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  1. Seattle re-introduced

    After a couple seasons of constant chatter about relocation and expansion/contraction, the real meat in this matter comes forth. Instead of debating the pros and cons about the support in a city and if it is big enough to hold onto the club long-term, the city of Seattle becomes a player. I've long thought the Emerald City should have another team that could participate for Lord Stanley's chalice. The only real hang-up is the lack of an arena. There are plans in place tenatively for a venue called te Emerald City Center which looks extravagant. The history is there and of course Vancouver fans would love the natural rivalry. See my complete thoughts on the matter here: The 15th largest urban market (23rd largest city) is in a vaccuum right now with a lack of the NBA and I've seen some proposals to include both the NBA and NHL in a new building. Not only that, but Bill Daly came out yesterday at the Western Conference Final Game #5 and stated that the NHL has been in contact with someone from Seattle. This is a good, solid turn for franchises in the NHL - and it is not even close to happening as of yet. Robin Keith Thompson / 25 May 2011
  2. just that...the team With the Canucks entering Game 7 of the Western Conference quarterfinal against the vilified and rival Chicago Blackhawks, one must put the goal-keeping controversy aside and think solely upon the team's play as just that - the team. In the past, that is what foiled the attempts put forth by Vancouver versus Chicago in the playoffs. The Blackhawks as a team were superior to the Canucks. Without getting into specifics and hashing all kinds of statistics and such, the intangibles will be the deciding factor. Period The depth of the team will become the focus of British Columbia in the months to come, win or lose. Win - the Nashville Predators come calling. Lose - well, management's effectiveness and the players on the depth chart will be scrutinized against their pay cheques, consistency, heart, etc. The team simply must perform better and seize the moment; mistakes have simply not been the realm of only Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider. On my website, Chiller Instinct, I have linked the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview show with the talents/hosts of Goal Mouth Radio and The Blueline: Hockey Talk Radio in which I predicted Vancouver to win in Game 7. Round Two is also a possibility and new content is on each site weekly if you happen upon them. We went over each and every series and struck a lot of gold in contrast to the play we've witnessed since mid-April. I stood by the assumption that Toews and Co. would not go away lightly. That said I believe that Vancouver will prevail 4-2 in tonight's deciding game. Enjoy hockey enthusiasts; this is one for the ages... 26 April 2011 / Robin Keith Thompson
  3. 2010-2011 Top NHL Prospects

    On my website at Chiller, I annually publish a report on the thirty best prospects coming into view league-wide. Recently finished, I invite you to take a few moments to catch up on all the little tidbits you might not have known about some of these dynamic youngsters... Follow my link below to check out my thoughts on Cody Hodgson (ranked #24) on my blog at: or by all means head to for the latest on the top 30 hot young prospects ready to turn the league and shake the last of the cereal out. Robin Keith Thompson
  4. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Great discussion guys and gals. I am thouroughly intrigued by Anton Rödin and have been in discussion with a colleague of mine that runs a very in depth website in Sweden called He was high on Rödin after the 2010 WJC, as you can see on the link provided below. I do regular interviews with him and have had occasion to ask him about some of the top Swedish youngsters, as I also contribute a lot of material for the Canucks branch of - I was pleased to hear him give great info on Rödin. If you are interested in hearing his thoughts about Brynas and Rödin, head to the direct link of my website I am sure you will see that there are many interviews aside from this one and much more to take in, hockey enthusiasts. Robin Keith Thompson
  5. Canucks prospects report

    While the prospects tournament is underway, I thought it prudent to give the fandom something to take home with them. Information. On each and every prospect in the system or even on a tryout contract, I have laid out some of the general little tidbits for you to gather up and take with you to the watercooler. I examine the forwards, defense, and netminders that are set to make their mark. While not all the kids are in Penticton to play against the Oilers, Flames, Ducks, and Sharks this week, it is also important to keep tabs on many of the others. I noticed that the tendancy is to draft and sign players that excel in their studies and on the ice in the NCAA and dip into the CHL and Europe every now and again. There is a definite infusion of talent and competition with the cupboard now and the veteran team on the ice will only benefit, not to mention the fanatics of the team. Read the entire listing on my blog here: Enjoy hockey enthusiasts. 13 September 2010 / Robin Keith Thompson
  6. The legendary career of Frederick 'Cyclone' Taylor

