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  1. SIGNING: The Winnipeg Jets have signed goaltender Aaron Dell to a two year deal. Aaron Dell: 2 years, $ 1.35 million dollar contract ( $ 675,000.00 per season ).
  2. tell any player that and it wont go over well. And its a blessing in disguise, the risk is being out of playoff position by the time Quick is back is the issue. I believe they will be right there knocking on the door to the playoffs, they will have Quick back in time for the playoffs thats not the concern and he will provide them the best chance to win, so there will be zero need to tell Kopitar and Doughty " we not really going to try and with this year ". They will have Quick on the team come Playoff time and can likely weather the storm if they snag maybe a Pavelec or cheaper option.
  3. I just don't see how the Kings would give up a top prospect or top pick for Miller, what kind of prospect do you think they could obtain from the Kings in a deal involving Miller ?
  4. let's not forget that Budaj has played in a starter's role in this league and has done very well in past. Asking him to step up for a few months while a backup or 1B is found is not the worst thing that could happen here.
  5. interesting...... if only there were options ?........... hmmm........
  6. Apologies if you took my comments as ridiculing you, I just don't see the Kings paying a 1st for Miller and I don't see the Canucks dealing him is all. I think they can give up much less assets to fill the void left by Quick than having to deal a 1st away. I also do not play the EA sports games, like you.
  7. You do understand the Kings are not going to trade a 1st round pick for a stop-gap goaltender while Quick is recovering ? on top of that knowing the Kings are not in any position to absorb Miller's contract and the Canucks are not going to retain any of it either. If anyone listens to what JB and Linden say they may also understand that Miller is their choice as number one, he will remain in Vancouver unless maybe and maybe if the team is right out of the Playoff hunt and can add a pick for him closer to the deadline, but i'd count on him finishing out his contract in Vancouver. Vancouver will not get a top pick for him and his value frankly is highest in Vancouver, so how is this how you rebuild a team efficiently ? you need two parties to agree and there are much cheaper options out there for Los Angeles. This is not EA Sports......is it ?
  8. You are right about one thing, his value will never be higher as it is in steady decline. Canucks will if lucky get a 3rd if they ever chose to trade Ryan Miller which management is adament they would rather not do. Ask yourself, who will back up the Canucks if Miller is traded ? exactly... Ask yourself, a team going 4-0 to start the season see's a division rival losing it's goaltending, do you take the opportunity to make more space between yourself and the Kings to be able to get a better chance at a Playoff position. Lets not kid ourselves, the Kings will be knocking on the door come Playoff time regardless. Or do you try and grab a top 90 ? pick in a draft coming up by helping a division rival obtain goaltending and risk weakening your position over the Kings in the standings ? Canucks are not trading Miller to LA
  9. good kid! from everything I read I honestly thought he was losing managements confidence. Nice to see him get into the NHL this season. Damn Islanders
  10. SIGNING: The New York Rangers have signed forward Ben Smith to a one year deal. Ben Smith: 1 year, $ 750k thousand dollar contract ( $ 750,000.00 per season ).
  11. SIGNING: The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed defenseman Zach Werenski to a three year deal. Zach Werenski: 3 years, $ 4.95 million dollar contract ( $ 1,650,000.00 per season ). * annual base salary $ 900,000.00 per season, annual signing bonus $ 750,000.00 per season.
  12. February already ?
  13. I would remind you it is 4 games in and of course the positives will outweigh the negatives when the team has started with four straight wins. I do like the noticeable physicality of Sbisa, Gudbranson thus far. To your point about letting Edler focus on his natural style of play, but pointing out he doesn't need to be that " big physical presence ". I would disagree with this as he is most effective when he is using his body while being a solid allround defender. And indications from Camp going into the season are he has got some of that snarl back. Hutton I have been a little nervous watching as he is going to get burned soon if he continues over handling the puck. A very talented stickhandler but one too many moves regularly, I think he needs to simplify a little there. Larsen I like how he understands his role to get the puck to the net, if the puck gets to the point I am pretty confident a puck on net is coming which is all you can ask,. Not the most crisp of passers or puck handlers from what i've seen but is getting the puck to the net. Tanev has been solid thus far in my opinion. I think the defense is more C+ right now, and I would like to see how they do against a bigger faster forward group think San Jose, even Los Angeles. Give it a few more weeks.
  14. I've heard rumours that Jimmy Howard as a solid 1A / 1B option could be available out of New Jersey, but then again could just be a rumour ?