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  1. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    dirty... hope the guy deserved it :/
  2. Alexandre Grenier | RW

    How's Grenier been playing lately? I know he had a good start to the season -- in spite of the Comets' place in the standings...
  3. Cole Cassels | C

    Road games? lol xP
  4. Cole Cassels | C

    He's not Canadian, dude
  5. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I mostly meant "blah... Utica..." cuz they're unexciting. Is he playing pretty good? I care more about that than the actual stats. EDIT: thanks for jumping on my back, everybody
  6. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    How's Jensen been so far in Utica?
  7. Cole Cassels | C

    @ bold: Kasseler? Sedin - 1C Kesler - 2C or 1W Santorelli - 2C, or 3C on a deep team Richardson - 3C, or 4C on a deep team Schroeder - 2C on a bad team. Push to wing? Next year: Horvat, Cassels, and Gaunce pushing for 3C Cassels, Lain, and Mallet pushing for 4C We need a 2C, and we have a LOT of bottom 6 center options next year. Gaunce and Horvat can possibly develop into 2C's.
  8. Anton Cederholm | D

  9. Cole Cassels | C

    People in this thread, man... they're not even trying. Their head is so far beneath the sand they're hittin' the hardpan.
  10. Cole Cassels | C

    not really...
  11. Darren Archibald | #49 | RW/LW

    Ya, I think you are. He plays really hard on the puck, and back-checks very effectively. The biggest difference between Archibald's play and Sestito is how effective they are using their size. Sestito skates around and tries to throw hits and wrestle with people, but he doesn't get much out of it. He's bad along the boards. Archibald focuses on the puck, but is very aware of who is around it, and who is around him. He skates hard, and has put a lot of effort into developing his quickness this last year. He goes for that puck and rocks anybody in his path. Sestito just goes for the hit, never mind the actual puck. When Archibald has the puck, he protects it until he makes the play. When Sestito has the puck, he bounces it off the wall or the glass, or passes back to a defenseman. Overall, Sestito and Archibald could be pretty much the exact same player if Sestito just had a little more hockey sense. Arch is a bit smarter and a bit faster. That equates to being a clear upgrade. Sestito's only 1-up on Arch is he's a bit bigger. But what good is that if he's too slow and not smart enough to use it as well? Archibald also plays with more fire, which is the biggest reason Torts seems to like the guy.
  12. Cole Cassels | C

    MG out-Feaster'ed Jay Feaster
  13. Cole Cassels | C

    Looks like he's gone, DeNiro. Coast is clear :D HI FIVE!