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  1. Wow.. aren't you just the articulate one?

  2. 2010 World Series Champions Boston Red Sox

  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I now see what Clutch was saying... I dont think we really need him... HAHAHAHA.....
  4. wow.... 40 posts a day on averag... I thought i was alot...

  5. OMG Snow?

    man oh man i hate snow... Nobody knows how to drive in it...
  6. Awesome sig. Way to represent for swollen, I'm stoked for the new album.

  7. tre nyce is the best swollen member.

  8. Agreed, nobody matches his enthusiasm and knowledge. I'm from Hamilton originally, but grew up in High Park in West Toronto. Seems to be a lot of exOntarians here. Haha I certainly can't blame em.

  9. I love Pierre Mcguire, and I also love Pierre Mcguire GDTs. I'll be sorry to see the preseason end, I hope you still do a few during the season!

  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    haha... poor clutch.. im just getting caught up.. There is like 20 bumps... Where did clutch go ??
  11. Im in 3 professional pools this year. 200$ entry to each. The fact that you got Jokinen past 50 players means your pool has nobody with any skill. ( except you ??) Nice Early pick with Heatley, Where did Vinny L go ?
  12. Deep Sleepers this year are. 1. Vermette 2. Havlat. Not a deep sleeper but expect him to show up in minnesota 3. Paul Kariya 4. Tim Connelly ( injury problem ) 5. Andy Mcdonald 6. Bernier 7. Shirokov ( only if you have bench players ) The truth about hockey pools is its not the first 10 players you take that win the pool. Its the last 5.