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  1. the only difference betweem trump and putin, when i comes to media is, trump calls the media enemies of the people. in russia, talk negatively about putin, you are erased. .i like mccain when he said, muting the media is how dictatorships start.
  2. one or two years at 4 mil or until demko is nhl ready, would make sense to me.
  3. plus, if a team like buffalo or carolina want to trade for hansen, but hansen dooesn't want to wave to go there, the trade doesn't get done. people are so quick to put down a gm because he doesn't make the trade he wants. benning should let these people sit in the war room when he tries to make trades so he understands the complex nature of dealing and not getting burnt. benning is looking at players other teams might lose in the expansion draft and finding a fit.
  4. we are talking good trades for both clubs. sure we could trade hansen for a 5th round pick that never makes it to the nhl. is that a good trade. they are talking about getting equal value for a hansen that another gm, can make work too. salary cap and moving forward. we are great at making trades. we win everyone of our trades. we send the players we want to send and get back players we want. gm's would want players like horvat.
  5. benning says it is hard to make trades, linden says you need other gm's that are willing to trade for players. we want players and picks we want for players we want to move. there is so much that goes into a suitable trade. a lot more than our opinions can solve.
  6. yes, even if you can only get 6 and 7 round picks and have to pay half their salaries. cdc will be so happy and will ask you trade horvat too while his vakue is high.
  7. if flynn talked to putin that trump would reverse sanctions when he was president. are people believing that he didn't get that info from trump. to trump, the media is the enemy but putin is top drawer.
  8. i'm sure nixon and his boys would say leaks are bad for the country too. being a canadian, i can't say much, but his comments on russia and putin, says a lot.
  9. trump the politician was asked the same questions on what flynn talked to russia about, but kept rambling on about hilary and the media.
  10. what we really need is patience. bo may become our top line center. boeser, virtanen, juolevi and demko may not be ready for a couple more years. draft picks this year will probably be 2 years away. benning knows they have to find replacements for the sedins. players that can replace their points and leadership.
  11. any further reports on bo and suts injuries.?

  12. my question is, if trump gets impeached, who becomes the president?
  13. trump tweeted that the FBI should stay out of government business. the same people trump told that he was behind them 110%. we are heading for a new watergate. reporters of the washington post brought nixon and his regime down.
  14. may the hockey gods be on bo's side.
  15. it takes time to build up your stock of A listed prospects. detroit always was able to find gems in the later rounds. the oilers got lots of high end picks and because they pushed them all into important minutes too soon, they have been trading them away. the core of the canucks are giving their prospects more support as they mature.