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  1. Well, that clears up the discussion of this earlier.
  2. Looking to get younger, will trade anyone.
  3. Everyone OTB in Washington no one is untouchable
  4. Playoff round one lets goo
  5. Caps are lit. Oilers were torched.
  6. It's lit boys, caught up to first in the league and in the running for the Prez
  7. Niskanen is a cheat code and my PP is unreal.
  8. Not looking to make any moves, but open to suggestions. Will be home later tomorrow.
  9. Yeah but having them in the same sheet, just on different tabs isn't hard and is seriously 120% easier. It's not 2009 anymore
  10. Same
  11. Boose never passing the blunt
  12. Triggered.
  13. I literally don't even know what is going on here, I'm just responding. You still gotta $&!#-tier team tho
  14. You're the one who is so keen on comparing yourself to Benning, and I must say, it is a very close comparison in just about every category.