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  1. I heard a rumor that Sekeres numbers are down and he’s looking for some attention
  2. I’m a stick in rink guy. Like the new style of it best.
  3. What does an Orca have to do with "Canuck". In the dictionary "Canuck" doesn't mention a whale!
  4. In the west I hope someone moves to Portland. If it's an eastern based team then Quebec City.
  5. Best I remember It’s someplace between your ears.
  6. Buy out Eriksson and I'll be happy. I'd like to keep Toffoli if he'll be reasonable salary wise (use Eriksson money saved). We'll be able to add Tryamkin as well, regardless of what others say he's a beast.
  7. Seriously, if Goldobin was an NHL player the Canucks would have traded him. He's simply not able to play a 2 way game and his offence was very sporadic.
  8. At some point Loui will be riding a bus then we'll see.
  9. If they don't make the other team pay for the treatment of our stars then at least go after the other team's stars. Do something. Complaining to or about refs doesn't do crap. Score is out of hand, game is lost anyways so send a message for F sakes.
  10. Trade Boeser? ?? ??? ???? ????? So many here just pose as Canucks fans or really don’t know crap about hockey!