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  1. Lol, the dirtiest team in the league finally getting some comeuppance.
  2. Watching the game yesterday made me realize how mediocre Goldy is at this moment in time. I want him to be good, cause he has shown flashes of what his full potential is, but he rarely puts effort into anything he does. Every time he had the puck yesterday, it was either given to the Devils, he missed the net or the play just simply died in the corner. He doesn't have the tenacity in his game for the bottom 6, but he's not putting enough effort into his game for him to warrant a spot in the top 6 right now.
  3. I LOVE LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. kazin!


      Yeah I like her a little less now but she was great

  4. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. I'D MARRY IT IF I COULD ! Also, I'd marry Yuri. <3

  5. Hyosung. Good taste my friend. :)

  6. Taeyeon is beautiful.

    1. I Got A Boy

      I Got A Boy

      thx but how do u kno her

  7. their new single is messed

  8. What do you mean, warned? HUH?! The Wonder Girls are so good. Listen to "Be My Baby" and you'll understand.

  9. Wonder Girls !! :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. J. V. Stalin

      J. V. Stalin

      Who's the singer?

    3. Bob.Loblaw


      Korean pop idol group. You have been warned.

    4. J. V. Stalin

      J. V. Stalin

      Oh... now I get it. Wonder Girls is one of those Kpop groups.

      Sorry, didn't mean to be derogatory.

  10. haha I think the guy he hugged made an error which resulted in the goal!