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  1. canuckpuckluck15

    [Rumour] Everyone in St. Louis is available

    Yes that was brutal....such a horrible draft pick. Looking at it now there was Damon Severson, Colton Parayko, Esa Lindell and Shayne Gotisbehere all available just after Mallet. Hindsight is quite painful actually, makes me a bit sick to the stomach to see how different things could be. Its also the beauty of drafting. If you do your due diligence and have a good AHL program your team can benefit so much.
  2. canuckpuckluck15

    Jett Woo | D

    I think Kristoffer Gunnarsson has that role completely sewn up .
  3. canuckpuckluck15

    [Report] Mark Giordano suspended 2 games

    I cant get on board with that one Alf. It wasn't Gaudreau acting like a bell end! If Pettersen copped it after the silly hit by MDZ a few games ago there would be un uproar on the board. I have no issue if someone wanted to take it out on Giordano, he most definetly deserves straightening out after that display
  4. canuckpuckluck15

    [Waivers] Brendan Leipsic (Kings claim Leipsic)

    What you never saw Mason Raymond play?
  5. Warhippy i am with you, if one of those children was mine i would be down there putting gloves on those teachers and finding out how bored they really are! it would be an old fashioned beatdown. I know your not supposed to hit women but i would struggle to contain myself. No child should be subject to this stupidity for someone elses entertainment. Its appalling and makes me quite upset.
  6. canuckpuckluck15

    2018-19 Utica Comets Thread

    Nearly a mirror image of the Canucks today, although they were on the wrong side of the scoreline. Its interesting how perception works. The Comets result was gutsy and well done, whilst the Canucks result is a little deflating.
  7. canuckpuckluck15

    [GDT] l CANUCKS @ SABRES l 10:00 PST l SAT, NOV 10 2018

    11:50 am Wife -” WTF are you doing? It’s not even noon” Me- “ uuuhhhh but babe. It’s #shotgunjake” Wife- “Who, What? You guys need to get a life.” It's 6.50am in Sydney and my family is still asleep....it's gunna be a rude shock when they wake up and Daddy is slurring his words!!!!
  8. You can hear how much the 200 foot game has been drilled in to Jake. Its great to hear! I am really hoping he puts it together and becomes a great player.
  9. canuckpuckluck15

    [PGT] Washington Capitals at Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 22, 2018

    I like Stetcher but he is a complimentary defender at the NHL level. As for liking the defence I am on the other side of the fence im afraid. They struggle to apply pressure, they allow far to much space and really struggle with fast break out passes. There is not one defender who makes the opposition nervous. There is no one with a cannon of a shot, no one with accuracy in their shot and when they are on the powerplay there is no defender that has the ability to create time and space for a team mate. If you watch good PP specialists they have head and shoulder movement, shimmies and can create space without even moving there feet. Unfortunately Edler is like a statue and is easily read by the defending team and if they get the opportunity to press him he is not able to change the direction of the play. Whatever direction his hands are playing is where the puck goes, he cannot seem to fake out a defender and just gets boxed in. Tanev is a straight up and down defender who plays well on his man but very little offensive flair. Pouliot scares me watching as you just dont know what you are going to get and Gudbranson is exposed by speed. They are all complimentary level defenders. Edler if he wasnt relied upon as being the number 1 defender is certainly a quality NHL level defender but the Canucks have very little else to rely upon other than him. The team desperately needs some defenders with offensive capabilities. I hope the young guys coming through can fill the void, its desperately needed!
  10. When you make stuff up its really your only go to comment
  11. canuckpuckluck15

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Carolina Hurricanes | Oct. 09, 2018

    I typed "Canucks Goalies" into Google and got this image! Seems legit
  12. canuckpuckluck15


    I absolutely love this post. The fact that the edit is for spelling brings me to tears. I read this and I immediately picture this guy at the keyboard. Pure gold!
  13. canuckpuckluck15

    2019 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, BC

    Way to early to make heads or tails of who is going where, but if the Canucks pick 3-7 do they take best Defender available or BPA? They do need to get another first pairing defender (with size) to round out the D corps, but another first line centre would be perfect, tough call this year. Im really interested in what is going to happen at the draft this year. I am praying its the final top 10 pick they make in a long while (barring a trade pick up)
  14. canuckpuckluck15

    [Waivers] 18 players - Sept. 25, 2018

    I cant think of the name but i think it was Tampa Lightning who picked up a players a few days ago.