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  1. Hey we’re looking for some new members. We have a dedicated simmer so come on over and check the site out. Take over a team and sign, trade, set your lineup and try and guide your team to a cup or a rebuild. http://hockleague.freeforums.net
  2. Still going. Simming on Nhl 19 not nhl 15 anymore lol
  3. Come join a sim league we're currently in season 2. Sign, trade, set your lines, trash talk, make team announcements basically everything a real life gm would do. There is a very dedicated simmer who will be simming each season on his xbox on nhl 19. Join up and have some fun before its too late. http://hockleague.freeforums.net/
  4. lol ur pretty dumb just saying

  5. hi do u love me could u learn to love me? would u like some baileys? wut ever happened to ur display pic pretty lady?

  6. Im Old Greg!!! Do you Love me?

  7. do u love me? could u learn to love me? do u want some baileys?

  8. ya i know its getting pretty expensive to buy a house up here but im sure its still cheaper then van... and ya ive lived here my whole life and i absolutely love it up here and will probably never move

  9. hey u actually got peninsula on the coast u have brains and beauty... im from sechelt but just moved to gibsons

  10. wow u look absoultely amazing but im sure u already knew that

  11. wow -162 and u just joined yesterday thatta boy

  12. wutever i just wanted to tell u that u were pretyy so there ya be