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  1. wake up OP, you're dreaming only place 22 and 33 are going is to the rafters
  2. like the difference between captain serious and captain obvious?
  3. I guess my attempt at humour went over yer head
  4. I like how 50 wins is the highest number in the poll, TEAM TANK prediction?
  5. and what does that have to do with what I said since you quoted me
  6. Some kids might be ready and developing means playing against the best. You can't just throw out a blanket statement and cover all the young ones, they're all individuals and need to be treated that way with respect to development.
  7. Spooner is over ratted, he plays on the same team as Marchand.
  8. We lost too many of our D to injury and sadly Lu couldn't hold the fort
  9. Lockwood
  10. Jake!
  11. I think Benning was always capable. Thank goodness the handcuffs have finally been taken off and he doesn't have to trade assets for bandaide solutions anymore. In particular this years deadline trades and draft look awesome.
  12. Not a chance Edmonton does this. Not only can they can get a better return, they wouldn't want Hopkins in Vancouver.
  13. back up the truck and pay him fairly, he's earned it and I don't have any doubt he will continue to
  14. OMG, this would be a good trade? ? ?? ??? ???? shaking my head, now my neck hurts!