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  1. That is one crazy scramble front of the net. I'm surprised it still didn't go in!
  2. Lol, that is exactly what I thought too! Terrible beard...
  3. Pretty interesting there isn't much angry reactions from the crowds... not a single beer or popcorns being tossed on the ground, compare to Boston, San Jose, Calgary..
  4. Wow... the arena is quiet... after that goal
  5. Those old timers wearing those bright green caps are distracting... you can spot them mile away...
  6. The Caps need to finish this, so they can rest up before playing well-rested Pittsburgh on Thursday...
  7. And Ferkland should join in too.. lol
  8. I knew Kadri is no good ever since that handshake end of the game incident with Nino Niederreiter at the World Juniors. I remember how the Canucks fans were begging GMMG to get him...
  9. Kadri is such a diver... that guy flop easily like a fish
  10. Rioting is not cool.. but part of me hoping that happens, so that other haters can stop picking on Vancouver fans about it... :/
  11. That old man with a thick rimmed glasses, got a nice flowy locks, behind Holtby..
  12. Nice! Anderson, look like he was trying to hold back his bottom ... 2nd time he did this..
  13. Lol true... time feel slow when you are in a lead by 1...
  14. Wow... no call on that slash from Kadri on Ovechkin... what a punk