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  1. so it would be good for down here n Australia?
  2. Hey Alf i have quoted you on this previously and will do again. ( I mean no disrespect and i love your optimism) but no player (defender) since Lidstrom in 1992 has hit 60+ points in a rookie season. I hope Quinn does but we need to curb the expectations and be realistic. if he hits 45 thats awesome anything over that is freakin amazing. I am very happy if in 10 months i am wrong to apologise to you unreservedly. By the way I am so pumped for this upcoming season
  3. I'm 5'13" and I move pretty well laterally (good skills dodging any sort of real work)
  4. This news make me very happy. For two reasons. 1. A plan has been set in place and the creative team that started the process looks like it will get the chance to see it to fruition. So often you see a management team start something only for it to be turned 180 degrees just prior to the plan being executed. I praise the Canucks for acknowledging the good work Jim and his staff have done. 2. Jim Benning was a first time GM at the start of his tenure. He has made mistakes and from my point of view is learning from those mistakes. He is becoming a GM who is respected in the league and more importantly respected by his players. He is making very good decisions for the benefit of the team. Jim is building a team of quality staff who support the team and are working very hard to improve it. The one major decision I would like to see completed is to lock up Judd Bracket for as long as possible. I personally think he is the best thing that has happened to the Canucks in the last 5 years. I think non player wise he is the biggest influence on the future of this franchise. Definitely a GM in the making. He has great poise, and a master of his craft.
  5. I got Bergeron vs Roy.... No not this Bergeron..... But this one... Against this Roy.... Good luck with that!!!! @janisahockeynut the only thing you are missing is a few cold beers and to throw some shrimps on the BBQ.
  6. So what happens now if a team offer sheets Marner for more than 10% of the cap? How much is that exactly? and how many picks would it cost? I would love to see how the Leafs could turn that around and match it.
  7. Penalty recapture on the Luongo contract but this sort of thing is OK. That will do me! Before anyone rips in, I know this is within the rules...but so was the Luongo contract.
  8. All Australian Hockey Team for consideration. Some big dollars spent on the first line, second line is a little crazy. The third line is all toughness. 4th line is a mixture of skill and courage. The first pairing Defence is "young" but exciting. The second pairing will go to "Waugh" with anyone. The third paring is all about teamwork and the goalies are safe in the net. Not sure on how they would go, but it would be a riot to watch, i think they would go good in the face punching department. 1st Line LW Center RW 2nd Line . LW Center RW 3rd Line LW Centre RW 4th Line . LW Centre RW 1st pairing Defence 2nd pairing defence 3rd Pairing defence Goalie Goalie
  9. For me I will be satisfied by the following criteria EP, Bo and Brock increase their Goals and points from last season, (i will be ecstatic if they can run at a point per game or close to it) Sutter and Tanev play 65 games Hughes doesnt get broken Jake scores 20 goals Olli makes it onto the team There is fight in the team much like the first 2 months of last season, but it last through the entire season, I dont care if they lose games, but as long as they make the opposition work for goals and points. That will make hockey fun for me. Anything else is a bonus.
  10. I love your optimism @Alflives and I would love that to happen, but no rookie defender in the last 10 years has broken 50pts, if he can manage 30pts its an awesome season, anything over that is just cream! I would love hime to get 40+ that would be something special.
  11. True...but it might be a platypus????
  12. hockeygod77 I wholeheartedly agree with you! Scouting and upper management are clueless. The sooner they get back to 2007 to 2012 selection standards the better off this team will be. Who is this Benning clown anyway?