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  1. Match.
  2. Anderson - Anisimov - Perry Mitchell - Desharnais - Wilson Yakupov - Sundqvist - de la Rose Lindholm - Burns Murray - Ellis Dillon - Parayko Montour @Nail @StealthNuck @Go Faulk Yourself
  3. Bruins call up Kevin Gravel and Andrew Copp. Send down Erik Gustafsson and Andy Andreoff to make room.
  4. Welcome to the second interview of RGMG 4.0! Today we are joined by the 2017/18 Stanley Cup winner, Go Faulk Yourself!! First off, congrats on your cup win, Junko! GFY: Thanks, it was quite the ride last season and I wouldn't have it any other way. We have to start with this; how does it feel to win the Stanley Cup? GFY: Surprising, and unbelievable would be the words I'd use. I had never made it past the second round before in RGMG, and I've only advanced past the first round two times prior. I had also missed out on one more key piece at the trade deadline, which led me to believe that we wouldn't be the force that we ended up being. Any worries about experiencing a Stanley Cup hangover and missing the playoffs? GFY: Not at all. Our offense is what carries this team, and we've retained a majority of the pieces in our forward group. Our defense took a hit, but we still feel that they'll help benefit the offense enough that we will still remain a force. You traded some big name players after winning the cup (most notably Dustin Byfuglien). Who are you planning to use to fill those spots? GFY: I'd say Tyler Myers will fill that role as our top defenceman. He played incredible last season and was our best blueliner while being on the 2nd pair. He'll be given the lead role this season, and we expect him to flourish with it. The other notable would be Josh Morrissey who has been a massive surprise, and will also carry a heavier workload. You also brought in a big name in Derick Brassard. What kind of role is he expected to fill for your organization? GFY: Derick will likely be getting PK time, PP time, and will play as our 2C/3C switching around with Bryan Little. Very happy to have Derick help solidify our centre depth. This off-season you had to re-sign numerous players to big contracts. Next off-season it looks like you will have to do the same. How do you plan to manage this and still remain competitive? GFY: I don't think the outlook is as bad as even I first thought, however I do believe we'll take a hit next season. Some moves will likely occur. The rumour going around is Nikolaj Ehlers is unhappy that he is the only Dane in your organization and is contemplating requesting a trade. Any comments on this? GFY: Ehlers is Danish? Moving on to league-wide questions, in your opinion, who has been the best GM of 4.0? GFY: AntonRodin. To take a team like New Jersey with limited assets to deal around and make them into a perennial contender the last couple seasons is nothing short of impressive, and he continues to improve on what he has. What teams do you feel have the most promising future? GFY: I'd say Vancouver out in the Western Conference, and Detroit out in the Eastern Confernce. Both for different reasons. I believe Vancouver will continue to improve, especially with Demko making the transition now to become their future NHL starter. A majority of their forward core is beginning to go into their prime, many of which have proven to be consistent NHL players. If they can balance out their defence I believe they'll be a force. With Detroit it's just the plethora of potential NHL prospects they have in their system as well as some young players like Draisaitl, Larkin and Mantha already on their roster. They already have a fairly good D-core and have Matt Murray as their goaltender. I can only see a really good future for Detroit. What teams do you feel have the bleakest future? GFY: New Jersey and to a lesser extent, the Los Angeles Kings. While New Jersey has been competitive the past couple seasons, they have a fairly old group leading the team, and that's eventually going to fall apart and they're going to need to restructure the entire roster, but Rodin could prove me wrong. With Los Angeles it's more of a lack of high-end prospects in their system, along with again, some aging players. I feel they have really good top-end talent but that's it, and it drops off after their 1st line/D-pair. What team do you enjoy playing the most? GFY: Chicago, easily. Not because we've played fairly well against PK these past couple seasons, but more because we've had a rivalry that has went back to days way before RGMG, and now with both our teams being legitimate forces, it makes it all the more fun. Who will win the Cup first; Edmonton, Boston or San Jose? GFY: I think Edmonton has the most potential to be a contender in a couple seasons. Adding Love to their defence is exactly what they needed. I think they still need to add a couple more good pieces and strengthen that defence a little more, but they're not far away now, and I could see them hoisting the cup. Battle of Alberta. Which duo is better; Gaudreau/Monahan or McDavid/Puljujärvi? GFY: McDavid and Puljujärvi. Sky is the limit for that duo. Which two teams do you think will meet in the final? GFY: Washington and Chicago. I puked a little picking Chicago And the winner? GFY: With me out of the way now, Mickey will take it. Thanks for joining me, good luck in the upcoming season. GFY: omf
