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  1. Look exactly like Bevis! Mine the big teeth that need help.
  2. At least it doesn’t have any ears slapped on it, it’s a +1 for me!
  3. Those flags are not the kind pirates used. It’s a hurricane warning flags.
  4. Sound like to me they have regretted firing Joel and this guy will hopefully make up for it! Lol
  5. I’m on IG live?! I didn’t know that... That’s explains why Derek Jorey was up to something with that phone of his... lol
  6. Saw Petey earlier today and told him to bring the Stanley Cup to Vancouver, and he said “Will do!”
  7. And with receding hairline already!
  8. Petey was with his family during the show too
  9. I spy.... Petey! oh and my seat is upgraded now!
  10. Petey and I on the carpet. He sign my jersey and I was so nervous and accidentally mark his finger with the sharpie... he give me a little sad reaction and I said “I’m so so sorry about that!” Lol
  11. Petey!!! I’m at the show now! And got to meet him, he’s awesome!
  12. Did some little improvements. I think a white band would help a bit. however, I added the V to the green area and this look so much better!
  13. Hang on... is that Jack Hughes in the photo?!
  14. I think it’s those toilet seat collar... it look way too thick and oddly shaped... i think a single white between the green would look a bit better.
  15. The Stick n Rink one is meh... it feel like missing white stripes on the sleeves and hem.. I like numbers represent rain, that's pretty cool.. I'm annoyed they only used "We all are Canucks" only on the 3rd's hanger effect and none on the primary jerseys.. But... Where are the 50th anniversary logo are at?? I thought they were going to put it on the right side of the chest?