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  1. That's exactly what I was saying (Sbisa, Etem ?) "question mark" = as if to say that's not enough. So the price would be too high, who you giving in return Horvat???????? <---- question mark
  2. Evander Kane won't come cheap (Sbisa & Etem?), not worth giving up futures for. IMO better to stay away.
  3. I'm going to show Daniel some love, he was nice sharing a bit of time with my son. Sedins come in pairs only. Pointless to pick one over the other really.
  4. negative thread, no likey
  5. Schroeder, like anyone should care. Everyone passed on him but Gillis. Thanks goodness we now have Benning rating prospects.
  6. free agency = overpayment build through the draft and grow your own how many Boesers available tomorrow?
  7. Trade Sbisa keep the Hammer
  8. just trade Sbisa, maybe we can get RNH... ah ha ha ha
  9. Lucia has talked with Canucks to be sure, if he chooses Benning's offer is another thing.
  10. I'm trying to make a point here... If they don't make the team how much value do they really have. Probably get Corrado back.
  11. No Dubois so... We get Olli he's not a goalie Olli the goalie not good Olli the puck mover... REAL, REAL GOOD!
  12. Jaco Pastorius of Weather Report
  13. Don't feed the trolls!
  14. I too enjoyed your breakdown OP. All good points and clearly shows you can read into the stats as you will, much like CDC posters (some positive, some negative).
  15. I like the trade. RHD and has the size to move the Western division power forwards out of the way. He can use his mitts and has leadership qualities. Honestly the sky isn't falling.