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  1. Ive just had the police knock on my door. Ive won this the last two years running and im currently on 5 this year. The 5-0 want to know whats going on!
  2. We have had fake crowd noises for the National Rugby League in Australia for weeks and it was really very good. For the first two weeks with no crowds and no fake noise There was a really hollow sound with an empty stadium and you could really just hear the players and referees. There was little to no atmosphere. With the introduction of the crowd noise the game was a lot better to watch. I have to commend the guys adding the noise as they did a very good job. We are back to small crowds now who seem to be very vocal (just excited to see live sport again). PS cant wait for the hockey to get going again....stupid virus!!!!!
  3. Did you mean FELINE Potvin or maybe its Nikolai TABBYbulin. Looks a bit like PURnie Parent. I'm not kitten around here!
  4. You what the best part of all this is? It is not a Canucks issue...he's long gone, will quickly be forgotten and we can focus on the quality individuals (men of character) that JB has assembled to wear the Blue and Green. It's fun to watch other teams problems. BTW just for clarity I do not support of condone the comments by this peabrain and his colleagues, this is completely neanderthal mentality at its finest.
  5. I said this last time... for me its all about entertainment and Gino is 100%pure entertainment. He was heart and soul for his team mates. Have a look at this video. Not just for the face punching damage but watch the pure joy he exudes every time he hits the back of the net. He is like a kid, just so stoked to be doing what he loves, with his mates and for the fans. No thats entertainment baby! Gino has to be next on the list.
  6. Okay friends I need to ask the question... Is hockey about entertainment? Well it is for me and therefore I am voting for the most entertaining Canuck left on the list Gino Odjick. Seriously every time he played you just didn't know what might happen. When something big did happen it was colossal. Like this!!!! Gino is a very special part of the Canucks story and its certainly time to add him to this list. I nominate Dan Hamhuis
  7. Yes #14 at 14 please Alex Burrows Nominating Gino. Maybe not as skilled as others but what a heart and so entertaining.
  8. I think it might be in the league and Bettmans best interest to allow the Penalty recapture for Luongo to be bought out. It gives them an option to back peddle with Webber. As it currently stands Nashville and Montreal to a lesser extent are in a whole world to SH!t if Webber retires. This would allow everyone to save face and not make a farce of this ridiculous situation. How on earth Nashville could possibly manage to find the money to pay $12M or $24 M for Webbers retirement without wiping out the team is anyones guess. Its a good opportunity to start with a clean slate and more level playing surface.
  9. I am just tired of seeing the Canucks goalies screened and the tips from in front are driving me nuts. I want to see someone clear the crease. Stetcher works hard but he cannot physically move those forwards from in front and if he takes up a position early he is more easily moved than someone like Myers. We need some more of our own immovable objects in front of the net. Some defenders with size and speed will really help the team. I just feel the team is too light at the moment with Stetcher and Hughes at one end of the size spectrum and Myers being the only one at the other end. The rest of the defence is not small but not monstrous either. Tryamkin just adds some serous height and weight which is exactly what this team needs.
  10. You need to be lightning quick to beat Vintage Congrats on 100k posts
  11. I know it doesnt really matter.... but who picked the 3 stars today? Do they watch hockey at all? Did they watch this game? Wow
  12. Quality response good sir...I tip my hat to you. Thanks for the good laugh