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  1. I often see posts on here about "why cant we have nice things?" Well people we are pretty lucky cause i think we have the "nicest" thing! EP is something special.
  2. canuckpuckluck15

    [GDT] Canucks VS Devils, Mar 15, 2019 -- Man Down Edition

    i believe if you put skates on some monkeys the power play would like similar to what we just witnessed
  3. canuckpuckluck15

    [GDT] Canucks VS Devils, Mar 15, 2019 -- Man Down Edition

    are there any words to describe that power play? I have none!
  4. canuckpuckluck15

    (Rumour) Canucks interested in Nico Sturm

    The way I see it, you can never complain about a free asset. If he makes the NHL he is another piece that improves the team or can become a tradable asset. Remember the guy who trade a red paperclip all the way to a house? More pieces you have to trade with the better trading partner you become. Benning is building his assets and stockpiling good young players due to quality drafting, long term success in my eyes. He also has a stockpile of cash which he can use to pay his young emerging squad. Boeser needs a pay rise, Demko, Hutton Lievo and Motte all need to be paid. Benning for some of his faults in building a great core that will be competitive in the not too distant future.
  5. canuckpuckluck15

    (Rumour) Canucks interested in Nico Sturm

    I like your thought process. Over the next few seasons the Canucks will have a vet contract or two they can turn into draft picks as the kids start to develop and fill in the holes. Exciting times ahead. Gaudette looks better each game, I really like his game he will very soon make Sutter expendable which is great timing for Sutters expiring contract next season.
  6. average shot from the bearded lady
  7. F_R_ N_W_LL BR_WN. Anyone wanna buy a vowel?
  8. Its a bloody long bus ride, the bus has wifi so i am streaming the game. I like to check into the game day thread from time to time during the game. Ive got the guys on the bus watching with me.
  9. Well I am on a 1000km road trip from Sydney to Gold Coast. My mate is having his 50th. He owns a bus company so we are on one of his buses. Another mate owns a brewery so we are drinking Honey Rider Easy Ales!!! I am loving life! Come on Canucks, get a win to top it all off