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  1. you've seen the players in your organization right ?
  2. SIGNING: The Colorado Avalanche have signed forward Jack Skille to a one year deal. Jack Skille: 1 year, $ 650k thousand dollar contract ( $ 650,000.00 per season ).
  3. me me I do I do I do oh me uh oh no........
  4. The Devils appear to be making a top four defenseman available via trade. Teams interested in adding an offensive defenseman on a Playoff team in Niklas Kronwall can get in touch with the Devils.
  5. so is this now only going public ? Find it hasrd to believe this is all coming to a head right before the season. Not very good timing lol.
  6. No need to aologize. At the end of the day Versteeg's unknown status would have been a risk to any club and its more than likely Philadelphia would have placed him on Waivers come the start of the season if Versteeg didn't get a contract with the Oilers. Nobody would have harped on Philadelphia for doing what's best for their club in that regard and others around the League would do the same and you can't fault a GM for that. Having said that I was interested in the player and was unsuccessful in bringing him to New Jersey in Free Agency. I was very adamant he be included in a deal and Philadelphia let it be known it was not his ideal situation but again doing what's best for his team he moved on it. So much uncertainty until puck drop.
  7. How does that even happen ? Carlson was unavailable all offseason then goes with an awesome young forward for ? Trouba....... Hats off to oldnews on this one.....drink the kool-aid lol
  8. cause that parts matters in fantasy hockey
  9. solid addition to the Penguins, under the radar player signing ?
  10. The Devils would like to thank GM Phil The Thrill for his time in this negotiation. Never an easy decision to move a 1st round pick and the Devils have moved out plenty of picks already, but in adding more youth which we feel can help us starting this year and beyond we felt it was the right move. In adding Tomas Nosek we see a potential complimentary scoring winger who should see some NHL time this year. Zachary Leslie will no doubt be relied upon on a regular basis down the road but we see a solid game and his style fits our system. Jesper Lindgren we feel could be a gem as long as he adds some bulk to his 6' frame and refines his defensive game he could be an offensive player to rely down the road as well. In adding Kris Versteeg we are thrilled to bring him in, a target at free agency we are happy to finally get him in New Jersey, should provide a secondary element to our wings this season. This move further brings us to our goal of adding quality prospects to help increase our organizational depth moving forward as well as adding a veteran winger.
  11. Or the Sunshine Coast !
  12. Waivers: The Calgary Flames have placed defenseman Jamie McBain on Waivers. He will remain in the minors should he clear.
  13. @Baer. Devils send down: G Marek Mazanec F Landon Ferraro F Stanislav Galiev F Jordan Nolan
  14. not going to lie, this is painful !
  15. I am going to say the majority likely do yes.