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  1. Yep, my Eastern Conference bracket is all screwed up... Now, I hope it’s better for the West, with the Knights winning the Cup!
  2. The sharks look big and slow out there... Good to see the Knights all over the place and support Fleury to get his 15th playoffs shutout!
  3. Come on Tampa, you are going to ruin my bracket! I have you guys all the way to the final! Lol
  4. Pettersson sandwiched this season! Started off first goal ever on Game 1 and final goal on Game 82! That was a fun season! I can't wait to see Pettersson at the NHL Awards Show!
  5. That’s is one questionable game ever of this season...
  6. That’s is one questionable game ever of this season...
  7. I would love to see a Black jersey with blue/green/white accents... that would look sweet as a third!
  8. Ugh, I hate Radulov’s punchable face.... He look like an ugly weasel..