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  1. I FREAKING HATE IT!!! It's a little thing, but it really irkes me and how the NHL controls so much!!!
  2. Now is the time to try to get Tyler Myers! (Trouba's attitude reminds me of a Canuck centre who was behind Hank and Kess- Cody Hodgson)
  3. Thanks for even considering it Steath! I can't even imagine how that thread would go! Haha
  4. Hey guys! We have an armchair GM section, how about something like a "Sofacouch Coach"? This could be a place where people have suggestions of how they would coach the Canucks, or run the special teams, who they would dress and match. That sort of thing!
  5. Long time fans will say it was like this before Burrows. And even before the Bertuzzi punch. I mean, look at our statue out front of our building! That came from poor reffing!
  6. I read there was an Edler-Hedman swap that the Canucks rejected. I'd love to get Hedman in a Canucks uni. As well as Tyler Myers!
  7. Yeah that's another way to think about it! Cool I'm actually hoping the need is met collectively by a few guys having breakout years!
  8. I do think adding 39 year olds is quest but I feel The leadership qualities, the heavy power game, desire to win a cup, and last years points (Iggy- 22g 47 points. Doan- 28g 47 points) would be a great influence on the kids! Don't ya agreeFateless?
  9. I'd try to trade for Iginlia, and try to sign Doan! Iggy, Doan and Sutter might be a very good 2/2a line for 2 years.
  10. Feedback: huge thank you to the mod who helped me with a topic I started regarding assistant coach Doug Jarvis!
  11. http://canucks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=888586&utm_source=social&utm_medium=hootsuite&utm_campaign=&hootPostID=368c6fd4fc3c78b5db28bd47f6274461
  12. They need to come to N.A. For a tour!!
  13. Being fast, small and skilled is great if the refs do their job! I think the Canucks need to be able to play a rough and tough style to look after themselves when the playoff games get tough!! We have so many players that are easy to play against, due to having a lack of any physicality, mean-ness or size: Hank Dank Baertschi Granlund Rodin Burrows (plays hard, just kinda light) to name a few. That's too big of a forward 100% with lack of physicality, however my expertise only extends to the edge of the couch.
  14. When is the game vs Laine? I mean the Finns?
  15. Seriously, Buzzsaw this is the first thing I've read since Saturday that actually has me feeling better! I too wanted one of the top 3 franchise players, not just a great player. But you're right! The two could end up being better than the Finns, maybe. And they are both guys who will be perfect pieces for our team! Thanks! After being a long time fan sometimes a fellas only sees the dark doom and gloom!