  5. Welcome to the inaugural interview of RGMG 4.0!! Here with me today we have Patrick Kane, the founder and creator of RGMG, Nail, the co-commissioner and simulator of RGMG 4.0 and Effigy, the newest recruit to the league. Hey guys, thanks for joining me! Nail: Thank you very much for having me, it is awesome to have these back! PK: Pleasure to be here, excited to do my first interview! Effigy: Deadass. PK and Nail, you two are the cornerstones of RGMG 4.0. What makes this iteration so special? PK: Every RGMG we learn more from the past, and get better. The off-seasons have become smoother due to new procedures. Trade tracking, waiving, call-ups, and send-downs have been easier to do and manage thanks to the hub. AHL stats are now more easily accessible, and more frequently updated. Prospect grades are now also on the site. Combine that with Nail's great work ethic, experience, and sim pace - this version of RGMG is definitely the most polished, and complete version till date. Nail: I think we have a real great group of GMs here, everyone has put their full effort into the league and the quality is definitely showing. On the flip-side, Effigy, this is your first experience with fantasy hockey on CDC. What are your early impressions of RGMG? Effigy: Has to be the most advanced fantasy hockey league I've ever seen. How do you feel your team is shaping up heading into tomorrow's free agency? Effigy: I have my core in place, just a matter of landing the right depth players to compliment them. PK: We have a gaping hole in our top 4 in the backend. We know we can count on Johnny Boychuk to fill the role, but ideally would like someone else in that position, and give Boychuk a pure shutdown/PK role. Nail: We are going to be using a lot of youth this upcoming season so we may not be very active in free agency besides potentially adding a goaltender. I want to give our young guys a chance this upcoming season and hopefully they will make me proud. What are your hopes and goals for the upcoming season? Nail: Like I said before, with all our youth there may be some inconsistent times for us next season. I am hoping we can be in the mix for a wildcard spot, and play meaningful games all the way through to the end of the year. Effigy: Continued improvement from my young players such as Chabot, Lazar, and White. Making the playoffs will be an expectation. PK: Definitely to win the cup. We won the Presidents' trophy last year, but lost to the cup winners, Winnipeg. We are essentially the same team, with some minor tweaks, so we hope to do better this time around. Which player on your team has surprised you the most with their production over the first two seasons? PK: I can not really count the first season, because it was a tank job. But last year, Marcus Johansson really surprised me, accumulating 53 points. 80% of his time was on the 4th line. Effigy: Dion Phaneuf. He's experienced an offensive revival here in Ottawa and has provided us a top quality partner for Karlsson. Nail: I would have to say David Pastrnak. We knew we had a special player on our hands, but to put up 51 and 74 points on very weak teams is incredible. We can not wait to see what his production will be like with a better supporting cast this season. On the same note, which player has disappointed you the past two seasons? PK: Brent Seabrook was supposed to lead the charge when Duncan Keith got traded. He had a solid first year, but got outperformed by our young guys, and was eating up nearly 7M of cap - forcing us to off load him + Lindell for free. Nail: I would not say disappointed, but I definitely expected better out of Malcolm Subban last season. Hopefully he can bounce back this season and put up more respectable numbers in the crease, and give our team a chance to win each and every time he is in net. Effigy: The only guy I can think of would be Craig Anderson, who hasn't provided the steady goaltending that any great team needs. If you could bring back one retired player and add one player from another team, who would you they be? Nail: For the former player, I would have to go with the 