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  1. Development Camp is currently underway here in Vegas... Look like Adidas leaving their 3 stripes on the practise jerseys. Which is fine with me... the white gloves look like it is a green light for the team will be wearing it.. It is starting to grow on me.. it make it look sharp and pretty cool.. Especially after looking at it in these action photos.
  2. This must be fun to try and play hockey in a Semi with 2 goalies, 2 players, and a ref.
  3. Except his hair is so bright and make you wonder if it really was dyed! Also, he look a bit pale and bloodshot... I'm guessing he didn't even get a single wink last night?
  4. I am an American living in Vegas, and this isn't a good city at all.. Outside of partying, and gambling... There's NOTHING to do out here at all! And the weather in the summer is brutal! So hot... Vegas is literally in the middle of nowhere from nearby cities and national parks... The closest is LA/Anaheim which is 3 and half to 4 hours one-way drive... Salt Lake City is 6 hours away, Phoenix 6, Reno 9, San Diego 5, San Francisco 12, and so on... Everything is close, yet still far away. Here are my top 5 choices for me: Vancouver (it may be my favourite team, but I love the PNW!) Montréal San Jose Anaheim New York Rangers
  5. Ugh damn it
  6. Well... I'm not too sure about the pick... but I'm pretty luck out on getting Jason Garrison's autograph today! 1,000 fans get the chance to get autograph from one random player. There were 3 players in the building. I got a green wristband = Garrison, the other two was Blue = Reid Duke and Red = McNabb sadly, Fleury isn't here for the signing. But I'm satisfied what I got!
  7. Hmmm... I'm not too sure about this
  8. I'm currrently at the TMobile arena watching the draft... pretty cool
  9. Look like Fleury is going to be VGK's star players, even he haven't done anything for the team... the crowd were chanting his name when he showed up on stage..
  10. Both Crosby and Haglen look sad.. lol
  11. I can see Pierre McGuire from here... lol
  12. I agree and disagree about this for Torts...
  13. You Guys should've see the look on his face when the Knights took Neal... it look like he regretted not to protect him..
  14. I agree... I was wondering about that.. wtf?
  15. Uh wow... Connie McDavid is now the cover boy for EA