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  1. I like what he brings as a player, and am intrigued at the idea of Ferland & Tryamkin joining the team for a playoff run. If Try doesn’t fit into the current team - I would think he’s a valuable trade asset. His agent’s language about being able to play on ‘any NHL team,’ may be hinting at exactly that.
  2. Thanks - that seems pretty reasonable
  3. At his current pace, what’s a recent comparable bridge deal?
  4. So Petey is better than a PPG in his ‘sophomore slump,’ and Quinn is approaching 30 points (which would be very respectable for the year) at the halfway mark.
  5. Barber: do you want any product in your hair? Sat: nah....
  6. Agree...I’m expecting a huge push here. Starting on the PP, which has been getting more chances. Let’s go boys... time for 3 unanswered goals