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  1. [PGT] Canucks 3 Kings 0

    Kings Look like $&!#e after Quick and Doughty
  2. Virtanen in tonight

    Are you talking about this? His brother tweeting about his 2015 AHL debut last year.... Nevermind here is new tweet HES IN!!!!
  3. Virtanen in tonight

    I hope he is in but this seems like a sketchy source. no link?
  4. Where is Jake?

    Trade Hansen
  5. I still don't think edmonton has the defense to make the playoffs.
  6. Vey should be waived. I don't know what tonight's line up is but the way its gone this is what I'd like to see Sedin Sedin Burrows Mccan Horvat Vrbata Virtanen Sutter Hansen Prust Gaunce Dorsett Edler Tanev Hamhuis Weber Sbisa Hutton This should be Opening night roster. Bartowski, kennins, bearshi,t the extras. Corrado to Utica he lost his spot to Hutton. Vey I don't care. I hate him.
  7. Virtanen looked pretty winded in that interview after the first period. Pedan needs a couple more years.
  8. The right elements for a Cup winning team

    Build from the net out.
  9. Virtanen and Subban mic'd up

    1 he's not done growing 2 our d prospect pool is thin as is. Give him time. No reason to give up on him yet. Speed is becoming more of a factor than size in today's nhl.
  10. Benning Draft Performance Poll

    Passed on Roy, Kylington, Pilon, and Dunn. Not happy.
  11. [Official] 2015 Canucks Draft Talk

    Brandon Carlo or Jeremy Roy please. Just no Kylington. I'm getting so pumped for the draft. if we trade for a 2nd round pick I'm hoping to nab Ryan Pilon. We neeed to stock up our blue chip d prospects.
  12. Cory Conacher Talk

    Well that settles that then.
  13. Cory Conacher Talk

    This guy seemed to be a big part of Uticas run yet no talk of him at all being able to crack canucks roster. Why is he so forgotten?
  14. Bieksa out for weeks, how will we survive? Eric Gryba
  15. Kassian for the Toronto Maple Leafs.