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  1. Max Domi sucker punches Ekblad

    Thats just down right embarrassing for everyone involved. Domi should be embarrassed as he made an A$$ of himself. Domi's father looked embarrassed. Ekblad is probably embarrassed too. (probably wished he have of protected himself a little better) It's just not a good look for the pre season.
  2. Posted February 23, 2016 (edited) It doesn't matter how much you polish this , it's still a colossal TURD Edited February 23, 2016 by canuckpuckluck15 This is what I had to say about it at the time...shows how little I know about anything!!!!
  3. Waivers: who gets claimed?

    I agree with you on Goldobin, if he gets waived he is just not an NHL player. The kid can play but if his game is not complete enough to make it on our team then good luck to who ever claims him and enjoy fitting him into your squad. Its my personal opinion that Virtanen is already an NHL player on any team in this league...not a complete player but one that with continued coaching will be a player for a long time. I have no idea how good or effective but he has very impressive potential to be a game changer... As a fan he excites me very much.
  4. Olli Juolevi | D

    Please help me try to understand....i just don't get it! Why is everyone so keen to see him suit up for the big club? So many people on these forums are so quick to bitch and moan he was the wrong pick.... The Canucks don't need immediate help , lets be honest the defence is somewhat of a tire fire. If you throw kids just learning their craft into that mess and expect Norris candidates to rise out of the ashes you are deluded. If those same prospects fail then the horrible word BUST starts getting thrown around. Its my opinion that OJ has been given every opportunity to learn how to be an NHL player by the Canucks management, and if it takes 1 or even 2 more years before he plays for the Canucks then its what is required for him to be the best player he can possible be.
  5. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Jake Virtanen

    wow do we get a free hug too?
  6. Rank Your NHL Goal Horns 1-31

    I only ever hear the one horn! Too busy cursing and swearing to hear any other goal horns. A one eared supporter here.
  7. Travis Green & Jim Benning Interview on SN650

    But it's still "a process" right?
  8. [Discussion] New Canucks President

    Please stop making sense...there is just no place for it on CDC!
  9. Trevor Linden stepping down as President - Confirmed

    Maybe there was no reason other than he has had enough and isn't enjoying the role anymore. He has had a very long and very good career, then 4 years battling to right this ship now maybe its just the right time to happens.
  10. [Signing] Flames re-sign Elias Lindholm

    They have Mason McDonald the prospect chosen by the Flames over Thatcher Demko....ha ha that one always gives me belly laughs!!!!
  11. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Nota slight on your projection but is that the most expensive 4th line in NHL history? $12M fourth hope it puts up some points.
  12. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I was eating my breakfast cereal when i read this post. I laughed so hard milk came out my nose. Great post very funny +1
  13. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    Having seen neither of them play an NHL game i can tell you Dahlin is Swedish and Hughes is American. Now any American will tell you its the greatest nation on earth and Americans are simply the best at everything so Hughes must be a better player right???
  14. [Poll] Logjam at Offense

    Vannuck59 Thanks for your feedback. Could you explain in a bit more detail what you disagree with in regards to my post. We both agree Biega, Eriksson, Gagner and Gaunce would clear waivers, I think Beagle and Schaller might, but even if they didn't they are no loss if they have been displaced by a prospect out of summer camp. They cost the organisation nothing to obtain. Therefore I see them as low risk. Nilsson I class much the same, in that if Demko was to push him out of the team and he was lost on waivers its no real loss to the organisation as far as an asset is concerned. Markstrom is possibly the only player who if waived might be considered a loss if he was claimed. The other two categories for Medium and High risk definitely affect the asset pool and I feel would be claimed.
  15. 4 Year Term is Fine!

    I posted this in another thread but was interested to get some constructive feedback on the Canucks roster and the use of waivers. Going through the roster i suggest the following players carry certain levels of risk that the player would be claimed if they were waived. High Risk Horvat Sutter Virtanen (low cap and potential) Granlund (low cap) Leipsic (low cap and potential) Edler (low cap for what he brings) Tanev Gudbranson Pouliot Stetcher I dont think it would be good management to lose any of these players without gaining assets for them. Medium risk Baertschi Roussel Hutton Del Zotto I feel these players could be good trade pieces over the next few seasons and the team would likely want to see a return in assets (picks/prospects) Low Risk Markstrom Nilsson Biega Eriksson Beagle Gagner Schaller Gaunce If the team lost any of these players does that change the future of the team? Not significantly as they can be replaced by the current prospects. The fact that the Canucks have plenty of cap space is there any reason as to why the Canucks could not confidently waive any of the low risk players to make room for any of the youth players if the younger guys perform better? Over the past 3-4 years the Canucks have not had the benefit/ luxury of being able to waive the rostered vets for fear of losing them. I think this year the Canucks could lose any of the low risk players I listed and possibly replace them with a prospect. I am not suggesting this is a course of action more a situation that Benning has constructed to allow flexibility. Carrying $10 M in the farm team is a huge waste of money but in the scheme of things doesnt hurt the team this year, as suggested by a poster earlier in this thread.