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  1. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    dirty... hope the guy deserved it :/
  2. Alexandre Grenier Talk

    How's Grenier been playing lately? I know he had a good start to the season -- in spite of the Comets' place in the standings...
  3. Is it time to put Kassian with the Sedins?

    I see what you did there
  4. Cole Cassels Talk

    Road games? lol xP
  5. Cole Cassels Talk

    He's not Canadian, dude
  6. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I mostly meant "blah... Utica..." cuz they're unexciting. Is he playing pretty good? I care more about that than the actual stats. EDIT: thanks for jumping on my back, everybody
  7. Is it time to put Kassian with the Sedins?

    You're just a Kassian-hating troll. You have every right to feel that he's not ready to play with the Sedins, but to say garbage like an injured Hansen that's not on the ice is better than Kassian is a complete joke.
  8. Is it time to put Kassian with the Sedins?

    Well, that's always an option, too, but I'm pretty happy with the Higgins-Santorelli pair, so I wouldn't want to see that get split up in order to split the Sedins. I'd rather see Kesler put on Santorelli's other wing.
  9. Is it time to put Kassian with the Sedins?

    Kesler is fine with the Sedins as a shake-up, but I don't really think he's a permanent solution. And I don't want him playing 2C, either. I like him better at wing. We need do divide this talent a little bit. I think Kesler's skill-set and play-style compliments Higgins and Santorelli. I think he should play on that right wing. Then you're left with "who to put with the Sedins?" There's Burr, but that is not a permanent solution. This has proven not to work in the play-offs the way we need it to. Higgins-Santorelli should keep playing together. Archibald hasn't proven he's ready to play on top 6. He's doing great in a bottom 6 role right now. Richardson needs to stay at center for us. Kassian is the one who is left, who has been playing well and improving, and could use a quick confidence boost. You never know until you try. He played well last year with the Sedins in that short stint (and it wasn't all Sedins... Kassian played great). Torts might be able to get something more consistent out of him with more minutes.
  10. Is it time to put Kassian with the Sedins?

    Higgins - Santorelli has been our best pair for a large chunk of the season. They were doing it fine - I'd even go as far as saying better - without Burrows. I really don't feel like Burrows is handling the minutes quite yet.
  11. Is it time to put Kassian with the Sedins?

    You kind of got the wrong idea from my post, there... Rich - Burrows would be a great pair in their own end. On top of that, Rich has been providing a surprising amount of offense, and I think Burrows would gel really well with him.
  12. Is it time to put Kassian with the Sedins?

    LOL Hansen and Burrows? Welcome to 2013, bud. Hansen is injured, btw. Sestito? Archibald and Welsh play hard, but they aren't exactly showing offensive prowess that garners time on the 1st line. Higgins is no good on the right wing. Santorelli was there, but if you cared to read the post, you'd see that I don't want to move him from center. Richardson is a checking center. Can't move him off center. I haven't taken the time to reply to the other posts yet, but this one stood out to me as incredibly stupid.
  13. I have a few reasons why I ask this question. First off, Kassian has played pretty good this year. While I know some people like to rag on him for their own reasons, I'm overall very happy with the progress he has made this year. I think he's earned some time on the first line, and I think Tortorella recognizing it will help boost his confidence. There are a few little things I notice him do on the ice, and through them I can see that he has learned to protect the puck better and maintain possession. We've also seen with the goals that he has scored that he is playing in the areas where we need him to - and where the Sedins need someone to. Right in front of the net, and along the boards. On to the second note - Kesler is playing good, but he's starting to play like a Sedin. Unfortunately, that means less shooting and more passing, less time in the slot and more time on the wall. I think, with the way the Sedins - Kesler line is cooling off, I think the smart thing to do would be to divide the talent a little bit. Thirdly, I don't think Burrows is ready for the (buffed) second line minutes. He isn't up to game speed, and he's fighting the puck. He has not had a good start to the season. I know everybody is going to hate to hear this, but I think he needs to get pushed down to the bottom 6 for a little while and get back to basics. He just needs to grind for a while. Fourth, and last for now: we all know why Kassian would be helpful for the Sedins. We also know he can produce with them. So here is the line-up change I'm going to propose: Sedin - Sedin - Kassian Higgins - Santorelli - Kesler Archibald - Richardson - Burrows Sestito - Welsh - Dalpe Note that I still want Kesler at wing. I think that's the right move. Additionally, Santorelli has been doing a fantastic job with that, and I see no reason to move him to wing. Furthermore, Higgins and Kesler with Henrik in between worked great earlier in the season, so I see no reason not to stick Kesler as the second line winger. I think the combination of Richardson-Burrows will be a great shutdown pair. As an added bonus, Archibald plays a high energy game, which will help get Burrows going. I think this could be a good, gritty, and obnoxious line to play against. Once Burrows' scoring touch starts to return, this line will have a scoring threat, too. Thoughts?