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  1. yes but only if your the one controlling the killstreak. also if u put a strike over where youre teamates are they will die, unless youre playing ricochet where you die instead.
  2. i think its gay too
  3. no u can always change clan tag but not your name
  4. not really, when i snipe im usually on the go and move constantly in and out of buildings
  5. dont need sentex, just flash grenades
  6. its not people are mad because they dont know how to kill campers properly.
  7. hahahah
  8. I have a pure noob toobing class M4 with grenade launcher Thumper Scavenger Danger Close Commando I think scavenger works better than totally switching
  9. You can use scavenger and have red dot on guns....
  10. I actually like it with no attachments, or just the greanade launcher. I don't like red dot or acog on it, I aim better without it.
  11. when you die once from the ac130 or whatever switch to a cold blood class....
  12. ya i knew that... and cool, ive never used stealth bomber as a killstreak lol