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  1. Wow, that Borowiecki guy look like the troll from Harry Potter movie
  2. Last Friday, there were a lot of Wing fans at the T-mobile Arena against the VGK. But not as bad as Phoenix's building... wow
  3. I'm very irritated about this... All that mask contest design for nothing? I'm one of the 5 selected finalists, all 6 of contest participations including the winner... We still haven't got our prize (finalists supposed to get a signed puck, a photo op with Calvin Pickard and his mask)! And Vegas failed to meet the end of their bargain...
  4. I was at the official viewing party, saw Bill Foley and Reid Duke there. Fun night to see the first win unfold!
  5. Representing from Las Vegas, NV here!
  6. Lol, he only has the armour just above his waist and wearing black jean... That guy is the "VGK Ultimate Fan," he is also the winner to design most part of Calvin Pickard's mask... I was the finalist runner-up and part of my design is already on his mask too.
  7. Because this thread is a freakin' legend!
  8. Or a game worn Chris Higgins' Millionaire jersey
  9. Any stream tonight?
  10. Update: Hey guys I just got back from the VGK practice rink and The Arsenal team store. I have photos of side by side comparison to VGK Fanatics and Authentic jerseys. You can see the difference on the quality, and hands down the Fanatics are awful... their crest have this unusual soft material with horizontal lines across it. The pricing for the blank authentic are $180 and Fanatics at $120 Left side - authentic right side - Fanatics more upclose shots of the Fanatics material
  11. Turrable.... too many turnovers. the kid isn't ready at all
  12. The Vets are here in Vegas getting ready for the Training Camp for tomorrow. I made a RSVP to attend in the morning at the practice arena.
  13. And here you go... first ever Hat Tricks for VGK...
  14. I think both coaches asked for these high amounts of penalties on purpose to look into the special teams...?
  15. You should check out the T-mobile arena store, The Armory. It is a really nice Team Store, a bit small though...