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  1. That's what you get for drafting without player certainty. You'd want to add players you know the possible team and role will be. Some guys did well before. Should they sign with a club and play a reduced or different role they may be less valuable....not judging just me having an opinion.
  2. Potential top nine power forward type. Nice to see he got a look last year. With Buffalo a team that will be trending upwards relying on youth he could be a fan favorite kind of player for Sabres in the near future. With l the young skill the team has added I think he has potential to be an " under the radar " producer for them. He was not on my list. If available come free agency maybe but not the direction the Devils are going.
  3. In my post. That is all.
  4. Devils select forward Tanner Richard.
  5. @Gstank29 @Baer. @MikeyBoy44 ?
  6. Devils select forward Adam Erne.
  7. I am thinking the last 4 years maybe even 5 years of the deal will be a bargain lol. Not sure what pics Poile has that could indict Calle but thats insane.
  8. I will be back at it negotiating contracts and posting signings later this evening, will make sure to touch base with all the GM's patiently waiting. Have the in-laws here from Regina so yeah.......
  9. PS: " nut-hug " will be tomorrow's word of the day....all my female co-workers will hear it.....come to think of it same with " Penguin stroking ".
  10. @oldnews tell us how you really feel. If I was @apollo I'd be crying in a corner " why doesn't he like me ? ". Lol....such a meanie
  11. that is a solid signing, when does the " new year " start, if Yzerman keeps pulling off these below market value signings how is he not GM of the year this season ?
  12. I agree, from what i've learned and yes the public for the most part doesn't quite get how much we contribute but as you said that serves in our best interests for those in the line of fire.
  13. This is the world we live in. Crap happens every day. Just more social media and we'll media exposure. I heard about a 16 year old who died from being shot in the head in Arizona. Went to google the story and after reading through the multiple other stories of youth dying from being shot in the head I just stopped. Point is again....crap happens evert day.
  14. @OurTimeToShine ?
  15. Patric Hornquist And Jeff Carter