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  1. I think they would be safer then 98% of everyone else in North America. i can see players being upset by having to get tested alot. I hear its not to fun. 26 players test positive not in a bubble. I understand the worry if 1 guy gets sick it could hit everyone. But even if that happened i would think they would have the very very best health workers helping them recover. C19 is bad but its worse out side a protective bubble.
  2. The players questions are what entertainment will we have so we dont go insane. Thats the hold ups. Do have a private golf course , movie theater etc. and if thats not the player holdup then why wasnt Edmonton always the first choice because its boring there.
  3. Im sorry your mom and child are dead from c19. I hope your having daily testing so your not next.
  4. I hope at lest Jake was safe clubbing and wore protection
  5. I would think there is less of a chance getting the c19 in the bubble then just living simple life outside like everone else So the player health is zero an issue. If 1 person gets c19 then their removed and helped to recover. helping your family and fellow nhl players with long term financial gains the biggest concern. how many times have you been tested for c19? The players will be ok in the bubble. Players family outside of bubble have higher chance of getting c19 then the bubble player does. the only player heath risk is mental heath from bubble life.
  6. Im happy Hockey starts up again soon. If players wanta keep their salaries high they better play. IMO Any players that option out are not team players and are selfish not thinking of fellow Players. They are lucky to make the money they get. The less games played the more money the players will end up losing. The health risk of getting c19 will actually be 100 times lower for players playing games in the bubble then average people trying to work and make a living in the city. So I don’t have to much sympathy for the players. Anywho I’m glad to see Canucks back on the ice. I hope the NHL is also working on next seasons plans. Cuz if things are this slow getting 2 hub cities and a plan to play I don’t see how the league will possibly get next season even started. Also I don’t see the AHL ever playing again. A new league and system may be needed to fill the AHL spot. So what will happen to the Utica system player development? It maybe a long long wait and see.
  7. I grew up in the home white Jersey era. But I like the dark Jerseys for home. i still hope Canucks make a official Saturday only Jerseys. black Skate Jersey for Saturday Home and White Skate Jersey Saturday away. The other 6 days a week the regular blue white green Jersey. make it happen Jimbo.
  8. One positive about the draft lottery and the play-in series is it gives Canucks a huge chance for experimenting with lines and roster moves. This play-in series i expect seeing alot of different combinations and roster ins and outs trying to find magic line combos. theres less pressure this play-in series but after that Canucks need to be a rolling beastly playoff team with all lines going. Go Canucks Go
  9. I'm going to let this play out. i was on team tank last season as i wanted one last go at good high end prospects. but now im happy with the Canucks prospect pool and am confident in it moving forward. Its a crazy dilemma Canucks are in with this insane draft out come. As a long time jaded Canuck fan i really don't see them winning the lottery....... So lets hope this young Canuck Team learns how to play solid playoff winning hockey. drop the puck all ready.....Go Canucks Go
  10. at first i wasn't a Coach Green fan, but he's proven me wrong. he's doing a fine job. Glad to hear he lost weight , its saying the Team better be in Battle shape this Summer. Go Canucks Go
  11. I just want hockey back. There will be party’s nightly if Canucks make any kind of cup run. I’m sure plenty of people will be watching the games on tv.
  12. Canucks are in playoff mode so they will NOT be in the lottery. If they do lose the play-in round against the Wild then this Canucks team is not built has no grit and is too soft.
  13. I didn’t watch the draft. but this is so screwed up,...Boo to the NHL league executives for this dumb style draft. You know a dumb team that shouldn’t get it. Will. And it’s not going to be the Canucks that’s for the hell did this stupid draft happen. So Blackhawks, Wild or god forbid a Alberta team will get the first pick. my only thoughts are the first play-in round, it’s not going to be as stressfull. But seriously this lottery draft sucks balls.
  14. Would try to watch online for free, or go to a bar drink and watch.
  15. Who’s to say AHL even plays next season....only can play hockey so many years. Wish him the best.