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  1. My point in relation to your point is that were we to win the lottery picks, or at least not drop, people on here (including you, most likely) would be saying that JBs strategy is the one that is "proven to win more cups" instead of "contrary to that view."
  2. If we won the lottery the last two years instead of dropping spots, which is out of JBs hands, what tune would you be singing right now about his strategy to win a cup?
  3. If you draft high, you have a better probability of winning. If you draft lower than top five and develop, you have a better probability of winning. If you trade for elite, you have a better probability of winning. Etc. There are a many formulas that work to win a cup, but it all boils down to needing a team of really good players who work well together, and luck. All of the formulas listed above, and more, are not mutually exclusive ways to win, so I, for one, don't know why these debates go on and on and on...
  4. The only problem with this is how management and coaching have been saying that if people earn their spots they will play. They've both earned it, so how do you deny them? Don't get me wrong, I'd be fine with then both being major roles in utica and being first call-ups, but I don't see them getting sent down.
  5. Well, I didnt say they aren't tough, just that I think they weren't tough enough to win the cup. I do think aggressive is the better word, though. They let Boston roll over them, trying to draw power plays because that was their bread and butter that year. If they were more aggressive and actually had some pushback, I think we would've won. But I digress. I like their leadership culture, but I won't miss their lack of aggression when the going gets tough.
  6. This will be pretty unpopular, but I am looking forward to the Sedins retiring. I think the team is better off without them and that they were never tough enough to win a cup.
  7. My opinion as a good scout in my world of online threads says "..." \_(o_O)_/?
  8. Even late, thanks the reply! I've stuck with it. Every time I consider starting another book, I keep wanting to read more of it. He's been compared to some of my favourite authors, so that might be part of the draw for me. But it's really starting to grow on me. I should be finished it by the end of next week. I'm a big reader, so I think I'll use this thread more in the future and see if some booksnobbery discussions take place over time. I'll let you know my thoughts on the book when I'm done. Cheers.
  9. How did Jake look tonight? From the highlights it looked like he was a big presence in front of their goalie on a couple goals and had a beauty takeaway. Was he consistent the whole night? I'm stoked he came to play this year.
  10. It was probably already mentioned somewhere in the previous 67 pages, but I feel like saying that I think the GKs jerseys are pretty friggin awesome.
  11. I feel these three are each other's direct competition for the last remaining spot on the 4th line.
  12. DD coming back and playing the same type of game he's used to concerns me. In a way, though, it gives me more hope for a T. Woods comeback.
  13. I'm confused, he said over the radio that Goldie would bolt, or he tweeted a question if he would bolt?