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  1. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    Goldie looked great last night. I bet JB & Co. were thrilled to see him play like that. He just made Burmistrov expendable. Give Goldie the minutes and then have him speak to Tree to help get him back.
  2. A Millennial job interview

    If you're applying for a communications position, yes. I've had some colleagues in the millennium generation come and go in the last couple of years, and some good ones stay. It's parenting, imo. Some get handed everything since they were young whereas others are taught to work hard for everything.
  3. canucks next move is very important

    I agree. Time to take the leash off and tell him to play the roll of energy in place of Dorsett.
  4. The Lack of Toughness and Pushback is Concerning

    I'm of the mind that it was as clean a hit as you can get, so I don't see the sense of taking an unnecessary penalty when Boeser got up like nothing had happened. Kudos to Hall. Now, if it was dirty then I'm on your page.
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. New York Rangers

    I don't know if it is too early anymore. He has showed his entire career that he is uber weak on his glove side, and the league knows it. Oh well. A little more time and demko will take over. Still, for this season I'd like to see Nilsson get more ice time.
  6. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. New York Rangers

    When Nilsson gets over his cold, I sure we see more of him. I lose confidence in Marky basically every game. His glove side is too weak, imo, to play so many games, especially when Nilsson has been so solid. I really want coaching to give Nilsson the net for a while and let him run with it. I think he's deserved it and Marky has had enough chances.
  7. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Elite players are needed, but they don't all have to play C.
  8. GMJB interview: 24.11.17

    JB for GM of the Year
  9. [Waivers] Eddie Lack

    This is only my personal opinion, but Lack's attitude--I.e. Mr. Niceguy--is the wrong kind of attitude for the league. I believe that he lacks--sorry for the unintended pun, but it's the right word to use--the intensity and competitive edge to be a legit NHL goalie, even at the backup level. Yes, he's super nice, but I think that kind of attitude starts to annoy coaches and teammates when everything seems like a joke--it's great for fans. Markstrom, on the other hand, in my opinion, lacks the elite skill to be a legit NHL #1 starting goalie, but his high competitive edge and intensity in games keeps him in the league and performing at a good backup level. I wish Lack the best of luck.
  10. At what point for Brocket Boeser

    I'll personally give it to the halfway mark. If he hasn't hit a slump then I think he's in the legit top echelon of the league. Of course, there's always a players second year that says a lot too. Right now he's projecting insanely well. And, yes, I get the feeling every shift he's on that he has a chance to score, and that should say a lot to us fans.
  11. I don't remember where I read it, but reports are that Gal might have a drug or alcohol issue going on, and that's why he's been struggling and falling out of favour. Now, if reports are true, do you reclaim a project with these types of issues?
  12. I dussi what you did there, and I like it.
  13. All star game candidate

    Horvat. Didn't he make it last year?