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  1. Saw the replay of the Dragon Slayer goal again late last night on Sportsnet re-broadcast. (It's like the 5th time now) and I still had excited emotions!!!
  2. Today in the Beanpot game he looks huge, a smooth skater, and looks like a good prospect! For a late pick, he was a good choice.
  3. There were no onions in that video, but my eyes sure don't agree.
  4. It's obvious we can't win every game, but to loose against the hawks, have kane STILL killing us, the haws team sucks this year and yet they still beat us is beyond frustrating. I wish the players could somehow understand the frustrations the fans have towards certain rival teams from year to year, because the players are only part of the rivalry for a short period of time. Grrrrrr
  5. I think we can all agree we have never had a Canucks team that had so many different amazing possible combinations. Green and company are sure to have a lot of fun setting the lines! Great summer, for sure. Just off the top of my head: Ferland-Petey-Brock Baer-Bo-Pearson Leivo-Miller-Jake Roussel-Sutter-Beagle Three scoring lines. Weight throughout. A very defensive fourth line for checking, penalty kill and taking the match responsibilities off Bo, giving him more attention to driving offense. That leaves off: Gaud in Utica. Then Goldy, Motte, MacEwan, Loui, Schaller
  6. Love your Avatar and sig!!!

  7. Hey my like-minded Canucks fan!

    Did you get the messages between myself and Bernier.Bertuzzi? Lemme know. We have to unite ALL the supporters and get this "Bring Bert home" campaign happen!

  8. Anything to make the 'Nucks better I am all for!

  9. If you are serious about this put together a portfolio, including the desired results and methods of training (but not the actual exercises of course) and some teams and or athletes you have worked with. Include how it would be incorporated into what the team (and Roger Takahashi) is already doing. I worked with him at the National Hockey Training Centre in Langley and he is a good guy. Good luck!