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  1. Wow, funny... NHL cut off the boos on Gary Bettman! He was boo'd twice when he walk up to the mic each time!
  2. I really like the swords logo with the red Vegas Glit in the middle.
  3. I am currently in line to get a merchandise. Man, Adidas is expensive!
  4. best part about this event, the crowd still boo'd Bettman! i was there and it was funny!
  5. i feel like I'm the only Canucks here.. so many Blackhawks and Kings fans!
  6. Anyone know there will be a live streaming? I can't find it online
  7. It's crowded here tonight. People are even watching the event from the parking garage too!
  8. I'm at the TMobile arena.. the balloons at the patio deck giving out the hints of what the colours will be:
  9. It's not NHL wrote this, blame it on the Red Wings.. lol it's on their page.
  10. Vegas will be revealing the team name and logo (I'm not sure the jerseys will be there too) on the 22nd of November, 5pm PST at the Toshiba Plaza, right front of the T-Mobile Arena. I'll be attending to the event to see this in person. I will be keeping up to date with pictures.
  11. Am I the only really wish we haven't let AV go...? If we still have him, we would be in the playoffs for the past 3 seasons
  12. Funny, Coin slot machines are barely existing here in Vegas, now that everything is printed on papers!
  13. Sigh this is depressing... this team is at the near bottom lookin up to the Oilers now... Just as last few years they were looking down on them..
  14. It did for Pittsburgh, twice and both of those times they won the Stanley Cup.