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  1. Lol yup there have been a few of those lately!

  2. BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA best thread lock ever

  3. What does the end is nigh mean

  4. What's on my mind, you ask? Wait a minute... oh god, where did I put it!? OH GOD, I HAVE LOST MY MIND!

    1. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ

      where is my mind

      Where is my mind?

      wheeeeeeeeeeeerrrreee isss myyy minnd.

  5. Hey you! Lolz, I had no idea how you could have known who I was.


  6. rofl, IBTL epic win in that Luongo thread. +1

  7. Thanks for noticing ;)

  8. 1 post to 2000

  9. ROFL funny thread. He just chews and smirks with that crap-eating grin plastered on his face..

  10. haha right back at you mine was a joke too xD

  11. hey, I was right, wasn't I? The post was actually a joke, but I guess I need to keep reminding myself that CDC doesn't understand sarcasm or whit..

  12. I may very well be wasting those 2 minutes, but I could be jerking off or something :/

    The guy went and PMed me some flaming garbage because he didn't get that I was being sarcasrtic.

    CDC has me seriously confused sometimes...