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  1. [Signing] Canucks sign Kole Lind

    Lind is going to fill out one day and be an absolute beast for us.
  2. See the problem with people like Willes, Botch, TheGuardian, etc. that Friedman is calling out is that they will find negativity in anything. It's a negative filter that is always on; it's how they live their lives. People can call them out on their ridiculous comments, such as "look at the standings the last few years", with rebuttals such as "we're rebuilding and were actually in a playoff spot before all the injuries, plus look at what's about to come up for the team in blue chip prospects" etc. etc., and they will move the goal posts onto something else as a dodge so that they don't have to change their negative filter and instead remain spewing vitriol in order to continue living their glass-half-empty lives. It's sad. Honestly, those of us who are not like them might want to throw around solutions to this problem, such as collective blocking or petitioning or something. I don't know, but it truly is sickening as a fan to read and hear the incessant negativity around our team. A decade of being one of the best teams in the league has put us into rebuild mode because that's how it works. Our future is incredibly bright with JB at the wheel. GCG
  3. 100% cannot agree more. I would've liked to receive some draft picks, but I trust JB knows better as a GM and me as, well, not a GM. It's like Deepak Chopra talking about quantum physics on these boards.
  4. I was thinking about the return for Vanek yesterday, and I'm thinking that Vanek kind of diminished our return with all his talk to the media before the tdl about signing with us in the off season and such. Why would a team want to give up picks or anything even close to value for a rental with Vanek's playoff history? JB got what he could.
  5. I'm on the wait and see side of things. I, of course, would've preferred picks, but they weren't available. Part of me would like to just keep Holm and Vanek, but I do trust JB & Co. So I'll just wait and see.
  6. Sometimes men take a little longer to mature. I bet EK is one such guys. If he played for the Canucks, I'd bet that he wouldn't pull the same stuff that he allegedly used to for fear of being a hometown embarrassment.
  7. If that's the case, then I'd rather see him build the team for the future and not just so he can hold onto his job. Don't take me the wrong way, I get that there might not have been offers for draft picks on the table, but this trade seems like a trade merely for making a trade. If that's the case, I'd rather make a trade for a draft pick for the sake of making a trade.
  8. For me, I'd rather get whatever draft picks he can get compared to what he did get.
  9. No extension... he will likely want to keep the option open to sign with us in the summer. I'm glad JB didn't trade any assets for him.
  10. (waivers) Burrows

    Do iiiiiit!
  11. Nash to Boston (trade)

    Wasn't Boston rumoured to be interested in Vanek? And they decide instead to trade all those assets for Nash? Weird decision, imo.
  12. Nash to Boston (trade)

    Totally. I really think JB has something big brewing. Too quiet for nothing to happen. He likes to pull trades that no one sees coming. Maybe Karlsson? He almost got Subban, so I think he's really wanting that #1 dman.
  13. Nash to Boston (trade)

    I don't like this trade. Huge payment for a 33 yr old rental.
  14. The only difference is one cleans s#%& for a living and the other is full of it.