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  1. OMG Earthquake?

    yep, I felt it.
  2. YouTube Thread 2.0

    this needs to be shared with the world.. teenage Japanese thrash metal girl band Babymetal is a real thing.
  3. except how would Stannis know that? so why would he say it?
  4. great episode.. as good or better than the last one.
  5. amazing episode.. cant wait for the rest
  6. Overwhelmed Planet?

  7. Canadian Cadets

    I also was an army and air cadet for a number of years, I never felt any pressure by anyone affiliated with the cadets to join the military at any time. I look back on my time as a cadet with nothing but fondness. If I had kids, I would gladly let them join the cadets.
  8. Funny Pics

    at least he picked the cutest of the 3
  9. Funny Pics

    wow, that was smooth
  10. Funny Pics

    this is awesome
  11. btw, there was minor nudity in last night's episode.. after he kills Shae, you can see her boobs
  12. Ask Avelanche Anything? - the resurrection

    I'm bored. What do you suggest?
  13. Ask me anything [PATRICK KANE]

    were you more upset that you lost to the kings in the WCF this year, or in the first round to the Canucks?