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  1. All part of the game haha....its one way all you cheap penny pinchers might actually have to pay value lol.
  2. FRIENDLY REMINDER: with only days away until the deadline to Qualify RFAs, re-sign pending RFA & UFA players before the Free Agency window opens I'd like to point out the obvious being we have all summer to sign RFAs and UFAs. Feel free to bump pms, could do without the panicking messages though. Please remember once Free Agency hits and its not personal, some UFA players won't even respond and will sign elsewhere. Others may wait for the highest bidder and some may sign smoothly, others won't. RFA players while having their rights owned aren't a gaurantee to sign more favorably to a teams terms which I'm starting to think many GMs think is a given. Further, its said every year please send in 1 PM PER PLAYER, If you see our previous pm with multiple players RFA or UFA get deleted its because ive re-sent you multiple pms 1 player per. I will be going through any off the record messages via discord or facebook that have gone on and turn everything unfinished into CDC pms. There will be NO further talks outside CDC that cannot be tracked to a pm or recorded. Other than a few trades to be posted most moves are reflected on team sheets and will be absolutely 100% current before any Free Agency. Lastly, offers can be submitted to free agents 12:01am July 1st, teams won't start seeing replies or signings until 12:01am July 4th.
  3. A long term deal over 6m a year for Myers just makes no sense. Concerning.
  4. CONTRACT TERMINATIONS: F Tyler Moy https://swisshockeynews.ch/index.php/shn/11-swiss-ice-hockey/nla/12965-confirmed-tyler-moy-has-signed-with-lausanne-hc F Michael Lindqvist https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/michael-lindqvist-takes-talents-back-home/ D Joonas Lyytinen https://dobberprospects.com/player/joonas-lyytinen/
  5. Myers at 6m + per season is not where the team needs to go. Upgrade sure, but will be a regret if signed over 6m per on a term longer than 4 years. The fact thete is nobody in UFA means he can name his price, would be smart to proceed cautiously and not get July-1st-silly about it. The team cannot go into next season with the same defense I get that, I also think the Canucks regardless have one more year of top 10-ish pick before getting into the Playoffs anyways.
  6. " There's absolutely nothing out there that you can provide that suggests that Myers is worth anything close to the contract that's rumored " This, yes an upgrade on parts of our defense but a real shame if signed for a caphit with term higher than Edler. Sure someone will pay but hope Vancouver doesn't go that route.
  7. OJ will be a big minute dman who can play PP minutes, severely underrated and if you listen to 650 he's maybe going to crack the top 6? Guy is top four material.
  8. A simpler way to look at it is your roster is reset before the start of the season. Once Waivers are off there is zero need to callup/send down players. Just make sure to follow the thread for the date right before the season when Waivers are on. That said you can place a player on Waivers anytime if you like. Going on 11 years now and no reason to assume hoarding is an issue. In fact its the same GMs who usually beat or outbid and add more prospects then the rest of the teams, hoarding? No and @da.moose is the one making a comment haha.
  9. I understand the need to act on adding to upgrade a position. I think Myers could be overated though and 6 million or more a season is a problem if longer term. Im not convinced Myers upgrades the defense.
  10. All signs point to Vancouver upgrading defense via Free Agency, but there is not much there and no thanks to Myers at a longer term deal at $ 6m or higher. Personally like the Miller trade, was hoping such assets would have been utilized to add a defenseman via trade. The team to me anyways projects at another season missing the Playoffs, utilize another top 10? pick, then next summer aim to add Free Agent pieces to take the next step.
  11. July 1st through 3rd submit offers, will wait until July 4th at 12:01am to start replying, accepting, etc Gives the League's teams a few days to get offers in.
  12. it is not, I can provide a link in short order, pretty plain sheet to be honest. But yes will get there haha
  13. EXTENSION: The Carolina Hurricanes have re-signed forward Jean-Gabriel Pageau to a three year deal.   Jean-Gabriel Pageau: 3 years, $ 11.25 million dollar contract ( $ 3,775,000.00 per season ).