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  1. benning said, we have players, other teams want. i wonder who they are?

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      umm, initially..idk ?

    3. NUCKER67


      He's not referring to Baertschi, Eriksson, Sutter, Beagle, Ferland or Benn ;)

      My guess, aside from the obvious (Petey, Huggy, Aunt Boesy, etc):


      Pearson, Virtanen, Gaudette and Tanev

    4. Quantum


      I'm thinking Pearson, Virtanen, Stecher, Demko, and Sutter.


      Sutter is on an expiring deal after this year and I'm sure there'll be a taker. If the Canucks can rid themselves of Sutter without taking much back in salary or just taking a player that can be dumped in the minors ala a Tom Pyatt type (We got Pyatt in the Nilsson/Archibald trade)... that would be a win. The problem with Sutter is that he's redundant now that we have Gaudette at 3C and Beagle at 4C.


      Baertschi could still be dealt. Again, he's on an expiring deal after this season, and there was rumored interest from Columbus about him. Another team might bite but we will probably get nothing better than a C prospect and a small contract dump for him.

  2. a detroit blogger read the boeser trade talk and wondered what canuck fans would think is fair value for brock? this thing is taking on a life of its own. one silly little rumour and everybody wants blood or heads.
  3. with all the hub bub of boeser possible trade, a detroit blogger figures detroit should offer a package for him. he didn’t figure they would give up a 1st round pick and not likely the german d man. but was asking canuck fans if detroit had players or picks that would be a fair offer? what do you think lad?
  4. earl cameron dies age 102. r.i.p.

  5. my idea of the best line up of these players would be, miller,petey, toffoli; pearson, horvat, boeser; ferland, gaudette, virtanen; motte, beagle, macewen., edler,myers,hughes, tanev, brisebois, tryamkin., markstrom, demko. can anyone make that work?
  6. i look at it as, we can afford to sign markstrom, tryamkin, virtanen, gaudette, motte and macewen with the cap we have left to spend. that means to sign toffol, they would have to move louie and baertschi’s contracts, to sign tanev they would have to move sutter’s contract to sign stecher they would have to move roussel’s contract and to sign leivo, they would have to move, virtanen and macewen’s contracts. a gm has to figure out the best ways to achieve his goals of building a winning team, whatever his decisions, some fans will not like him. the life of a gm. he has to keep the owners happy.
  7. where do you get your info from? i haven’t come to that conclusion. your hockey knowledge has be far superior to mine. things may have back fired on them because of cov’d 19 but the majority of his pick ups were to give the young talent the best chance to succeed. having to overpay was the only way to get the guys the team needed to come here. it always easy to sit behind our computers and condemn what the brain trust does. the truth of the matter is, we weren’t in the war room and witnessing how and why they came to their decisions. hindsight will always trump foresight. i agree with many of jim’s moves. some didn’t work. jim was trying to speed up the rebuild’s chance of getting into the playoffs. the owners want it. if you knew what their plan going forward was and how they hope it will succeed, i’ld give you more credit for your hindsight.
  8. who told you that? or is this just your own opinion at work. if its your opinion, it isn’t fact. just $&!# disturbing. or are you an insider who believe everything they hear or read?
  9. benning and company have to look at all avenues that can help them get cap compliant. some people can get their nickers in a knot so easy.
  10. i’ld hate to see brock traded too but being in a cap ctunch, jim has to explore all options to get cap compliant. i don’t believe though, that jim is moving him to save face for signing toffoli and giving up what he did. when guys add their opinions in on why gm’s do things, some people will take that as gospel. they should only report what they know. if brock is moved for a young talent and draft picks and it allows them to manage the cap, so be it.
  11. bridge deals or rear loaded contracts? what would that look like?
  12. what would bridge contracts look like for all our f.a’s? i know we can’t sign them all but if baertschi and louie were either moved or sent to uttica, how much cap space would we have to sign f.a’s? where do we atand?
  13. if we got the first oa pick, would you trade the pick and eriksson to detroit for the 4 oa pick and joe veleno?

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    2. NUCKER67


      Nope, couldn't pass on Lafreniere, although...if it was:  Seider and their 1st (4OA), then maybe

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      COVID has made guys like LE have some value to seriously impoverished teams like Ottawa.  He's a good deal for a bum like Melnyk who couldn't care less about icing a legitimate NHL team.

    4. Phil_314


      Agreed with @NUCKER67.  Seider and their 4th overall, AND they take Loui for our first.

      Two birds, one stone (we get two likely elite talents)

  14. what cap cutting measures would you be the least in favour of, markstrom, tanev, toffoli or others?

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Toffoli because of the sunk cost fallacy. We paid Madden and a 2nd so I don't want to let him go. But if JB wants to leave a top 6 spot open for Pod or Hog in a year or two then I understand not signing him. And the cap.


      If Markstrom leaves, at least we have Demko/DiPietro


      If Tanev leaves, then 1-2 of Rafferty, Rathbone, Woo, Juolevi, or Tryamkin needs to become as good.