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  1. Only if we get rid of Larsen. We dont need 2 tiny Dmen. And honestly at this point I think its a good idea. I hate Larsen.
  2. Virtanen please!
  3. Dont resign burrows next year. Let Sbisa get drafted by Vegas. Get a top tier Centreman at the draft. Split up the Sedins (cause they slow AF). Trade Miller and Edler at the deadline for more picks/prospects. Send Larsen back to daycare. Get a new coach. in 3 years we'll be in the playoffs. Sedin Horvat Eriksson Baertschi Sedin Virtanen Gaunce (Nolan Patrick) Boeser Granlund Sutter Dorsett Tryamkin Tanev Hutton Gudbrandson Juolevi Stetcher Markstrom Demko Then be patient. We just need to commit to getting younger. Keep Sedins and Dorsett for veteran leadership and Eriksson cause we are stuck with him.
  4. Sbisa and Tryamkin are gonna be slow. Sens are gonna skate right around them. They better hit like beasts to make up for it. Also get rid of Larsen. He's useless. worst +/- on team and he looks like a little kid out there.
  5. We don't need a problem child.
  6. The biggest hole is our prospect pool is a #1 Center. Patrick for sure.
  7. No ones gonna take him. We will probably keep him as a player to expose to the Vegas draft.
  8. Canucks are going to ruin him if they dont send him to Utica soon. He needs a full season with big minutes.
  9. I think he was skating with Bo and Baer.
  10. We should be benching Burrows or Dorsett for Skille. If they are gonna sit Jake just send him to the Comets already. Bring up Labate and use him as 13th guy.
  11. Hows crime?
  12. Etem is a bust who cares.
  13. The roster Canucks announced to the NHL includes Etem. I'm assuming this is temporary until they officially get Skille signed?
  14. Trade Edler to Colorado for the 10th overall. Draft whoever is left between Juolevi, Chychrun, Sergechev, Bean. Do ya think Colorado does it? Edler would sure help them make the playoffs next year if he doesnt get injured.