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  1. CDCGML 2017-18

    ASSIGNED: The New Jersey Devils have assigned forward Peter Cehlarik to Atlantic City. RECALLED: The New Jersey Devils have recalled defenseman Jordan Oesterle from Atlantic City and place him onto the active roster.
  2. CDCGML 2017-18

    LTIR ACTIVATION: The New Jersey Devils have activated forward Andre Burakovsky from LTIR and place him onto the active roster. * @Squeak I presume Brooks Laich has cleared Waivers and is in the minors now ?
  3. CDCGML 2017-18

    I will " update " you on this........... But seriously, I don't know when pickup will be updated as of yet but team capsheets can expect to start seeing updates within days. Teams can expect an update on IR requests shortly as well.
  4. CDCGML 2017-18

    in all seriousness, jealous........
  5. CDCGML 2017-18

    must be Playoff time coming around the corner
  6. CDCGML 2017-18

    ATTENTION! I bring your attention to the following date as we are less than a month away from the end of the Free Agent Period for this season, if you have Unrestricted Free Agents in mind get your offers in! To those awaiting long drawn out negotiations or not getting replies please keep in mind some players have more than one team interested and several teams have next to no room to oblige certain players at their positions in their organizations. Not a shot at anyone but a simple fact and as agent it's not fun getting torn a new one for willy nilly pressing the " signing " button lol. Also those working on " early extensions " some deals will be coming down the pipe shortly and those who have not approached an agent yet for one such extension have until the end of December to get that started as well. " Deadline to Sign Unrestricted Free Agents - December 31, 2017 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time "
  7. CDCGML 2017-18

    WAIVERS: The New Jersey Devils have placed forward Brooks Laich on Waivers for the purpose of assigning him to Atlantic City.
  8. CDCGML 2017-18

    Carey Price......pretty sure he will be tops if not close to most goaltender points on pickup by season's end.
  9. CDCGML 2017-18

    SIGNING: The Ottawa Senators have signed forward Brad Malone to a two year deal. Brad Malone: 2 years, $ 1.5 million dollar contract ( $ 750,000.00 per season ).
  10. CDCGML 2017-18

    SIGNING: The Las Vegas Golden Knights have signed defenseman Igor Ozhiganov to a two year deal. Igor Ozhiganov: 2 years, $ 2.0 million dollar contract ( $ 1,000,000.00 per season ).
  11. CDCGML 2017-18

    @Wilb I would like to thank you for giving your time to this League, I hope you realize to us or for myself I know it was a privilege and as a GM you handled yourself with class, a shrewd negotiator at times but always fair and upfront. Much respect. You definitely have helped raise the standard for this League, set the bar with how to handle yourself and treat others all while enduring and going through what most of us cannot imagine. Thank you again for all the time you have given us, CDCGML family, you are a big part of that and always will be part of this special group. Personally I regret not having the opportunity to meet you in person, but from our brief discussions off CDC I know you to be a stand up family man with the pride of a beautiful family and one we can look up to for that, job well done in that regard. My heart breaks for you and your family, nothing but love from my family to yours, enjoy your time, feel the love........we can all learn from that.....again thank you wilb, thank you for sharing your life with us.
  12. CDCGML 2017-18

    SIGNING: The Vancouver Canucks have signed forward Brian Boyle to a one year deal. Brian Boyle: 1 year, $ 950 thousand dollar contract ( $ 950,000.00 per season ). @canuck2xtreme - F Brian Boyle to active roster, D Andrey Pedan to minors.
  13. CDCGML 2017-18

    RECALLED: The New Jersey Devils have recalled forward Peter Cehlarik from Atlantic City and place him onto the active roster.
  14. CDCGML 2017-18

    ASSIGNED: The New Jersey Devils have assigned defenseman Jordan Oesterle to Atlantic City.
  15. CDCGML 2017-18

    hey guys, will be addressing pms shortly, first day back after computer/life issues lol. Apologies for anyone waiting to hear back from me.