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  1. I pinpointed Kassian and Edler because they are the ones with the highest ceilings to go along with their expectations. Them meeting the said expectations will make or break the team. If Bonino doesn't pan out, we have Matthias, Vey, Horvat and Gaunce to try out for the spot. Burrows will almost definitely bounce back after he had time to recover from his injuries. Hansen is going to fill the 3rd/4th line RW role. However, Kassian is the expected top 6 rw and Edler is our key offensive top 4 defenceman. With them rolling, they WILL be difference makers.
  2. I see Sestito being able to bring more to the table than just fighting. He showed he is capable of making plays last season.
  3. I have two players that I believe are the enigma's of the team. One is a forward, the other is a defence man. I put one from each player category because I feel they are what make or break their said categories The first person I will be talking about is... Zack Kassian Brought in to be essentially "The Big Guy" in our top 6 who scores, hits and fights, he has made strides since being traded here for our top prospect at the time, Cody Hodgson. Kassian put up 14 goals and 29 points compared to Hodgson's 20 and 44. But Kassian also got a significantly less amount of playing time due to being in Tort's dog house. I have firm belief that Kassian will continue to grow, and with a coach who is seemingly capable to bring the best out in his players, I believe the best of Kassian will surprise many people who didn't shed a light on him. He has a lot more potential than people give him credit for and I'm sure Kassian himself doesn't know his own capabilities yet. And the player from the defence is... . Alexander Edler Edler was praised to be the next Nicolas Lidstrom. Quite a big void to fill, right? But he has turned out very well and is one of the bright players from our own development. -39 sure is a big number to look at, however, the fact that Edler is our only puck carrier who can move the puck of the zone is incredibly key. He has shown that he can be a capable player in the past, and is able to play a heavy amount of minutes, in that being said, I still do believe that Edler will play best with a more defence-minded partner. Either Tanev or Corrado are good options.
  4. I wish Luongo played the Winter Classic. It would have defined his time in Vancouver, honestly. He gave up sweat and tears FOR this team, and he never got any thing back. Luongo was the best thing to happen to this hockey club, and I feel he left way too soon. This was his city, yet, he never knew because of how the fans treated him and how the media treated him and how even his management treated him. He brought us to the Finals in 2011, won the GOLD MEDAL here IN Vancouver, and I feel that the Winter Classic should have been part of that story. Torts made it sound like he wanted Luongo to be here in the beginning of the season, what happened? He re-assured Luongo about his position and what his role was on the team.
  5. He's not Malholtra, but he is definitely a good replacement. One of the best 4th liners in the League, he has experience and is there to stabilize the 3rd/4th line centre role.
  6. Rypien was pretty scary.
  7. I would quote this 100 times if I could.
  8. People expect Burrows to be a 30 goal scorer again. That is setting your expectations way too high. I expect 15-20 from him, but he has to play like how he used to be truly effective on the ice.
  9. Considering we just made a deal with the Ducks, I doubt they're going to want Burrows. They have enough depth on wings already..
  10. Problem is we don't have any good defence prospects coming up anytime soon besides Corrado.
  11. We aren't going to get Sharp.
  12. So glad we got this guy signed.
  13. The return that we would get is not worth moving him. I'd much rather keep him and see him rebound rather than moving him for a lower tier draft pick.
  14. I see Jensen or Shinkaruk making the team next season. The team needs some young blood to inject some life into the line-up.
  15. Watch this. And remember who you're talking about. Burrows is our heart-and-soul player. He has the clutch ability other teams pray to have. One injury filled season does not change that. You can't replace a player like Burrows very easily. His ability to perform when it matters most is impeccable. He's willing to shed blood and tears if the team benefits from it. I've been following Burrows since he was a 3rd line grinder and even then, he had the ability to turn games around by himself. He's a leader, and an inspiration for the rest of the team to play as well as he does. I want the critics to stop saying trade Burrows. It would be the worst decision our management could make if he is moved. I see Burrows rebounding HARD next season.