for a third rounder.
  13. None of those players are top six forwards in the NHL, or top four dman. Maybe McEneny based off his play in the AHL, and that one game he played in the NHL with the Canucks last season. Pedan, jury's still out on what kind of dman he can become. LaBate, Zalewski, Grenier, Rendulic - those players are players that are bottom six - even middle six is stretching it for those guys. Garteig - seems like a backup role if he ever does make it to the NHL.
  14. I'd love to get Petterson, if possible. If Benning can get him, I think that's a win for this draft. Two prospects in the top 20? Yes please.