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  1. i think the only ones that really know, are the players, coaches and management types on this team. the players all speak of how much the sedins have helped them progress. the sedins probably haven't helped cdc'ers and fans become better people.
  2. he was a last minute, replacement for white. probably not in time for the official list.
  3. i like the pace of the game but hate the refs kicking one guy out of the face off circle on every face off. LA by 2 after one period. our PP, looks anemic. packed house. fans ooing and awing every hit, good pass or shot on goal. 3-0 now.
  4. he had a good run. i enjoyed his roles. had a pretty busy career. rip.
  5. my only pet peeve is the salary structure. players are always saying, they want to get paid what their worth. that goes both ways. i'ld rather see players earn their salaries. if players get paid what they are worth, ticket prices wouldn't be so high. if a player has more than one sub par year, their pay check should reflect it.
  6. i was 13 before organized baseball came our way. before that it was all sandlot baseball. i can't believe how long we could play ball and not get tired of it.  sometimes if it was really hot, we'ld stop once in awhile and sit under a tree. 

  7. at least cull can see how much work his players need. he has his work cut out for himself. lets not throw everyone under the bus yet.
  8. boeser looks nhl ready. that is it.
  9. pretty close to how we played it too. we sometimes played 4 aside . 2 short stops and 2 left fielders. same rules. one difference, we didn't get 3 foul balls. after the first one, you were out.
  10. lou was never the same player, after his fight with howe. eddie's brother ollie dorohoy was a good player too. the donneybrooks between canucks and royals were legendary. he players even went into the stands and fought the fans. crazy days.
  11. i don't remember that but my memory is getting shorter, every year. you must remember, guyle fielder, connie madigan, the dorohoys, emile the cat, francis, harry dick, lou fontinato and freddy saskamoose?
  12. some of the seats at the old form were behind posts. don't know how i ended up with posts in my way. we use to rent the small sheet of ice off the end of the main rink and play hockey there. at collingwood park, there use to be a tennis court. in the winter we would back snow around the edges of half the court. one fellow lived right beside. we use to bring our hoses over before school and join them together and flood the area. if no snow, we too, played roller hockey.
  13. in our neighbourhood there were three groups. ours was centered around sports. another group known as the joyce road gang were heavy into drugs . of the ten of them, one guy kicked the habit, the rest died of overdoses or drug related accidents. the third group was a motorcycle gang called the wildcats. they were mean and loved to gang up on a person and beat the crap out of them. i'm glad i was with the group i was. sounds like you had a healthy youth time too.
  14. the careers of cody glass and pettersson will be interesting to compare. i wish them both well.
  15. for the first, seven years of my life, a war raged in europe. for us, other than having to blackout our windows and put up with air raid sirens blaring at all hours, life went on as normal as ever. in the summers, we would get up, have breakfast, do our chores and then, play baseball all day. we would begrudgingly stop for lunch, supper and darkness. myself and eight other boys hung out, on the back porch of a chinese grocery store. the owner was tommy mah, so of course, we called ourselves, the tom's boys. ( we still do when we're together ) percy's mother forbade him to associate with us. she called us gutter rats. our percy, didn't obey her. my younger brother and eight other boys his age, became known to us as the little rats. although our days would be boring to some, they were the happiest of times to us. andy bathgate and larry popein, played hockey for the new york ranger's farm team, the vancouver canucks. they lived in our neighbourhood and every summer until they got the call up to the nhl, their baseball team practised at our park. they use to let us teenagers, shag flies for their batting practises. i remember once, the players were ending their practise. one fellow wanted to hit a few more times, so he asked me to pitch to him. i was being silly and declared, here comes my curve ball. i threw the ball and it hit him. he was angry. you said you were throwing a curve ball. i had to sheepishly admit, that i had no idea, how to throw a curve ball. the summer with old frank was a special time but every summer, we grew up a little more. we played baseball and all sports together throughout our young years. we believed, that we played pretty well. we played variations of baseball, when only a few boys showed up. our favourite game was american ping pong. in 1957 we graduated from high school. i joined the navy, while the others went their ways in life. years later, one of the guys went back and visited with tommy. he said when we hung out there, he was never robbed. he said, since we all left, he gets robbed once a week. looking back over my young years, i can see, just how much those events, shaped who i ultimately became.