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  1. Crimson-JH

    [PGT] Buffalo Sabres at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 18, 2019

    That Orca will need one of those Sabre sword to use as a toothpick after that big dinner! Lol
  2. Crimson-JH

    [GDT] Sabres @ Canucks Friday 7pm - Jan 18 2019 -

    10 drops of bleach in each eyes will cure it!
  3. Crimson-JH

    [GDT] Yotes @ Nucks 7pm Jan 10 2019

    Wtf?! That was definitely kicked in!
  4. Crimson-JH

    *UPDATE* Elias Pettersson Has Slight MCL Sprain

  5. Crimson-JH

    Boeser allstar mvp - vote w/ link

    You sure are such a Debbie downer, eh... We don’t know and he can be able to skate off on his own. It doesn’t look bad compare to Erik Haula and other team players (I forgot who it was) with similar injuries and had to be stretcher off.
  6. Crimson-JH

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens | Jan. 03, 2019

    Blah.... why do we get a hot and cold streak lately? Lose, win, lose, win, and now another lost..
  7. Crimson-JH

    Elias Pettersson named Rookie of the Month for December

    Dang... I wish I could get those nice bonuses on my job...
  8. Crimson-JH

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators | Jan. 02, 2019

    I got the hatty prediction right! Congratulations EP!!!
  9. Woot! I got the hat trick and winning prediction correct! Except that extra point on Ottawa!
  10. There is one guy I wouldn’t mind having tonguless along with a broken nose.... Brad Marchand lets see if he can cry to the refs....
  11. Come on Nuxs score a goal for us from such a slow 1st period
  12. That Beroweiski (however you spell his name) is one ugly dude. He look like he belongs to prison...