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  1. First game for my daughter

    She's wanting a foam finger lol
  2. First game for my daughter

    Bo Horvat is her favorite. Any sign suggestions that might entice him to send a puck over?
  3. First game for my daughter

  4. First game for my daughter

    So just like the title says I'm taking my 9 year old daughter to her first game on January 25th against the Sabres, and I'm wondering about special events happening for game day..Also the best way to give her an unforgettable experience. I'd love for her to be able to meet a player or two lol. Anyway help a dad out.
  5. 2017-2018 Canuck FA's

    Horvat will get about 3 mill for 2 to 3 years Hutton will get 2.5 for 3 years Gudbranson will most likely get in the 4 million range for 4 or 5 years all the other guys are huge question marks. They will probably get the 1 to 2 year show me deals at a lower cost
  6. If you could decide the ONE move Benning made this offseason...

    should have had Troy Brouwer on here imho. I voted for Stamkos but i doubt it happens. i'd like to see Lucic, and Brouwer sedin sedin hansen lucic sutter brouwer sven bo jake burrows granlund dorsett
  7. I'm going. I've always wanted to and this is my first time. What usually happens. I'm coming from Vancouver Island, so I hope it's a fun time
  8. Biggest thing missed this year is....

    I knew and could understand a rebuild was coming but man the lack of try is just awful
  9. Biggest thing missed this year is....

    Does anyone else feel the way I do, That the biggest thing missed this year is Kevin. I mean I feel this team misses his voice in the room more so than anyone is letting on. Not only that his leadership on the ice is dearly missed. He could always spark the team when needed. I know he was getting long in the tooth, but I feel not having a player replace Kevin's role on this team is what is missing the most, and we should never have moved him ..
  10. Canucks 3rd Jersey Idea

    this should be our jersey: and our third jersey, should be one of these:
  11. Jake vs Burrows/ Sutter vs Vrbata

    another thing I was wondering do you think there is any team out there calling on miller? should we trade him? and if so what kind of return do you realistically think we could get. Plus going into next year do you feel Markstrom is our number 1 guy
  12. I'm not sure if this ahs been posted or not, but i'm wondering if anyone feels the same as I do. With the team trying to move forward with more youth and the older guys now taking a back seat to the youngsters, does it not seem weird that Jake has not been given a shot on the vey etem line? I know burrows has some chemistry there, but i feel his game would more so fit the Dorsett/Sutter line. Jake's speed on the for check would help free pucks for Etem and Vey. Plus maybe the two of them can help Jake regain some of his Jr scoring touch. If that line clicks i feel you have a legit third line. Secondly I really feel we need to move Vrbata, he just has not found that click he had last year. i don't really care what for(well a dman that can play lol would be nice) but my question is would you play sutter there on the wing with Horvat and Sven? or would you rather have McCann there. What does the rest of CDC think? P.S. Totally not canucks related but if CDC wouldn't mind, My daughter is trying to raise money for her Heart and stroke foundation team. if you could find your way into a donation on her online form i'd really think it was awesome of you guys. Here's the link.
  13. how do i post somthing

    1. Kazmanian Devil

      Kazmanian Devil

      You've done it before.

  14. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    We didnt loose that game on bieksa's penalty we lost it with how much Luo looked like a back up in the shoot out. How can you blame that loss on Kevin i mean he didnt play bad at all, the whole game was really close. Then Luo took over and just blew it in the Shoot out, not only that what was kesler thinking just shooting it right at the goalie, and raymond get the puck up I mean you know Quick is a butterfly goalie GET THE PUCK UP!!. but really the game was awsome Luo just sucked in the shoot out he allways sucks in the shoot out