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  1. You and shawn rocker are the same person

  2. I'm glad the Canucks are winning, because that means you won't be making any stupid threads anytime soon.

  3. shouldn't you just give up? like seriously, -239?

  4. You freaking moron, stop making threads!

    Its funny cuz youre not even trying to get negatives.

  5. You should drink your own urine

  6. lol,creepy looking picture,get a haircut

  7. It's probably a bad idea to post a picture of yourself online if everyone hates you. Just sayin'.

  8. you and shawn rocker should make a baby so that baby could have a record -1046 reps. unless of course you get there before you give birth

  9. They should ban this kid, since his rep is already past -200.

  10. from your pic, am guessing you are about 13-14 years old which explains a lot of things about your posts.

  11. Rep -169 HAHAHAHAHAHA. You are really hated here, get lost.

  12. Wow, drink some puberty milk!

  13. You have a stinky reputation lol!