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  1. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    I would defend any kid drafted into the NHL from some butt hurt fan by calling them a bust. He is a first round pick that is ours and a real fan would support that. Not go onto some internet blog sight and bash him. You have to expect real fans are going to bash trolls.
  2. I don't and hope Horvat NEVER plays on the forth line.
  3. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    We say the same about you and your posts.... Oh the ironing
  4. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Great pick, I can hardly wait for him to prove you negative a$$holes wrong
  5. (Rumour) Edler to Tampa Bay

    maybe a bit harsh....... I'm sorry ms. Keller time for your 5 o'clock meds.
  6. (Rumour) Edler to Tampa Bay

    LOL............. What????? Post of the year right here.
  7. So can we assume A V wasn't the problem?

    Soooo your saying having a different contract for the Sedins would have saved his job? What if next year they are back to the 100 point players? I don't understand how their contracts would be crippling or have anything to do with why AV got fired. I believe AV and GMMG were both done after the 2012 season, just a matter of time. History has the coach always going first and if the team does not respond bye bye GM. Sh!t rolls downhill. I just didn't see any other option. Same core that made the finals get swept in first round the following year. Made sense to try a quick change to get them back into contention. Rather than re-building when the core were still young enough to compete for the cup.
  8. I think this would benifit us more next year in a deeper draft. Could you imagine having all of buffalo's picks next year?? One can dream.
  9. William Nylander vs Hunter Shinkaruk

    If looks had anything to do with hockey, why wasn't Tim Hunter a superstar? Worked well for Rod Brind'Amour...... Lol Don't think anyone understands bantsn's logic here and most of us don't care too.
  10. Is tampa now a good trading partner for Kes?

    Yes, but who would take Kesler's spot? We already have enough bottom 6 players. I think if we didn't have Matthias this trade would be considered. Hope JS can turn his career around, I really believed he had a good shot at being a 2c in the NHL. Time will tell.
  11. [Speculation] Kesler to remain a Canuck

    It's a good thing the Canucks don't try this then. Seems like when a line starts doing well torts splits them up.
  12. I think you are missing the point. It's not physical size that matters, it's playing that way. A big team that plays big is what we need, not a bunch of Taylor Pyatt's. We need guys that battle hard for pucks and finish EVERY check. Wear the opposition down. Not get hit and turn the puck over. If teams saw that we finish every check, that puts pressure on their defence to think quick, which leads to turn overs. Even Burrows used to play grittier, hit everything on his FORECHECK and turn over pucks for the twins. Burr is not huge by any means but he played huge. These are the guys we need playing with skilled players. Twins Burr, Nas B-Mo Bert, Demitra Sundin Kes. All these great lines had a physical force that would forecheck, cause turn-overs, and start the play. Anyway it's how big a player plays as opposed to how big they are on skates.
  13. So can we assume A V wasn't the problem?

    What would you have done if you were GM and your ass was on the line?
  14. Virtanen or Ritchie?

    Wow!! You're from the future? Please share lotto numbers!! If not, I would really like to know how you know this. Or maybe let kids develop first.
  15. [GDT]-Edmonton-04/12/14

    Even the arctic is cringing at Edlers -38