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  1. if you can't understand what i'm saying, then nothing i can say will explain it. i never said that what they do is right. we all have learned reactions. we make poor decisions. we head in the wrong directions sometimes. the young offenders i worked with, came to us with so many issues...i never treated them as troubled people, but rather as i would treat anyone else. they all left a little more mature than when they arrived. years later, several boys returned for a visit. they all said, how much of a jerk they were back then. not all boys changed their lives around, but me felt good with our 50% success rate. i never read a boys file ahead of time. i wasn't there to judge them, just offer an alternative route for them to travel.
  2. if that was normal for them at that time, yes.
  3. i've just watched, when the game stands tall. i liked it because of the stories within the story. reminded me of the stories that i came to know in my coaching days.
  4. we are all guilty of being insensitive some times. even now at my old age, i've caught myself being less compassionate then life calls for. they say that if the bible was boiled down to one sentence, it would be, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. how many of us can give ourselves a gold star for achieving that?. when working with young offenders, i learned something that i felt was the greatest lesson i've ever learned. that is, however someone reacts to a given situation, is normal for them at that time in their lives. it may be completely wrong but they are reacting in the only way they know how at that time. think about that. i use to put everything into, right or wrong. that one piece of information has changed the way i look at people.
  5. i think benning waits till the season starts and sees which teams have to move someone they don't want to move.
  6. how long ago did you have your stroke? how bad was it? my wife was quite disabled from hers.
  7. fear is a crippler. my brother in law, stepped in to assist a female neighbour who was getting beat up by her husband. the guy gave him such a beating, he ended up in the hospital. i've always been good at defusing fights before they happen, so i would have tried that first. i'ld like to think that i would take the beating for her, but?
  8. who is bruno mars?
  9. would you fall on a live grenade to save your bodies?
  10. i read a story about 2 young girls and their boyfriends walking along a beach...must have been in florida. an alligator grabbed one girl's leg. the 2 boys ran off screaming, the other girl jumped on the gator, hitting it's head..the gator let go the other girl's leg. her friend helped her to safety.
  11. many years ago in calgary, i was walking home from the bar. this old boarding house for seniors was on department hadn't arrived yet..i was the only one there...on a second floor landing's window, i saw a man feeling his way along the landing..then he crumpled to the floor. if i had raced in and went to that landing, i might have been able to save him. but i froze and did nothing..shortly after that the fire truck got there. apparently, several old people died there, including an old man found on that landing. i was ashamed of myself for a long time after. i know i would give my life for my family but i don't know if i would for others. no hero here
  12. last year there was a fire in our trailer park. a man lay on his living room smoke billowed out the windows. a woman was screaming for help. the fellow who lived across the street, raced over, crawled along the floor and dragged the guy out..they all suffered smoke inhalation. the fellow said he didn't have time to think of the risk. he just acted on instinct.
  13. reminds me of the story of the forest fire, where they found a mother eagle on the ground, wings spread, burnt to a crisp. when they moved her, to their amazement, 3 baby eagles were alive beneath her. i always wondered if i would have the courage to risk my life to save another?. the word that comes to me is loyalty.
  14. there was 6 of us navy blokes that planned to meet after we got out. and take jobs on a tramp steamer and work our way around the world. but we spent our money on drink and never made it. we terrorized calgary for a couple of years.
  15. canadian navy.