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  1. we can’t afford a player like that. we need to grow our own d men and cernak is second pairing d man on tampa. it might be a top pairing d here. i’ld have; hughes and cernac; edler and rafferty; juolevi and myers. cernac is coming off of an entry level contract, so we might be able to sign him to bridge deal. he is only 23 years old with his best years ahead of him.
  2. we need a younger chriss tanev to grow with quinn. cernak would be perfect. play juolevi and rafferty. don’t go after guys that wii break the bank.
  3. a hah. chon derry from rupert dropped by and said my site problem, wasn’t the sight, but my computer needed an enema. now i can enjoy the site again. my thanks to the derryman. 

    1. luckylager


      Can't think of a better guy to wash the ass out of a computer.


      Way to go chon, you ass blaster you

    2. luckylager


      is he still stealing cars from foreign exchange students?

  4. carol shram wrote today that she heard that the canucks and bruins were discussing a trade for virtanen. she hadn’t heard what boston would give up, maybe one of their r dman.
  5. deb, i can’t figure out this new format. this is the first thing i was able to do. otherwise i’m unable to access this site. i might have to move on for cdc.

    i don’t even see how to send it. help.


    1. debluvscanucks


      OK Joe...we'll get on it for you.  Some of what you're seeing is temporary and being fixed .... not just your issue but a site problem that others are reporting on too...same deal as you.  The boxes that you're possibly seeing are part of that.  


      Are you on a phone or a computer?  

    2. StealthNuck


      Sorry Smithers, working on a fix. 

    3. luckylager


      Work faster, Stealth.

      The site still looks like crap and my thumb speed is declining.

  6. cernac could grow with the team and hughes. a top 4 d man fot TB he could be a top pairing guy with huggy for years to come.
  7. i guess i’m hooped then, i don’t play pro hockey or have a lighter.
  8. we have 6 more common picks left on our lists.
  9. sad end for a good person. i hope he finds a situation to end his career. always played well without the puck. some goal scorers, when their not scoring, they don’t help the team. louie always helped the team with his defensive play. i don’t know why he didn’t work out with the sedins? good luck louie.
  10. cernak, please.

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Almost toasted by a puck to the neck/spine..tough kid!

  11. i thought he looked like gere gillis but i don’t think gillis wore 55.
  12. what would we have to give up for cernak?

  13. i’ld prefer seeing motte along side bo. bo could use motte’s hustle and heart to compliment his game.