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  1. Seriously, maybe you shouldn't be so cold, and provide a nice feedback? There are some people on here are curious about this... This is why I opened this up to read more about it.
  2. Lol, I just turn it on my tv, and less than 30 seconds... Sutter finished it!
  3. And those twins were once wearing both A's... O_O
  4. Man, I miss Juice and his humour... This was hilarious!
  5. Nah... He look more like Russell the Hedgehog from "Once a upon a forest."
  6. Seriously... Foley is really obsessed using the word "Knights/Night" in any way he possibly can...
  7. I'm not feeling this one either.. Imagine Chicago play against them and the crowd chanting "Go Hawks Go!" That'll be fun trying to figure out which team they are rooting for..
  8. Thanks Canada! :D I hate the name Knights and Foley need to go with something else!
  10. It was open for public for free. Only thing I didn't see is the locker rooms, it's still under construction
  11. He was in Vegas when he did this...
  12. There are two billboards on our major freeways one on I-15 southbound and US-95. Plus, it's still early and I'm sure there will be more advertisements once the name is official. The official name will be released around September to October.
  13. NHL Preseason Frozen Fury is next month for Kings vs Avs and Kings vs Stars...
  14. I returned from touring the new T-Mobile Arena, home of the new NHL expansion team. I have to say this arena is really snazzy and cutting edge! The Hyde lounge is really unique and an upper class Vegas-style bar area. I was chatting with the arena security staff member mentioning the official team name will be the "Dark Knights." Instead of "Black Knights" (due to legal issues)... I am not keen on the name at all, even using the "Knights." First thing comes to mind is Batman... I don't know how are they going to get out of that? I just wish they drop the "Knights" for good and come up something better that is part of the Nevada culture. Seriously, Las Vegas isn't West Point... Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to share and here's some photos of the arena with the ice. Edit: I'm having trouble uploading photos from my phone. I will post it again on here shortly when I have on a photo-sharing site. imgurl