2007 version of Dany Heatley, especially with how high goal scoring has been in the first two seasons, I could definitely see Heatley getting 50+ again. As for a current player, I think Braden Holtby would be my choice. Back to back Vezina trophies, and would be a great addition to any team. PK: For a former player, I would love to have Nicklas Lidstrom. He would form an awesome pairing with Hampus Lindholm. For a current player, I would add Braden Holtby as our netminder, he has the ability to steal games, and adding him to our already stacked roster would make us a force. Effigy: Nicklas Lidstrom and Jonathan Quick. Lidstrom with Karlsson has to be one of the greatest pairings imaginable. Quick has proved he can get it done in the playoffs, and that's exactly what kind of goalie I want. Which one of your prospects are you most excited about and why? Effigy: We have quite a few great ones, but Logan Brown has to be the most intriguing. His sheer size and skill is a very rare combination, and we look forward to his NHL debut this season. Nail: 2nd overall pick Joseph Veleno. Our franchise has lacked a bonafide 1C prospect, and we feel we have one now in Veleno. PK: Chad Krys really excites me. He had an excellent AvR (among the best), at the age of 19. He will be playing this season alongside Johnny Boychuk, and was the reason we were able to give up Lindell. Any prospects league wide that you can not wait to see in action? PK: I personally would like to see Gabe Vilardi in action at some point. We traded him to Anaheim for Hampus Lindholm, but we are still rooting for him to be a dominant center in this league. Effigy: Have to say Joe Veleno. We all know how the last two centres to be granted exceptional status turned out. Nail: Gaelan Love on Edmonton. Last time a defenseman was drafted 1st overall was in 2014 (Ekblad), and he is putting up some very nice numbers for Florida now. Love has the potential to be just as good as Ekblad. In your opinion, who has been the best GM of 4.0? Nail: There are some pretty good options here but I gotta give some love to AntonRodin. He's taken a meh New Jersey team to back to back conference finals and has them poised for another run this season. PK: I am a little biased, but I feel like I have built a solid team and core of players in their prime, and entering their prime. But really, I think Boose (Nordiques) have done a great job. They picked up Hossa, Backstrom, Russell, Jokinen, Sateri for nothing and have developed their young guys. They already made the playoffs last year, and only look to be better. Effigy: GFY. Bold moves, Stanley Cup. Doesn't get any better than that. Which two teams do you feel will finish in the basement next season? Effigy: Toronto and Quebec. Here's hoping, anyway. Nail: Hopefully not Boston. If I had to pick two I would have to go with Chicago and Winnipeg just because I want to see how mad PK and GFY will get if it happens. PK: I believe St. Louis and Detroit will be in the basement. Which two teams do you think will be in the final? Nail: I would have to go with Colorado and Washington, both teams have made very little changes to their strong teams from last season. PK: I want to be in the finals, but I could see a Pittsburgh-Calgary finals. Effigy: Ottawa and Chicago. And the winner? Effigy: Ottawa of course. PK: Pittsburgh. They have a ridiculous offense, and just added Jake Muzzin. Nail: Washington, Ovie finally wins a Cup. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview! PK: Appreciate it, thanks for having me. Effigy: Deadass. Nail: No worries, thanks again for doing this!
  6. Las Vegas ELC Slides: Clayton Keller Alain Bisson Ben Gleason Nate Oke @Patrick Kane @Tylez
  7. Las Vegas: Re-negotiate on Oscar Klefbom @Caboose Buy-out Mike Smith @someone Release Daniel Winnik, Andrew Desjardins, Rene Bourque to FA @Tylez ELC Slide on Lawson Crouse @Tylez @Tigs @inane @Spoderman @Patrick Kane
  8. Damn, nice AHL season. Did I get traded? I guess the affiliates are different than they were IRL.
  9. The following players are available: Martin Hanzal (will retain 80%) Alex Goligoski Shane Doan (will retain 80%) Radim Vrbata (will retain 80%) Jamie McGinn Brad Richardson Zbynek Michalek (will retain 80%) I'm mainly looking for picks and young defensemen (under ~22). Also, willing to take on any cap dumps to get a deal done. PM me or preferably kik me.
  10. Bruins place Jonathan Quick and Anton Rodin on IR and call up Andy Andreoff. Also looking to acquire a bottom pairing defenseman (preferably a rental on a good team). Picks/prospects available.
  11. Mfw TL killed 3.0
  12. Sebastian Schueller @Spoderman Looking to trade picks #53 + #86 for a 2nd next year (can also tos the name of a 7.5C prospect).