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  1. Move some bodies and make room for Gaudette, he’s earned it!
  2. Florida didn't pay him those BIG $ and neither did Torts for that matter. Many a player has had to suck it up with coaches BTW, weak argument. You're right about loyalty thing to the Canucks though! and some want to retire his number, it burns my cheese
  3. I like the blame game on Loui E, it's humorous. Here's one for you though. It's been suggested by some the big problem is our cap. Lu's retirement (as opposed to LTIR) is costing us cap wise big time. blame Lu not Lou imho and don't be starting threads about Lu's number retirement, #1 fkn ass.
  4. Blame Benning or Green for not having dealt with it in a definitive manner.
  5. I have watched the first 3 episodes, I will finish as time allows.
  6. 911 was a crime, this is entertainment. too much drama!
  7. in 50+ years of tears the Canucks are and will always be my team! My first Canucks game (in the new Pacific Coliseum) they played the Portland Buckaroos
  8. double shift? this isn't beer league hockey