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  1. Well I have school on weekdays and I'm not a fan of night riding so I guess Grouse is out of the picture for me

  2. No Cypress yet. To enjoy Grouse you have to go on weekdays and you have to know the secret spots.

  3. Oooh. I think I rode up on Grouse once and I didn't like it at all. So crowded there. And because I can only go on weekends just makes it less enjoyable. Have you been up on Cypress yet this season?

  4. I rid3 Grouse because I have a pass there. I usually get up to Whistler a couple times a month, but not yet this year. I like Cypress better than Grouse but it is free to go to Grouse.

  5. Oh nice! Which mountains?

  6. I've been up two or three times per week. The weather hasn't been great but I love my new board and I've been riding park a bunch.

  7. Kind of. Haven't been up these past couple of weeks though because I've been swamped with homework. Have you?

  8. Hey, what's up? Have you been snowboarding much?

  9. Hey, hows it goin? Are Ducks fans hard to take these days?

  10. Say something about the Member above you

    got rid of her regular duster
  11. heyy i'm going to bed for now ill post tomorow pce!

  12. OK, maybe I'm not looking hard enough

  13. Yeaa I am, some I only have to do 2nd posts!

  14. keep up the good work! I'm not sure you're fulfilling all your assignments though