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  1. I really like using this as a reference as it has all the trade and draft swap info in great detail. It has every previous year listed as well as who was selected. Its an awesome site.
  2. It must feel awesome to watch your team win in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. I hope i get to feel that soon!!!!
  3. I think his game might be more suited to soccer....with a net that big he might be able to rack up a few more points!
  4. Its about time we got some Zebra's on our team...the Bruins have had them for years!!!
  5. I have unfortunately scored again on my list. Ex Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke passed away yesterday. Most of you probably have no idea who this man was, but I'd like to take a moment to paint a picture. Bob Hawke Prime Minister of Australia 1983-1991. He is possibly the most loved Prime Minister this country has had since WW2. But my fondest memory and the reason I think he is a legend is Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke was previously the world record holder for the fastest drinking of a yard of beer, when he downed a sconce pot in eleven seconds as part of a traditional Oxford college penalty. Now I have drunk one of these things and it took me about 5 minutes or so....but 11 seconds is freakin outrageous!!!! RIP Bob Hawke you legend!
  6. Awful news for the hockey community and heartbreaking for his friends and family who love him the most. 48 is WAY too young! I try to live my life to its fullest everyday. Have no fear, embrace change and chase your dreams because life is very short. Far too short to be wasting even a precious second. Smile more Love more Try new things more One day you can be king of the world and the next day gone.... RIP Mr Botchford, I did not know you but my heart is still saddened by your passing
  7. Thanks SID for explaining that. I had to read it twice as I got a brain cramp the first time.
  8. My picks and I seem to have a few threads that I created around this. I usually did one right after the draft each year. I checked them and these were the picks I wanted at the time 2014- Ehlers and Demko 2015 - Rasmus Anderssen 2016 - Olli Julevi 2017 - Cody Glass 2018 - Hughes I think Benning and Brackett have done a much better job than I would have. When you go deeper into the rounds of each draft, its where they really show how its done.
  9. Be careful people, we definitely do not want the system to change now. The Canucks could very well be one of those teams that just misses out on the playoffs next year, and from what ive seen of the prospects next year Alexis Lafreniere and Quentin Byfield look bloody amazing. The Canucks do not want to miss out on an opportunity to draft either of them if they unfortunately do not make the playoffs. The Canucks have been shafted every draft in recent history (although both JB's have done very well with their selections) could you imagine if they changed the rules again and the Canucks finished just outside the playoffs and had no chance to move up to 1st overall. I think that may just tip some of us over the edge.
  10. I can understand that we are all P***ed off about getting screwed yet again, but its what makes us bleed Blue and Green. The Canucks and us fans have been getting it in the rear end from day dot. Its going to make hoisting the Stanley Cup so much better. We can hold the cup in one hand and give the finger to everyone else with our other! We can say "we got shafted at every every turn by the league, by the officials by the ever changing lottery rules but we stuck together and won this by our own shear hard work and determination. Thank you all for nothing!" It will be won by a team that had no leg ups or helping hands, one created by good management, good team work and Blue and Green pride! No gifted 1st overalls or expansion draft shopping adventures. It will happen and I will be there bending over Scottish style telling the rest of the league to kiss my hairy A**.
  11. Its nearly time friends.... I really hope to see a lot of this after the draw.
  12. What do you think Toronto would stump up if you offered to take Horton and his 5+ M cap hit? Could you get their 1st +++ ? Its only for another year which the Canucks could handle and it allows the leafs to do something with Marner. Would the leafs do Sandin and their first to clear Horton? Edit just realised they dont have a first this year, maybe next years first? Doesnt really help the Canucks immediately