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  1. Looking for some new blood. Currently in season 2 (2016-2017 season). Come choose a team and guide them to the Stanley Cup or a rebuild. Draft, re-sign, sign ufa, set your lineups, develop your players and much more. http://thefranchisenhlsim.proboards.com/
  2. New sim league opening up where you get to choose your team and be the gm. Sign, trade, set your lines, trash talk, make team announcements basically everything a real life gm would do. There is a very dedicated simmer who will be simming each season on ea sports nhl 16. Join up before its too late. http://beastmodesims.proboards.com/
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  4. http://quarterbacksack.proboards.com/ NFL Sim League if anyones interested join up
  5. http://quarterbacksack.proboards.com/ NFL Sim League if anyones interested join up
  6. Come join a NFL sim league where you get to sign, trade, draft and set your depth charts. http://quarterbacksack.proboards.com/
  7. couple teams open
  8. Take control of a team. You get to sign, trade, draft and upgrade your players. Just like being a real life gm (without getting paid of course) Few good teams open everyone welcome. http://ironmansims.proboards.com/
  9. Did I mention super fun times
  10. NHL 13 Sim league. Simmed on ea sports NHL 13. Come join up in season 4. http://rockemsockemsims.proboards.com/index.cgi Few good teams open, get them while you can
  11. not really a fantasy league but kind of. http://thefranchisenhlsim.proboards.com/ get to be gm of a team and make trades/draft/signings etc
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