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  1. Yeah, you lose them every time you prestige.
  2. Almost got my 1st nuke today. In Domination on Wasteland, I was camping on a ledge that looks straight at the house with the C flag, and kept picking off people who were trying to run in with my Barrett 50. Cal. After I got about 10 kills with my AC130 (its brutal on Wasteland) I was 3 kills away, and someone snipes me from across the map with an MP5K. I was so close
  3. The Vector is my favourite SMG hands down. There's almost no recoil whatsoever. Got 23-2 with it on Domination on Favela. Got a chopper gunner with it too, but then someone kept calling in their Pavelow so I didn't get to use it. Could have potentially gotten a nuke as well.
  4. I am getting worse and worse at this game. I used to do so well, getting at least a 4 K/D spread every game, but now I'm always in the negative. I haven't played the game for about a week, and now I'm terrible at it. Now I usually resort to my Barrett 50. Cal with Thermal Scope to get a decent score. Any tips for me?
  5. Just got 37-1 on Wasteland while playing Domination. Harriers are so beast!
  6. After owning the game since the release date, I still haven't played a single match on Rust. My favourites are Wasteland, Terminal, Favela, Skid Row, and Scrapyard.
  7. Barret 50 cal. with Thermal Vision usually does it for me. Perk 1: Sleight of hand Perk 2: Stopping power Perk 3: Scrambler I use that the most out of all my classes
  8. The WWE let that sort of thing slide.
  9. The campaign is pretty amazing so far. I'm on the 4th mission, and it's really great, pretty challenging even on the Normal difficulty setting. The 3rd level was really hard. Took me a long time to beat it.
  10. I just went to EB Games and pre-ordered it 15 mins ago. Can't wait till Tuesday!
  11. Ray Whitney would be my choice. Carolina is garbage this year so far, and Whitney won't be doing very well if they keep going at this pace
  12. Yeah, I am going to stop by EB Games tomorrow.
  13. Can I still pre-order the game, or is it too late?
  14. Big Baby is my favourite fighter by far. He was trying so many submissions in his fight.
  15. Can't wait for UFC 105. It's a good card even though it's on Spike. Go Couture!