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  1. Another great game for him. He is legit. There's no more feeling that he's going to let in some early goals. He's giving our team loads of confidence, which is going to pay dividends for us this season. I'm super happy for him, because I had written him off and didn't expect the sudden click for him. Ian Clarke has obviously done wonders for Marky's game. This is great news for us that he's arrived.
  2. We hung on for the win, which I credit the Nucks for. The Rangers turned it on big time, which I also give them mad credit for; they were buzzing and hemming us in, and doing it very well. It was a great win - I bet the boys were pumped after hanging in there.
  3. Marky and 4th line had a great games today. Give NY credit, they came hard in the 3rd, but our boys fought hard to stave them off. 2pts and on to the next one.
  4. He's already played NHL games, tho, no? And why was it fine to bring Gaudette, Brock, and Hughes straight onto the team near the end of the year from college? He's played in the NHL and KHL for how many years now and playing well? If our backend is healthy and playing well enough to keep Tree out then of course he shouldn't be kicking anyone else out of their spot simply to gift him time. My point, which includes other posts of mine, is that he should be brought onto the team and place him in the lineup if the moment warrants it; because he did play well for us, got better quite quickly, all things considered, and Willie mishandled (since mistreated can be interpreted wrongly here on CDC) his use by asking him to play like Pronger and giving others more ice time than him when he was clearly ready for a top 6 role. I think many underrate his value on these boards, and some even hold a grudge towards him, which is weird.
  5. With our firepower our pp so far is unacceptable. We should be having Brock and Petey ripping one timers from much lower.
  6. I think everyone can agree on this. I've just never heard or seen him expect anything and don't buy the belief that he has an attitude. The thing is, is that it's still October with five, or so, months before he can even come back. So much can happen until then. The other thing is, is that he is worth bringing back and giving a real shot at making a real impact with us, rather than play the "sorry, tree, but you gotta buy your time and wait until next year" approach. He has too much potential to mistreat again. Sure, he needs to show he is good enough to make our top 6, but we need to give him a real chance to do that rather than treat him like last time.
  7. What you're missing that others saw, myself included, is that Tree played well enough to earn ice time, but Willie refused to give it to him. He was then told to play like Pronger, when that's not his game. He watched his buddy Goldie score a goal and then get sat for basically the rest of the game. He didn't receive clear communication from the coaching staff. He then decided to go home where he could play more. He's now quite interested in coming back, likely because Willie is no longer there and Green is - he sees the new culture of "you play well, you get ice time". He earned more ice time than he was given (our D core was not good back then). I don't see the same entitlement that you do, but we can agree to disagree. If he expects more ice than our new D core, then I'll share your sentiment, but right now I don't historically see it.
  8. Similar to Leonard Cohen, it's because he was a poet - an absolutely amazing artist. Regardless if you like his stuff, he's worth respecting as an iconic Canadian artist.
  9. I think we can be pragmatic about it and not divisive. Bring him onto the team and help other guys rest, if needed, fill in for injuries, etc. I think he'll be a team player for us and buy in with green and the rest, no issues like last time. The guy deserves a shot to be a part of the team, and I don't believe we need to think of it as who he replaces but rather that he'll be here and naturally find his place and do what he can to help us win.
  10. Why was no one taking KL? Because they didn't have JB & co at the helm.
  11. I've been saying for a while that it's only a matter of time until our team starts jellin' and rollin', and we've been seeing it these past three games. Last night was a solid, solid effort. We're going to be a really tough team to play against all season. And when Roussel and Tree come back...