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  1. Just a follow up to @canuck2xtreme's post........ Congratulations to our League's Division Champions, maybe not the glorious title we all work towards but a tough accomplishment in this League and something not to be overlooked, in my opinion anyways, love this stuff! Central Division: @canuck2xtreme earning an 8th Division Title which leads all GMs all-time in CDCGML, and all for the Jets franchise, hats off on another strong regular season! Pacific Division: @Master Mind congratulations on earning your first Division title in CDCGML and first for " yoouur Vancouuvver Canucks! ", just another banner for the rafters at Rogers arena! Atlantic Division: @Azzy congratulations on earning your 2nd Division title in CDCGML ( previously with Minnesota in 2016/17 ), and 2nd for the Red Wings franchise. Metropolitan Division: me, yay a 5th Division Title on the resume, " thanks I like to play. " All awards and accomplishments have been added to the League Archives to date: CDCGML ARCHIVES
  2. Hey @Bombastik der Teutone, no deadline set at this time. Still in a holding pattern for the most part. Can feel free to throw offers in but until we have a better idea of contracts in the NHL/NHLPA discussions we don't have a deadline to announce. It sounds like leaning towards October in real life, as more info comes out we can narrow down dates for our League. Thanks
  3. Oh wow, thank you for the kind words..... Hey, on an unrelated note did you know there is only one GM to have managed in all 11 seasons of the CDCGML and not miss the Playoffs ? One other GM managed a 7 year career from League inception before retiring and also did not miss the Playoffs in his tenure, that being LA's Ace of Spades ( 2009/10 - 2015/16 ), our commish canuck2xtreme has made the Playoffs 10 out of 11 possible years as well. Completely dominating the West. There is a lot of information in those League Archives on page one of the thread, just saying. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18_86MFipYLu4RJrMAWw4v50q3Jj-FuDbtcOoOqH9brM/edit#gid=0
  4. EXTENSION: The Arizona Coyotes have signed forward Joel Kellman to a one year extension.   Joel Kellman: 1 year, $ 1.0 million dollar contract ( $ 1,000,000.00 per season ).
  5. EXTENSION: The Dallas Stars have signed goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy to an eight year extension.   Andrei Vasilevskiy: 8 years, $ 76.0 million dollar contract ( $ 9,500,000.00 per season ).
  6. EXTENSION: The Colorado Avalanche have signed forward Filip Chytil to a three year extension.   Filip Chytil: 3 years, $ 8.25 million dollar contract ( $ 2,750,000.00 per season ).
  7. EXTENSION: The Colorado Avalanche have signed defenseman Samuel Morin to a two year extension.   Samuel Morin: 2 years, $ 1.4 million dollar contract ( $ 700,000.00 per season ).
  8. EXTENSION: The Buffalo Sabres have signed forward Vinny Hinostroza to a one year extension.   Vinny Hinostroza: 1 year, $ 2.365 million dollar contract ( $ 2,365,000.00 per season ).
  9. EXTENSION: The Florida Panthers have signed defenseman Brian DuMoulin to a three year extension.   Brian DuMoulin: 3 years, $ 12.75 million dollar contract ( $ 4,250,000.00 per season ).
  10. EXTENSION: The New York Rangers have signed defenseman Justin Faulk to an eight year extension.   Justin Faulk: 8 years, $ 53.28 million dollar contract ( $ 6,660,000.00 per season ). * deal includes a Modified-No Trade Clause ( 2020/21 - 2023/24 = 5 team trade list, 2024/25 - 2027/28 = 15 team trade list )
  11. EXTENSION: The Montreal Canadiens have signed forward Ryan Johansen to a four year extension.   Ryan Johansen: 4 years, $ 22.0 million dollar contract ( $ 5,500,000.00 per season ).
  12. EXTENSION: The Washington Capitals have signed forward Andrew Copp to a four year extension.   Andrew Copp: 4 years, $ 10.6 million dollar contract ( $ 2,650,000.00 per season ).
  13. New Jersey Devils nominate defenseman John Carlson for the Norris Trophy! An 11 year veteran John Carlson with already setting career highs in point totals was set to flirt with a hundred points this season, not only can he drive the offense for his team he also plays heavy minutes in every situation where he tends to come out on top. John Carlson, the leading defensemen in scoring this season and leading his team on the ice. Vote for John Carlson!
  14. New Jersey Devils nominate forward and Captain Anze Kopitar for the Lady Byng Trophy! A previous winner of the Lady Byng Trophy Anze Kopitar continues to lead his team in production, defensive awareness and by doing it the right way. A true gentleman of the sport. Vote for Anze Kopitar!
  15. New Jersey Devils nominate forward and Captain Anze Kopitar for the Selke Trophy! A two time winner of the Selke Trophy Anze Kopitar in the NHL has maintained a 14 year career as the go to guy and who has and remains to be relied upon heavily to be a top points producer year in and out while being a top defensively responsible forward in the League. Vote for Anze Kopitar!