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  1. our d is a work in progress. it won't be overly good until we can develop and find the right types to make it elite. our forwards are the same. we are probably another 2 or 3 years from challenging for a cup if then. i like the additions of ericksson and gudbranson. it is important for the team, to be competitive while they re-build. they need to be fighting for a playoff spot every year. i believe scoring comes from players that can gel together and handle every type of situation...playmaker, scorer and grit. when willie finds the right combinations, scoring will happen..if he can't find the right that, then benning will need to find the right pieces.
  2. winnipeg wants a left side d-man.. you should be looking at hutton and juolevi. trouba wants out because they have 2 better right side d-men who is better between your three players. ? i have no idea. they all have strengths and weaknesses
  3. winnipeg wants a left shot defense. probably juolevi.
  4. we don't want them here. blow them winnipeg.
  5. benning is building a team for the future. it will take a couple more years for our youth to be able to sub plant the core. they are always evaluating the talent. we still need a replacement for henrik but we have a couple of years to find one. when boeser, juolevi, virtanen, rodin, gaunce and other young players can push the sedins down the line up, we'll continue building. in a year or two, we'll be discussing who from markstrom and demko should get how many starts. our defense is still missing pieces but looks better than they did a year ago. tough and more mobile. we have to learn to be patient and not expect a cup for a few years.. management has to put a respectable product on the ice, so people will come.
  6. benning, linden and willie have to be careful what they say, because the media and fans will twist what they say, to suit what they want to hear. they clarified the miller quote because some people thought that miller was washed up. everything has a natural progression. markstrom will take over at some point. people want willie to think and do what they want him to do. willie is a very good coach, that wants the players to succeed and he is trying to help to make that happen. the lines will work themselves out. training camp is to try things. who knows what the lines will end up as. i do like sutter as a winger/center with bo... strong defensive fellows. willie likes each line to have at least 2 good defensive aware guys on them.
  7. smyl larinov reinhart linden ohlund kurtenback naslund the sedins snepts tanti
  8. angioplasty october 3rd van gen. yahoo.

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    2. chon derry

      chon derry

      your stories are something to look forward to ,love them  ,i'd rather watch paint dry than listening to or reading about pokemon on these boards   once again good luck joe!!!!!

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      I bet you have a few interesting tales to tell Joe :ph34r:

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i enjoy telling stories but try to space them over the year.  try not to bore people with too many.  it is nice that some people enjoy some of them. 

  9. if granlund can play like his brother, i'ld be very happy with him. you have to be patient with young players.
  10. for me, it all hinges on what we have in sutter and where he truely fits into the line up. can he successfully run a second line? is he more effective on the wing? i'ld also like to see virtanen moved to the left side. many european wingers are more successful on their off wing. i don't see any of the pto's to make the team. i see juolevi and stecher sent to juniors and utica to hone their skills. who will be a bonified 2nd line?
  11. reading skille's profile. it says he is fast gritty and hard working but doesn't have the greatest hockey sense.
  12. i can't figure out, how russia and n/a have to play 2 days in a row, while canada and the usa have 2 days off between games. doesn't sound fair.

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    2. Shift-4


      Canada plays back to back Tue/Wed

    3. Ojibwa72


      Cause the Kids don't need the rest. You remember what its like when young and full of energy.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i can't remember back that far.

  13. they will end up hanging from the rafters. along side the other great canucks. still remember the teenagers that started with canucks. they have come a long way. glad to see the desire to win is still there. their journey has been our journey too. from kurtenback, smyl, linden, naslund to the sedins.
  14. i wonder what it would cost to trade for strome of the nyi.? he didn't have a very good second season.

    1. luckylager


      Virtanen and the torts 2nd?

    2. thejazz97


      No, it'll be a lot more. His bad second season was due to the fact that he was on the wing and is not good at playing wing. Now that Nielsen signed with the Wings, he can move back to the dot and his game should progress.

  15. what would our forward lines look like if burrows, wins the 3rd sedin spot?

    1. Pears


      Probably something like


      Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

      Baertschi - Sutter - Eriksson

      Gaunce - Horvat - Hansen

      Etem - Granlund - Virtanen