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  1. Inflated numbers? Sounds like a problem (or not) I would be happy with
  2. Stop trading Boeser, go with the”Flow”
  3. which one do you speak of, aren't they all foundational?
  4. package Sutter with Eriksson and a spare parts D. take a bag of pucks back addition by subtraction
  5. Canucks have a strong case to go to court. Retroactive rules shouldn't hold up.
  6. Sign Boeser to a max term and pay him at least 8. 3-4 years from now it will seem like a steal.
  7. I'm all for PK if the price is right, Nashville needs cap space so it's possible. As the "Botch" said, weaponize your cap space.
  8. Gaudette has nothing to learn in Utica, his progress will be playing in the NHL against top level players. That being said perhaps the Canucks shouldn't be thinking playoffs this year. Regardless of playoffs is that it's best to have another year of growing the team thru youth development.
  9. Jim is trying all avenues to acquire a new d-man. I got to say that we already have 2 new d-men in Juolevi and Hughes. If Eddie doesn't like the offer made to him then he can move on, he's the past not the future.
  10. I submit my vote for none of the above. Time to move on if he's that pricey.
  11. Can't lose a young player to keep Edler in the Seattle expansion, this is just a non starter.