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  1. i hope someone has a better eye than i do. when the canucks pass the puck forward and they miss connecting with team mates, are they bad passes or are the players, unable to take the passes cleanly? they seem to miss so many.

  2. what is 14?  i didn’t get the memo. 

    1. goalie13


      Burrows' jersey number.

    2. TNucks1


      if you didnt watch the game last night, burrows was put in the ring of honour and did a speech at the beginning, so the Mods put a 14 emoji or react for the night, but kept it, it seems.

  3. does anyone know, how many more player can fit into the honour ring?

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      They could start carving faces into one of the Coastal Mtns?!

    2. coastal.view


      i spoke to the fire marshall

      who informed that from their prespective

      the ring of honour safety limit is 23

      after that overcrowding will be happening

      and they will be forced so shut it down

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      sounds like my bathtub. 

  4. i thought washington had to clear cap space for returning injured players. for us it would have to cap space for cap space.
  5. i didn’t know the flyers were actively trying to trade him. i have to pay attention more. probably would take boeser plus. he’ld great on our team but we’ld never get him for those players.
  6. tough luck louie. you played alright. these things happen. if it had been petey or quinn that took those penalties, fans would be crying for them to get traded or waved.
  7. nice game louie. we hope from more.
  8. hopefully she’ll let you have one of those bottles to go with your scotch.
  9. personally i was unaware that people wanted a new coach. in my years watching the canucks, poster have cried for change after ever difficult period and wanted a coaching change. i don’t know if green is at fault for the team’s slide, but it is way to early to call for his head. this whole exercise has played itself out over and over, over the years. i wanted to know why fans wanted a new coach? i still do.