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  1. dirty... hope the guy deserved it :/
  2. How's Grenier been playing lately? I know he had a good start to the season -- in spite of the Comets' place in the standings...
  3. Road games? lol xP
  4. He's not Canadian, dude
  5. I mostly meant "blah... Utica..." cuz they're unexciting. Is he playing pretty good? I care more about that than the actual stats. EDIT: thanks for jumping on my back, everybody
  6. How's Jensen been so far in Utica?
  7. Booth hasn't scored a goal in the AHL in HOW long?
  8. @ bold: Kasseler? Sedin - 1C Kesler - 2C or 1W Santorelli - 2C, or 3C on a deep team Richardson - 3C, or 4C on a deep team Schroeder - 2C on a bad team. Push to wing? Next year: Horvat, Cassels, and Gaunce pushing for 3C Cassels, Lain, and Mallet pushing for 4C We need a 2C, and we have a LOT of bottom 6 center options next year. Gaunce and Horvat can possibly develop into 2C's.
  9. Good nutrition, right there. Ancient Grains for an Ancient Caveman!
  10. WTF?
  11. People in this thread, man... they're not even trying. Their head is so far beneath the sand they're hittin' the hardpan.
  12. I only agree if those lines start seeing more minutes. Kassian has played well enought o get *some* second line minutes. Might as well do it during a road trip, while Burr is getting back into game shape (he did just put on skate guards again. may need a few games to adjust again. happened last time he switched to wearing them)
  13. not really...