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  1. We lost too many of our D to injury and sadly Lu couldn't hold the fort
  2. Lockwood
  3. Jake!
  4. I think Benning was always capable. Thank goodness the handcuffs have finally been taken off and he doesn't have to trade assets for bandaide solutions anymore. In particular this years deadline trades and draft look awesome.
  5. Not a chance Edmonton does this. Not only can they can get a better return, they wouldn't want Hopkins in Vancouver.
  6. back up the truck and pay him fairly, he's earned it and I don't have any doubt he will continue to
  7. OMG, this would be a good trade? ? ?? ??? ???? shaking my head, now my neck hurts!
  8. I don't know where Gaudette ends up on the list but he's impressed me.
  9. how about a link to the stream or is not not available yet? I don't see the game on Facebook. Got the game now, talk about waiting till the last minute
  10. incredibly negative topic
  11. quote from NHL.com "Jaromir Jagr still is waiting for his phone to ring. The No. 2 scorer in NHL history remains available after the first day of free agency Saturday, two days after he posted a humorous tweet that included a photo of himself on the phone, saying he had not yet received any calls from NHL teams and was trying to call them." seems 'bout right, don't want him here unless he's on the other team. posters here don't agree with me but I can tell JB and TL do.
  12. best wishes to Miller time.
  13. Sorry but there is a media bias. We live in the country of Toronto don't you know.
  14. sending Goldobin back to the minors? Jagr is our future then? I don't agree, Horvat would be all by himself at the net while Jagr is still at centre ice. Jagr is way too slow to play with Horvat, the game is now about speed and skill. Jagr has no speed.
  15. and send who to the minors? Boeser, Goldobin? we have enough now to surround our kids and give them the chance