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  1. I work for a delivery service that delivers booze (and anything else) all the time.. We cant be open after 11pm because we cant deliver alchohol after hours.. I assume that is why this was shut down..
  2. check out this guy :
  3. can not wait for this!
  4. wut?
  5. saw this on reddit yesterday... so cute.
  6. and he was convicted of being an accessory to murder.
  8. the answer is no.
  9. since this was recently bumped, this is as good a place as any to post this...
  10. she has familiarity with you and your place, if possible I would definitely take her in when she's better.
  11. post on CDC of course. I would keep her, she's either homeless, or the people she lives with dont care about her.
  12. yep, I felt it.