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  1. Does anyone have images of the backside and underside to share with us who live outside of Vancouver? I like to see where's the signature located.
  2. It was Lu and Burrows for me and 2nd is Kesler.
  3. It is so weird to see him in Black and Red...
  4. RoH for sure...
  5. I don't think majority of the Kings/Ducks fans would like to see baby Canucks playing in their territory... Look what happened to the Abbotsford Heat for example... No one want to see Calgary Flames affiliation in a BC territory, except it was a full house every time when Manitoba Moose were in town.
  6. #26! I think he can get it really close toward the end of the season. my guess is his 1,000th will be against Edmonton at Home.
  7. I can see the headline: NHL welcomes the new team, Little Rock Rocks!! and the logo on the front is a small rock...
  8. Reading this rubbish makes my head hurt...
  9. HENR1K!!!!! Lu = miss you my man! Now Danny it's your turn to get your 1K, you just need to keep getting a point per game to get it by the end of the season!
  10. I know right? He look like a Vet and he already got an A on his sweater too!
  11. It's possible if he can get it at the end of this season, 35 games left... he just need to get a point on every game...
  13. Aw Luuu! He even congratulated Hank!!! <3
  14. God.. those panthers jersey are hideous... especially when the whole red incomplete ring across the Torso...