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  1. After a little bit of drama, we are happy to officially say, welcome to New Jersey, Justin Schultz. Giving up Kevin Shattenkirk was hard, but with other factors coming into play in the future this trade had to be made. We shopped Shattenkirk around for a fair amount of time and it was clear his pending FA status worried many teams so we weren't going to be able to get the ultimate full value for one of the top producing defensemen in CDCFL this year. Like any good GM would, they would recoup some assets for a pending UFA defensemen, who is hands down going to be the best defensemen available come Free Agency, after looking at the crop so far. This situation is identical to what is currently happening IRL, and the crapshoot of the playoffs isn't enough to warrant 20 more games of a player that is leaving, over a player you can have for multiple years beyond, and still be a productive replacement. Justin has really emerged this season and has been regarded as one of Pittsburgh's more important defenders. The PP has truly missed his presence since he's been hurt, but his presence is especially missing at even strength where the majority of his points have come from, which is a great sign. Justin has actually been a pretty consistent producing defender, and is essentially a mini-Shattenkirk, but cheaper. We are more than happy to add another player in his ultimate prime with the likes of our young core, and mixture of other players in their prime years as well. -- Milan Lucic - Connor McDavid - Wayne Simmonds Dylan Larkin- Mika Zibanejad - Troy Brouwer Carl Hagelin - Bo Horvat - Jake Guentzel Matt Beleskey - Drake Caggiula - Richard Panik Dominic Moore Roman Josi - Shayne Gostisbehere Justin Schultz - Matt Benning Matt Irwin - Justin Falk Carey Price Kari Lethonen -- With the recent trade, we currently have just under 10M in cap space. So any teams that are looking to move big caphits (that expire this season) to give them cap space to help make deadline acquisitions, we are more than willing to take them on, with draft picks in 2017 included.
  2. I still like this years draft class, it's not regarded as being very strong but some good players mixed in for sure. 2018 looks good mostly because of Dahlin
  3. Can I have your 2019 picks when the times comes just laughed when when I saw you had no picks, never seen that before, bold move cotton
  4. Good good, assumed you meant the other way. I'll take multiple years of Schultz everyday over a player that is walking. Carry on.
  5. Also my reaction when I look at Montreal's capsheet.
  6. Would've used a different piece other than Bustanen if I had to, Bustanen wasn't what decided that deal.
  7. Damn, wish I knew this was a possibility when I had Virtanen.
  8. 1. Yes. 2. Yes (not the latter) 3. See above answer. 4. Yes. 5. You negotiate your own contracts for pending UFA/RFA's 6. Parity
  9. I am too, but I primed for talks hit me up, Ina mcdonalds drive thru right now and need two burgers and another defnesmenen
  10. PM me after you're done that sixth beer.
  11. You truly built a top contender. GMOTY candidate. Props Tigs!
  12. New Jersey DOES NOT claim Jordin Tootoo.