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  1. i like them both. doug has sure helped but willie is doing a good job too. although, it is impossible to know unless we are around the team for all their practises and off ice sessions. if anything, i believe they compliment each other.
  2. my silly idea is, if miller wants to move there and la wants him...i would move him and pay 3 mil of his contract this year...i would even take on brown's ugly contract, if they pay half of it till it's over. i would want a sweetener. i'm sure we could get a taker for brown at that cap hit if he fails here. i'ld bring up bachman. demko would get more starts. i know brown's skill level has dropped but i think that there is enough left to help somewhere in the line up. okay, i won't quit my day job...wait a minute, i don't have a day job.
  3. we are all idiots to someone. unless miller asks benning to trade him there or they really want him, he'll stay here, even if we lose him for nothing next year.
  4. if he is able to play, i'ld like to see on left wing for baertschi or burrows. i think he ends up in uttica for part of this year.
  5. then it stands to reason that players can make the coach look worse than he is. willie is doing fine.
  6. buffalo 3-2 in a shoot out. i've said they would lose the first three games and they've won. bad luck to change now. 2 minutes to burrows for sticking his finger in someones mouth.
  7. there were periods in the 3rd period that looked like last year, when the blues seemed to own our zone. other than that, i thought it was an evenly played match. guddy's game continues to impress me. sbisa is using his body more and doesn't look like a liability out there. now if only our first line started gelling together. they will.
  8. i liked the sutter's line and gudbranson the most. dorsett played well too.
  9. 3-2 blues...ericksson and hansen score.
  10. i think in time, willie and the coaches will find the best line combinations. bo is proving that he can be whatever they need him to be. i feel virt should go down to the ut for a month or so. granlund and rodin showed such good chemistry, i'ld like them tried together when the rod returns. still not sure if granny is better at center or wing but he is good at distributing the puck to linemates. hopefully we will get some offense from our defense and other lines. i think we will.
  11. we'ld have to take money back as the kings can't take on a 6 mil contract.
  12. i'm sure he'll do fine. his line will play against top lines which means he'll get lots of ice time. that line is also, capable of scoring goals. i'm sure he will make us proud.
  13. the season hasn't started yet and already we are picked for last.. not enough talent. then in the same breath they claim, we need to fire the coach or gm or president. i think there are a lot of people out there, that want the team to do badly so they will have something to gripe about. we should all know that the team they are trying to build, will take time. all i expect from this team, is they play their best.
  14. just get past the storm before i come down for a visit.
  15. the only thing i wonder about, is for leadership fine, but for on ice talking to referees, you don't need 2 on the same line. i'ld like to see them add buddy to the A list. not horvat yet. leaders don't need letters. the players know who the leaders are.