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  1. I see Sestito being able to bring more to the table than just fighting. He showed he is capable of making plays last season.
  2. Rypien was pretty scary.
  3. I see Jensen or Shinkaruk making the team next season. The team needs some young blood to inject some life into the line-up.
  4. Matthias could be a incredibly solid bottom 6 centreman for us for years. He can put up points and has good defensive ability. If he improves his face-off skill, he could be a very good utility player.
  5. Kassian and Edler. I'm going to be watching those 2 players incredibly closely. They are the x-factors for how our team plays next season. If Kassian pans out and becomes the power forward that he was projected to be, he could provide A LOT for the team that we have been missing for the last 6 or 7 years. Kassian hasn't hit the ceiling of his potential yet, and he has a lot of room to grow. If he reaches that potential, he could be a 30+ goal scorer. But I feel that he needs the proper centerman to set him up. Edler is on my radar because he's always been projected to be our "#1 defenceman", but we've only seen flashes of it so far. After an incredibly woeful season, I'm confident that he bounce back stronger than before. He will probably never challenge for the Norris trophy but like Kassian, he has not hit his full potential yet. Torterella never gave him an actual chance to play and showcase his ability.I'm sure Desjardins will better utilize Edler to his strengths, which is his offensive prowess. However, if they do not play to their full ability, the team is going to be a lot weaker than expected. Kassian is our only true 2nd line winger and he has to play like a 2nd line winger. We do not have the depth on the wings for Kassian to play less than that. Like Kassian, Edler is our only hope for an offensive defenceman. If he doesn't score, we won't have the scoring from our defense to be able to keep up with the other teams in our division.
  6. dem crazy russians.
  7. I LOVE LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. kazin!


      Yeah I like her a little less now but she was great

  8. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. I'D MARRY IT IF I COULD ! Also, I'd marry Yuri. <3

  9. I love how many of you are praising Garrison. I've watched this guy play in wins and losses this season, and he just looks lost on the ice sometimes. I can't count the numerous times I've seen Garrison trip over his own feet or lose his man in the defensive zone.
  10. Hyosung. Good taste my friend. :)

  11. Taeyeon is beautiful.

    1. I Got A Boy

      I Got A Boy

      thx but how do u kno her

  12. their new single is messed

  13. What do you mean, warned? HUH?! The Wonder Girls are so good. Listen to "Be My Baby" and you'll understand.