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  1. TINFOIL HAT: As another poster mentioned, an 18-4 Canucks to end the season (or something of that nature) in order to have a chance at making the playoffs is not going to happen, and anyone who believes that Benning & Co. believe we can achieve that is wearing more of a tinfoil hat than me right now. Why does JB trade Shink for a two-way Finish player with tonnes of offensive upside, who is also young? Because he believes that we will finish the year in a position to draft one of the Fins this year to compliment Granny. All the talk about making the playoffs is a ruse. In Benning I trust.
  2. The problem with most Canucks fans is that their prefrontal cortex's aren't regulating their amygdala properly (yes, I just went there). Lack is arguably the most overrated Canucks player of all time by Canucks fans. Because he's a 'nice guy' and makes people laugh or smile, to them, means that management should favour him over all others. He. Is. A. Career. Backup. Goalie. I like his laid back, care free attitude but only to a point. I would much rather have goalies like Miller or Markstrom who aren't joking around all the time, and I don't think I'm the only one.
  3. I think Benning & Co. know this and are fine with however it turns out. I like what they're doing; it's a win-win: we make the playoffs or we sell at the TD and draft high next year while freeing up tonnes of cap.
  4. Very much YES. Benning & Co. get rid of some cancer and bring in leadership to help with our young guys this year. We will probably ship out some more vets throughout the year to draft high, often and well. Then, like others have mentioned, we will free up 15-20 million in cap come free agency. Boom! Rebuild done and looking real good.
  5. And a NMC, WOW. Big payday for Sekera.
  6. 11 goals means nothing with his horrendous defensive ability. I would've preferred he walk. Uggh.
  7. Anyone know if any of the sports networks are streaming free agency online?
  8. Agreed. I like what Benning has done so far. You can tell the different philosophy that he has compared to MG. MG looked for cheaper contracts to try and stack a roster with vets, but in order to do so he had to dole out NTC left, right and centre; JB pays fair market price for players he can trade, should he ever feel the need is there. It pains me when fans cry fowl every time JB & Co make any moves. I mean, we're finally going to see a youth movement! And, tbh, I think we are still going to be competitive next year. People underestimate the power of youth in a lineup (speed, energy, etc). So stoked about training camp and beyond!
  9. Good for KB3, not very good for ANA. Don't get me wrong, I love Bieksa and what he did for our organization, but he is not worth $4m at this stage in his career.
  10. I like this pick a lot. A solid, stay-at-home d man to compliment someone like Clendening's style of play. Benning knows wuts up.
  11. I did a quick google search to see the difference between stereotypes and racism, and here's an example with the member's post in question that I think aptly shows the difference: Mostly all rich people want is $$$$$. (Stereotype) Mostly all natives want is $$$$$. (Racism) I suddenly feel like we're making some progress here on CDC :D
  12. This. Since it became unfashionable to be overtly racist, racism has morphed into many, more subtle, forms.
  13. I just want to clarify something... Are you saying that because I'm a non-native white male I can't speak on native issues or people of colour issues or gender issues, or any other social justice issues, for that matter?
  14. Sounds to me like you care more about your privilege than you do about humanity.