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  1. That's a fair point you make. My concern is the past reports of his attitude and stuborness to admit his faults on what he needs to work on. He may be able to change his behaviour, but I worry it won't last once he begins to struggle, which he most certainly will at some point. He just seems too fragile for me to want to give him a shot over our other young guys.
  2. The worst that could happen is he fails to live up to expectations and becomes another whipping boy/distraction. That kind of situation is not something we need with our rebuilding team full of young guys. He could easily being down morale and progress for others. Hard pass for me.
  3. Nail can Yakrightoff. I'd rather give guys like Dahlen and Virtanen a chance, since they actually work hard to deserve it.
  4. I feel like you're trolling, so I'll simply add to my original post to you and say that I think you need to look at our balanced depth of prospects, which does, in fact, already include a very good mix of skill, size and grit, and our rebuild still has time to unfold.
  5. I think it's best if you look at the full draft list and what we already have for c's on the team before making judgments like yours. We have a Horvat-type centreman, so why pick vilardi or glass when they're similar styles? Benning went with an elite playmaking centre in Elias, which we will need to replace Hank and round out our C depth. He then picked gritty, bruising scoring wingers with size the next two picks. Our prospect pool is very diverse and well-rounded since Benning became gm.
  6. I don't think we will have to worry about his skating, since he seems to always be in the right spot at the right time. Very good positionally. Plus, at the 3:15 Mark in the highlight video he blew by their D while shorthanded and scored a beauty. I like this guy a lot.
  7. I'm excited. Super skilled potential 1st line centre and some gritty potential 2nd line wingers who can score plus a potential starting goalie. This is why I have been a Benning fan from day 1.
  8. He was a goal per game for the last 40ish games of the season?! That's cray cray.
  9. Leadimg scorer on the rockets and he's from Saskatchewan... Good pick. And he's excited to get picked by Van. This could be this year's Boeser find.
  10. And my brother and I have identical frames. I'm not reading into it; I'm just saying it's a concern that him and his brother will be like me and my brother and have the same body styles. I hope this isn't the case, but it is a valid concern nonetheless.
  11. If what some people have claimed about his older brother never filling out his wirey frame are true, this pick concerns me. I hope those claims are wrong and we just stole the draft.
  12. It has been mentioned too many times to count that, although there are no franchise players at the top, this is a very deep draft throughout the first round, with most to be projected to make the NHL at some point in their careers.
  13. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Knights will not be nearly as good--i.e. playoff bound--as some people think they will be. They are making deals for draft picks and prospects in order to not take teams' better players; that says to me that they are looking towards making the playoffs down the road instead of right away.
  14. Sometimes i just hate this time of year
  15. A pick and prospect to us just for taking Seabrook is more like it. This rumour is nothing.