    This is my lead article on right now and I implore you to have a closer look at one of the game's first true superstars. There is a reason that his son Fred Taylor Jr. saw fit to name an entire sporting good store chain after his sire. As I was working on a profile for Cyclone Taylor for a European/Swedish database site that I work for (, I got more and more intrigued about the legacy of the man. Every once in a while I put up a prospect or two and try to find a classic/early days player not found in the 81,000+ players situated on their database. So, afterwards I started poking around and reading up a bit more about him and sat down to write a brief article about him. I knew he was a 'legend' of hockey and one of the greats - an inductee of the Hockey Hall of Fame. I did not know that when breaking ground to build the HHOF that they sought out Taylor to 'turn the sod' at the ceremony to begin construction. His on ice accomplishments are incredible. Scoring 190 career regular season goals does not seem like a lot at first glance, until you consider that he never played more than 20 games in a season. 294 points is also a stellar number when you consider the second assist was not counted to pad one's stats until much later. Enjoy hockey enthusiasts... Also stop by my blog at: http://prosportsblog...cyclone-taylor/ or http://prosportsblog...or/thewordbird/ Robin Keith Thompson 2 August 2010
  7. Draft day - interview about 2009 2nd rounder, Anton Rödin

    Good to see you're still going strong Jason.
  8. Draft day - interview about 2009 2nd rounder, Anton Rödin

    James, fantastic work on your interview. This is a must read for all Canucks' fans.
  9. Draft day - interview about 2009 2nd rounder, Anton Rödin

    If you liked that...head over to Chiller Instinct ( ) I have plenty of interviews with Johan Nilsson of ELite Prospects and more...Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  10. Movement in the desert

    As the drama that continues to be the Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes ownership and possible relocation saga unfolds, another nasty little detail comes out 'in the wash' at the close of last month. While it took me a few days to collaborate some of the details surrounding the management issues, I realize that the release of Doug Moss as President and COO of the franchise (since 2002) is just another red flag as the team is paving the way now for the Ice Edge Holdings prospective ownership group. The current owners (the league itself) thanked Moss for his service and stated that he was leaving 'to pursue other business interests'. That does not seem like something one would do just a day after appearing with GM Don Maloney on the 'Yotes official webpage to do an open question-and-answer session with the fans of the hockey club. There is movement in the desert and in order to do so...the league had to clear the moss. 6 July 2010 / Robin Keith Thompson Read more about this on my blog: http://prosportsblog...or/thewordbird/ or work your way over to Chiller Instinct to get the low down:
  11. Alex Friesen Talk

    I watched Darren Helm play a lot in the WHL (esp. the Final in 2007 and Memorial Cup), he was/is an excellent player and is just starting to come into his own with the Red Wings. Interesting comparision K4C. However, I would see Friesen taking a little longer in the minors once he is a pro to get to the Canucks on a full-time basis.
  12. Alex Friesen Talk

    Well, it certainly seems like he has been passed over in the previous draft and narly in this one as well. I happen to think that he has a nice career in front of him. A role player to be sure, but to be noted as the OHL's hardest working player is a nice commendation. The scoring and faceoffs are also a plus and I too will be keeping an eye on his progress.
  13. Friesen uncovered

    Alex Freisen will make this organization rhyme worth and mirth together down the road. The recent 6th rounder has won major awards at the Ontario Hcokey League level and this season was voted by popular decision (OHL coaches poll) as the league's Best Faceoff Man AND Hardest Working Player Kudos Alex. See my entire write-up on the kid entitled "The Frieght Unknown" Certainly NHL Central Scouting (he was not even on their listing) did not value him the way the Canucks did and it shows in GM Mike Gillis' comments. "He's a very hard-nosed player, really good on faceoffs," Gillis said."He scored in the top-three in our psychological and intelligence testing." He had a head-to-head meeting with 2008 1st round pick Cody Hodgson that went very well for the Canucks. Last year's Niagara IceDogs HUMANITARIAN AWARD and this year's HEART AND SOUL AWARD winner is set to make believers out of us. Heck, if he played in the Western Hockey League the Calgary Flames would have snapped him up in the second round of LAST year's draft Not included at all in the National Hockey League’s Central Scouting rankings, the Canucks went ahead and relied on their own scouting murmur to grab sparkplug centre Alex Friesen from the Niagara IceDogs of the Ontario Hockey League in the 6th round (172nd overall). He remained as the Canucks’ only draft pick that was a forward in five total picks (one goaltender) and possesses a strong forechecking ability accented by his speed. ”Alex makes up for any perceived lack of size he might have with speed and work ethic,” Niagara head coach Mike McCourt stated in a Sudbury Star article in January 2010. Known as a streaky left-handed scorer in the OHL, he rang up 17 multiple point games this season and even tallied four points in a game against Missisauga on 1 October 2009. He wrapped up the 2009-2010 season with 60 points in his 60 games and added 94 penalty-minutes as well. Keep in mind that offense was not his calling card as much as his play against the opposition’s top players. He was the IceDogs leader during the regular season in +/- with a +18 mark and also set the team standard for assists with 37. Impressive when you factor in that the team barely qualified for the playoffs with a .441 winning percentage and a goals-for/against mark of 191/233 (-42). They were ousted by the Ottawa 67’s in five games despite his efforts; #8 led the IceDogs with seven points in those contests. The 5′9″, 189 pound pivot is a hybrid of Canucks’ nemisis Dave Bolland and fan favourite Alexandre Burrows. He was honoured by the league as the OHL’s “Hardest Working Player“ and “Best Face-off Man“. Read the OHL release, which includes ALL the OHL Awards including Canucks’ 2008 1st round pick Cody Hodgson, who contended for and won a number of categories. In a 18 February 2010 match (game report) that feature both Hodgson and Friesen, the IceDogs eventually came out on top with 4:31 left in the third period against Hodgson’s Brampton Battalion. It was the only goal in a 4-3 game that did not involve one of the two players; Hodgson finished with one goal and two assists while Friesen pulled in three assists. Named 3rd star, Friesen’s selection could absolutely pay dividends in the future. Speaking about star OHL players, I happened upon a Youtube video of him taking out Taylor Hall on 6 February 2010: Intangibles are a large part of what is already an attractive package. With the skills to challenge this coming season for a roster spot on Canada’s World Junior Team a definite possibility, one might overlook his off ice smarts. In 2007-2008, Alex was named the OHL’s Top Acadmic Player, “Ivan Tennant Award“, as a rookie. After his second season he was named the IceDogs’ ”Humanitarian Award“, and he followed that up this past campaign with the team’s “Heart of the Team Award“. The Canucks obviously see a lot of character despite the fact that the Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario-born centre was not even ranked by NHL Central Scouting. “He’s a very hard-nosed player, really good on faceoffs,” GM Mike Gillis said. “He scored in the top-three in our psychological and intelligence testing. Vancouver’s forward prospects may not have much coming from the 2010 NHL Entry Draft in the way of numbers; quality and character seem to lining up in the middle. http://prosportsblog...rieght-unknown/ 28 June 2010 / Robin Keith Thompson
  14. Alex Friesen Talk

    Friesen is a character guy, through and through. I do not only mean fighting either. He won the OHL Academic award as a rookie, Humanitarian of the Year for Niagara last season and Heart and Soul award this season. PLUS, he was voted the Best Faceoff man in the OHL by the coaches as well as Hardest Working Player this season. All that, and NHL Central Scouting did not even have him on their listing... *Here is the article I just finished on him (includes some info on a head-to-head matchup with Hodgson): Robin Keith Thompson
  15. Swedish contingent headed to draft table

    Yeah, he is going to be a definite favourite when I come around to selecting the Chiller Instinct Top Prospects Guide for 2010-2011.Here are the previous ones in the CI 'prospects' listing: Draft day is so much fun.